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  • Morning Bell: The Left's Fraudulent, Embezzling, Illegal Vote Stealing Machine

    Project Vote claims it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is also a nonprofit corporation organized under Louisiana law but, since it actively “carries out multiple issue campaigns,” it is a partisan organization that is subject to federal taxation. This election year Project Vote and ACORN partnered to file 1.3 million new voter registrations, many of which have been proven to be utterly fraudulent. Project Vote proudly claims to have added large numbers of new voters to the rolls in 16 states. ACORN is now currently under investigation for encouraging vote fraud in 12 of them. Now the New York Times is reporting the Project Vote/ACORN partnership “may have led to violations of federal law.” Apparently, Project Vote isn’t exactly nonpartisan.

    The Times has obtained an internal report by a lawyer representing ACORN detailing “potentially improper use of charitable dollars for political purposes; money transfers among the affiliates; and potential conflicts created by employees working for multiple affiliates, among other things.” It turns out that while Project Vote is supposed to have an independent board, only one board member has not been either an ACORN staff member or ACORN dues contributor. Contacted about his listed membership on the board, ACORN member George Hampton told the Times: “I don’t know anything about this.” The Times reports that “the same people appeared to be deciding which regions to focus on for increased voter engagement for Acorn and Project Vote” and notes the internal report concludes “the tight relationship between Project Vote and Acorn made it impossible to document that Project Vote’s money had been used in a strictly nonpartisan manner.”

    ACORN is just the tip of the left’s vote fraud efforts. After all, it is hard to get away with vote fraud if the media are investigating it. Enter the professional vote fraud deniers at Talking Points Memo who have defended ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration efforts and repeatedly denied that vote fraud exits. For example, when Heritage fellow Hans von Spakovsky published a paper detailing the recent history of voter fraud, Talking Points Memo responded by noting that the main case documented in the paper happened 24 years ago. Talking Points Memo completely ignored the other more recent cases of vote fraud that von Spakovsky documents, including incidents from Hoboken, N.J., and Noxubee, Miss., in 2007.

    But those are just the examples von Spakosky can fit into one paper. Since 2003, 38 people have been convicted of vote fraud in Indiana alone. And a 1998 House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight report identified 624 invalid votes by non-citizens and another 124 improper absentee ballots in a single House race alone. Those 624 illegal votes were identified only by matching Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) database records on citizen applications with voter roles. The House investigation did not have the resources to detect if any illegal aliens, not in INS databases, had voted. A 2005 Government Accountability Office report concluded that many district attorneys will not devote resource to prosecuting what they see as a “victimless and non-violent” crime. But this is not just the fault of local officials. Federal agencies make it next to impossible to prosecute possible illegal voting by refusing to cooperate.

    The left’s efforts to cover up vote fraud extend past liberal activists like Talking Points Memo. ABC News has hired Talking Points Memo alum Justin Rood, who is now filing “straight news” stories propagating the liberal myth that vote fraud never happens. Conservatives have had to fight a biased media for years. Truly frightening is the efforts by Democrat officeholders to silence all dissent on the issue. Last week Obama for America general counsel Bob Bauer sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey directing him to investigate any Republican who mentioned ACORN’s vote fraud efforts.

    This was not the first time Obama worked with ACORN. In 1995 Obama served as ACORN’s lead counsel in its suit to make it easier to file fraudulent voter registrations. In fact, Obama and ACORN share a common ideological father: 1960s community organizer Saul Alinsky, who once wrote: “A People’s Organization is dedicated to an eternal war. … A war is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play.” No fair play indeed.

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    24 Responses to Morning Bell: The Left's Fraudulent, Embezzling, Illegal Vote Stealing Machine

    1. Robert Appleby , Mar says:

      How does Acorn continue to keep it's 501c3 status and receive my tax dollars of support? If this were a pro-Republican group they would have been shu down and prosecuted long ago.

    2. Nobama says:

      This is what communists do so well. They tell the opposition to shut up or you will be investigated. Our constitution has been eroding since 1912 when the federal income tax, social security, new deal and other socialist programs have economically effected this country.

      We've lost our manufacturing base which brought a lot of money into this country at one time, then we've been importing a huge amount of oil since the 1970's. All of our money is leaving this country.

