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  • Why Is DoJ Ignoring Election Fraud?

    This past Friday the Supreme Court issued an order setting aside a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals order forcing Ohio’s secretary of state Jennifer Brunner to verify the accuracy of the information provided on applications for voter registration. The Ohio Republican Party had sued to force Brunner to comply with the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA) after widespread reports of voter registration fraud. The Court expressed no opinion on whether Brunner was following HAVA — it threw the case out on the grounds that the Republican party didn’t have the right to sue to force compliance.

    As Heritage fellow Hans von Spakovsky notes, he made the exact same argument the Court just made when he worked for the Department of Justice in 2004. Except then it was Democrats asserting that HAVA included a private right of action and Democrats later attacked him for that very position when he was appointed to the Federal Election Commission. Leaving the left’s blatant hypocrisy aside, who can enforce state compliance with HAVA to prevent election fraud? Only the Department of Justice.

    We have no idea why DoJ has declined to investigate ACORN’s blatant election fraud in Ohio (and across the country), but this report from The Examiner‘s Quin Hillyer might just be relevant: “In all, DOJ lawyers and staff in the metro area have donated at least $150,000 to Obama. No wonder they seem more interested in prosecuting those who warn against vote fraud than enforcing vote-fraud laws.”

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    9 Responses to Why Is DoJ Ignoring Election Fraud?

    1. ToddK, Nashville, TN says:

      It seems the DOJ is on the same page as the FEC.

      This election is looking more like a coup, everyday.

    2. Henry Fish- Erie,Pa says:

      I am currently Reading about how Adolf Hitler gained power in the mid-nineteen thirties by packing the justices and judges and controlling the voting…sounds very much like what is happening here when the justices refuse to investigate obvious fraudulent activites..


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    5. MikeK, Redgranite, W says:

      Is Bush in the bag? It's pretty obvious to see why the Supreme Court ruled the way they did – THAT IS WHAT THE LAW SAYS, but why isn't the DOJ going after the Ohio Sec of State? Maybe this is Bush's way of getting everyone who doesn't support him – at latest count about 67% of the population. It is time that we – the American Public – start bombarding the White House with calls about this mater with a note we are very mad. What is wrong with this administration? Don't get me wrong I voted for "W" both times, but I am really disappointed with his non-action regarding this very important matter!!!!!

    6. Chuck, Rochester, NY says:

      First take – "Kick down the door", (call Clinton's Attny Gent'l for backup she used on the little Cuban boy issue in Florida);

      Second (reasoned)take – OUR President is constrained from directing the liberal justice dept. ATTNYs, because he has no political capital left after moving so far away from our conservative brothers. ANY intervention by Bush will be developed negatively; hence, the silence of Arlington must prevail.

    7. Dennis Sigala says:

      Now that the election is over,

      First:We need to continue to pursue the unfairness of how election fraud is overlooked, And Acorn is right at the heart of this. While we continue to pay for Acorn. And the secretary of state in Ohio flatly refused to cooperate.

      Second: We should not forget what the media has done to help elect Obama, They ignored all Obama's past.

      Los Angeles times that would not release the Video with his ties to all the Radicals, which Im sure would have reveled his past associations.

      We will face the same problems in 2010 if we just ignore it all.

      Lastly: Does anyone think that there will be investigations on those that were responsible of the housing collapse. Barney Frank overseeing ignored all the warnings.just to name a few.

      If Republicans had done any of this we would have ongoing investigations, Lawsuits.

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