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  • ACORN Received $31 Million in Government Funding Since 1998

    ACORN Received $31 Million in Government Funding Since 1998

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is asking President Bush to immediately block all federal funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) until the FBI completes its multiple investigations of the group’s suspected voter registration fraud.

    Boehner said his office has identified more than $31 million in direct funding to ACORN from the federal government since 1998. That number is likely substantially higher because ACORN also received money indirectly from federal block grants distributed by states and localities.

    In the letter to Bush, Boehner said:

    It is evident that ACORN is incapable of using federal funds in a manner that is consistent with the law. Immediate action is necessary to ensure that no additional tax dollars are directed to ACORN while it is under investigation. Until such investigations are complete, ACORN should not receive another penny of American taxpayers’ money.

    ACORN is under investigation in more than a dozen states after coming under scrutiny for its activities to register people to vote. As we reported earlier today, the left-wing organization may have also violated federal law for its association with the supposedly nonpartisan Project Vote.

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    18 Responses to ACORN Received $31 Million in Government Funding Since 1998

    1. Barb MN says:

      It would be very appropriate for Obama to be removed from the candidacy and thoroughly investigated before the election, based on his associations with fraudulent government programs and since he was eight years old.

      Thank you Mr. Boehner, for your integrity. It hasn't been seen in much of anybody else of authority and is appreciated more then words can say.

    2. Gene, Washington D.C says:

      While I agree with the Barb's comment, I do think that Sen Obama missed an opportunity to clearly identify his past interaction with Acorn, condemn the illegal activities being conducted by acorn and lead the effort (as a past supporter) to block future federal tax dollars from going to this partisan organization. Its just the right thing to do.

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    4. Barb, WI says:

      How can a government-funded entity, such as ACORN, be allowed to purchase a partisan ad? At the very least, ACORN should lose its tax-exempt status. In actuality, the organization should receive NO government funding after the unscrupulous behavior of its members during the presidential campaign. By the way, ACORN, I want my share of the $50,000 in taxpayer money that you paid for the Obama ad back!

    5. Archie Anderson Coo says:

      Federal Law US code 18 ch 1913 idendifies lobbying with congressionally allocated funds a federal offense.

      The law is so clear it forbids using federal funds to buy even a postage stamp to influence or attempt to influence elections or referendums, While under the stipulations of federal grant money it is at least unethical to give even the impression of influence.

      United States attorneys refuse to prosecute violations of this federal code any longer, Non profits and grantees see no public sunshine of their activities. Those with the free public gold now set the rules bar.

    6. Patrick, Madison, C says:

      Interesting outrage on the comments here. Where was this outrage when the Defense department was routinely awarding billion dollar contracts to private contractors for work in Iraq that turned out to be completely fraudulent.

      Just because John Boehner claims something is true, that makes it so?

    7. Michele, Cranford, N says:

      If Patrick wants to complain about the Defense contracts he's on the wrong site, and he should not devalue the comments printed here unless he can actually refute them.

      The American people were bought and sold with their own tax dollars that Acorn spent blatantly buying votes for Barack Obama. Acorn should be forced to return government funding for their partisan influence on the election and pay punitive damages for practicing voter registration fraud.

    8. Charles Dunn, North says:

      Well, it appears I'm rather late with my comment… anyway, here goes: SHAMEFUL, but not surprising.

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    10. Payday Loan, Alaska says:

      The low-income families are the most targeted group during the onset of elections. Candidates thought that these people are easy to convince to vote them by just giving a sort of “charity” . Indeed, it is inherent for us people that we love pork and pork products but not when it means government spending the nation’s cash in earmarks and easy loans that don’t benefit the majority of Americans. Well, groups like ACORN have been pressuring President Obama for spending on their interests (again, theirs, not the majority of Americans) which would be considered anything but kosher. Some of these groups pegged to receive funds have had controversial histories and policy interests that aren’t exactly mainstream – or good for a lot of people. Many are struggling to bring home the bacon that the government is spending.

    11. Jersey Jim, Deptford says:

      These complaints are all very good but our MAJOR PROBLEM is prosicuting our elected officials for wrong doing! America is not prosicuting any higher ups in the stock market, banking, or government. They all seem to be in it together.

      What the US citizen needs is a way to make our government return to honest Law & Order. We can talk all we want but our officials know we DO NOT HAVE ANY POWER! The reason for this lack of power is that we have become fragmented in our thinking and needs and what each of us feels is important. US citezens should be agreeing on fundimental core beliefs such as:

      1-If you murder someone you are executed or go to jail

      2- If you swindel people you sell all your assets and give the proceeds to the victoms (not the government!) and go to jail.

      3-People serving the public like doctors, clergy, police, government officials, that are caught taking advantage of them should have a sentence 3 times that of an ordinary citizen.

      I could go on forever about my ideas for getting our country back on track–but it is just a bunch of hot wind UNLESS we can get the good guys in our government to wake up and start blowing wistles on the bad guys. I need suggestions from anyone and everyone on how this can be done? We had our chance this presidential election to show our strength but they herded us into 2 candidates that THEY wanted–what choice did we have? Could we have ALL turned in a third party vote–and who would this have been? We are not united as a country only as special interest groups, these special interest groups seem to have control of our country. What I suggest as a FIRST STEP towards the citizens getting power and control of our country is this:

      Step one=Tell everyone you know and have them tell everyone they know to tell their elected officials that they will vote them out of office if they do not CHANGE the way candidates get funding for their election. The funding now comes from companys and organization who get their money (OUR MONEY) back many times more then what the gave AFTER THEIR MAN GETS IN OFFICE! This is exactly where most of our stimulas money appears to be going now. We have to stop these payback donations and create a system that makes it UNLAWFUL TO ACCEPT MONEY!! The candidates would be given so many hours of free radio and TV the staions could deduct this cost from taxes. Same with newspapers and printed mailings. Of course this is an idea in the rough but I think it can be worked out where it would make all candidates EQUAL and not beholding to any one except the

      American citizen. After we obtain that we could go onto other areas and make changes–at least we would have clear headed non conflicted elected officials who will see that it is "We The People" who they have to listen to.

      Hey it's a first step–now is any one interested?

      Best Regards

      Jersey Jim

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    13. artk New York says:

      You think that 3,000,000 a year is worth all this attention?

    14. Rightwingrick, Puget says:

      Yes, let's hang this organization BEFORE an investigation and BEFORE they have had their day in court. After all, they have been accused by someone we like, right?

      Isn't that the way we do it in America?

    15. Pelosi, CA says:

      The Senate defunded Acorn???

    16. Bachelor, CA says:

      artk…first you go after the corruption you can get and then you work your way up the ladder as the little fish turn-over the bigger fish.

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