      George Soros broke the bank of England, do you think he will break the bank of the US Treasury? It already happened with the Mortgage Crisis.

      We are marching toward communism, comrade. Be ready for the thought police.

    3. Ken Jarvis says:

      WHY does the GOP oppose Voter Registration?

      ALL Citizens should vote.

      But, to vote they must be registered.

      Until the Voter GOES TO THE POLL


      WHY does the GOP oppose Voter Registration?

    4. Following Acorn says:

      Checking out some Acorn references over the past 6 months I've been on the Acorn website from time to time. When things are popping in the MSM, there are times the site is inop- possibly overloaded, so I must not be the only one.

      It is possible to go to their donation page, in order to give financial support to the Acorn organization. On the donation page it clearly states that they need your support as they do not get federal money. They are a non-profit. They are non-partisian. These statements do not seem accurate.

      I believe, based on what limited amount of information I can find that they have violated their non-profit status by blurring the lines between their various branches. And I think this needs to be addressed, but I fear it will be swept under the rug- post election.

    5. Rhonda Saul says:

      I am truly disgusted with the whole Obama campaign. The distrust and illegality of all of it is so disheartening. What can we as citizens do to stop all this? I want an election that is fair, legal and not fraught with voter fraud. Socialism is on the horizon and I fear for my children's and grandchildrens generations. God help us.

    6. Michael J O'Bri says:

      What else is new! Voter fraud by the socialist and elitist left is stronger than ever and seems to be an entitlement this election year. These folks will win at any cost including rigging an election; things that we heard about in communist Russia and the iron curtain satellites. Now the left is here spreading the same corruption, revolution and overthrow at any cost. Take notice of the following events in New York City alone:

      ? Four New Yorkers and nine other members from across the country are accused of packing themselves into a modest three-bedroom house in Columbus, waiting 30 days – and then registering, even though the Buckeye State is not their permanent residence.

      ? A middle aged Manhattan woman was attached by a club wielding democratic man at 51st and Lexington Avenue while campaigning for John McCain. The man claimed that just seeing the John McCain sign drove him mad and beat the women. As the coward fled down the subway, she followed him and exclaimed “you are not going to get with this”. The police arrested the crazed democrat and the Manhattan DA has filed felony chargers. She is 5’5” while the attacker is 6’0” and nearly 200 lbs. I wish I was there.

      These are just simply some of the copious examples of the extent the Democrats and left are willing to do, to steal this election and undermine this great republic. The leftist media is reluctant to investigate these stories or make front page news of them. The election is lost. Our freedoms and heritage are eroding at a faster pace than ever. Get ready for uncle Karl [Marx], no longer will it be Uncle Sam.

    7. DGC rich says:

      ACORN is a corrupt organization and should be put out of business. The thoughts of 500 million tax dollars going to then every year so they can destroy America is sickening. When nothing is done when the laws of our land are broken, there is no law. I also fear for my grandchildren and the life they may be forced to live if bho is elected. I feel that there are more people in the US with a good sense of american values and that voice will be heard loud and clear election day VOTE MC CAIN/PALIN !!!!!!!!!

    8. john south carolina says:

      have you nobrained nitwits ever concidered this about accorn? there is no voter fraud no one named micky mouse is going to come and vote so if some one was paid from acorn to register a voter and the worker registers micky mouse this person ripped acorn off. and since the person that is registered as micky mouse never votes his vote isnt counted? so if the person doesnt vote its not counted to be the party that brags about being the smartest and most qualified you sure are stupid.morons

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    10. Della in South Carol says:

      Tell the people what they want to hear and they will rule the world. Don't bother yourselves about how we got there; whether it be the eroding of personal liberties or freedom of speech or any number of civil rights we Americans take so much for granted, we're coming dangerously close to falling under the influence of another glib and polished speaker who tells us "don't worry, be happy" and, in the meantime, he's saying that throwing money at them will fix all our problems–well, it will–for a minute or two–but where will we be then? Many more presidents than these two hopefuls have promised us smaller government, energy independence, more jobs and better financial futures for our families–didn't happen then, probably won't happen now–but allowing our country to fall into a tax and spend form of government is definitely NOT going to solve our problems! We need to take back our country and voter registration fraud is an early symptom of a much deadlier disease. If we don't start to stand up for our rights now, we may as well kick back and enjoy the ride because we won't have an active voice in what happens to us later. Just because you can't see 'em, it doesn't mean the paranoids aren't after you. (By the way, it was the highly vaunted Reagan who cut taxes so deeply but it was because he also shut down most of the mental health hospitals and drug drop-in centers, etc. across the country; that's one reason we have so many homeless people. And Clinton? Yeah, good old Willy Jeff is the one who signed NAFTA into law which sent a lot of our jobs off-shore. He balanced our federal budget and left office with a surplus by cutting back on our military for one. So who's paranoid now? Just because we're bailing out the bad guys on Wall Street, etc. and, in some cases, putting the same people who caused the current crisis back in charge of it–somehow I can't see that that's much better than say–Hugo Chavez? Or his old buddies in Cuba? Or his brand new buddy, Russia? Yep, I'd say I have a right to be paranoid when I see history repeating itself.)

    11. Duke Lynch CA says:

      Congratulations! Morning Bell is the first to connect Saul Alinsky, ACORN, and Obama to the tactic of "community organizer..ing" Obama was also sponsored by a member of ACORN for his application to Harvard. Saul Alinsky, born Chicago 1903 or 04, palled around with the Capone mob, and was part of Democratic Centralism 1926, defined as "a principle of communism where every one paticipated at all levels but took their direcetion from the top" Now let's get it into the "talking heads" on the idiot box.

    12. dave schraub, indian says:

      in response to ken jarvis: in ohio, you can vote the same day you register. all you have to have is an address. early voting is one of the tactics the socialist have been using, in chicago you don't have to be alive to vote. they've had civil war soldiers vote as late as 2004, and guess who they voted for. you won't believe this, because your only thinking what your told to think.

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    14. Michael J O'Bri says:

      Mr. Ken Jarvis above. Republicans encourage all folks, of all parties, to take part in this great democracy. But to vote within the law and what is fair. ACORN has been a problem for years creating false voter registrations and other political activities while receiving our tax dollars. Please note the below taken from CNN.

      Ex-ACORN worker: 'I paid the price'

      Clifton Mitchell says that after the community group ACORN pressured his team to register up to 20 voters a day, they devised a plan to make fraudulent cards. "Every day I'd go to the library and get a newspaper," Mitchell said. "I had one guy who'd go to the phone book." The team registered nearly 2,000 voters. Not one of them was legitimate. He spent nearly three months in prison for voter registration fraud. full story

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    16. Edwin Buck, Albuquer says:

      We have paid for the rope to hang us with. Question; did any one in congress ever question any one when they were voting for money to give to ACORN? No! I wonder why. Was it because it's not their money they were doling out? Of course. These people in congress are so free with our money. Democrats or republicans, all of them, are guilty of high crimes and misdomeners. This idea of going along, just to get along has got to stop. We have elected politicians that were not out to protect us. They were only out to protect each other. Take my word for it, ACORN is just the tip of the ICE BERG. How many more ACORNs that are out there that we know absolutely nothing about?

    17. Ken L, CT says:

      If you value your wallet, your voter rights,constitution, freedom of choice, etc. you will vote after weighing heavily your choice and careful research.

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    20. ErossNice says:

      Here is an example of how people live in Russia.

    21. Sandra_Dalene_VanAls says:

      Sandra Dalene VanAlstine – Wanted to introduce myself


      Sandra Dalene VanAlstine

    22. orlandobloomisit says:

      This is really interesting. I am glad I found this place. I guess it is true, We really do learn something new everyday!

    23. jimmywilliamson says:

      No offense to anyone on here, but it is funny how new users like myself trust everything that they read hear. Just because youve been a member longer than me does not mean that you are smarter. Please heed all advice before taking :)

    24. Locman Diamond Watch says:

      To be a adroit human being is to have a amiable of openness to the world, an gift to group unsure things beyond your own pilot, that can take you to be shattered in hugely exceptionally circumstances pro which you were not to blame. That says something exceedingly weighty about the condition of the ethical compulsion: that it is based on a conviction in the up in the air and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a weed than like a prize, something kind of dainty, but whose mere precise beauty is inseparable from that fragility.

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