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  • Obama Moves to Silence All ACORN Critics

    Want a preview of what an Obama Department of Justice would look like? Look no further than Obama for America general counsel Bob Bauer’s letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey last Friday. Bauer wants the special prosecutor investigating the U.S. attorney firings to start investigating John McCain, Sarah Palin and other Republicans such as Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Their crime? Calling on our nation’s law enforcement officers to investigate widespread reports of vote fraud. Bauer writes:

    As Election Day approaches – just as in 2004 and 2006 – Republican Party officials and operatives nationwide, including the candidates themselves, are fomenting specious vote fraud allegations, and there are distorting indications of official involvement or collusion. …
    Accordingly, I call on you and Special Prosecutor Dannehy to expand her investigation to include these matters, all of them entirely consistent with the pattern of misconduct already within her charge.

    Heritage fellow Hans von Spakovsky replies:

    The Obama campaign’s Stalinist-style demand that a special prosecutor at the Department of Justice criminally prosecute any candidates, party officials or congressmen who discussed their concerns over voter fraud is an outrageous attempt to use the power of the federal government to intimidate and persecute political opponents. It is almost as if Senator Obama wants to reinstitute the Alien and Sedition Acts and it brings into sharp focus the issue of whether he understands the protections of the First Amendment and the importance of fair and secure elections.

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    34 Responses to Obama Moves to Silence All ACORN Critics

    1. Joan, New York City says:

      I can't believe we may be on the verge of electing this guy – our very own Hugo Chavez. This is really scary.

    2. Tom, Sacramento says:

      Just absolutely scary. First the attempt to stifle political speech in Missouri and now this…wake up America!

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    4. Rose, Garland Texas says:

      How can this be allowed to happen in this country? The first thing that should be done is to have a special prosecutor investigate ACORN.

    5. Curt, Colorado says:

      If we get an awesome turnout, he wont be elected. There are enough of us… we just have to vote. I am doing my part on that with our local repub committee. If we all do, we'll be ok.

      Next task is turning President McCain into a conservative. We're up to that challenge too.

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    7. Brefney ,Spokane, WA says:

      I am so afraid for our country. This man is a dictator in waiting. Wake up America!

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    9. Cato, Park City says:

      Obama is acting like Woodrow Wilson, not Stalin. It's not as frightening but it's close.

      Wilson was the world's first fascist who was a role model for Mussolini (who was a role model for Hitler).

      Woodrow Wilson deployed a nationwide Gestapo police force that jailed opponents of his administration and gagged the media.

      FDR was an aparatchik in Wilson's administration whose own administration was much more successful at socializing the United States than the Original Fascist.

    10. Peter- Nigerian says:

      It is right to make descret investigation of intending leaders, most especialy a leadership of a country like America. A leader should be of no criminal record, without a blame or spot on his/her germent.

      Wish Americans,free and fair elections.

    11. Will Gaefcke says:

      ACORN, a money making threat to democracy and if Obama has represented them, taken money from or given it to them indirectly or directly it should be published in the media.

      The right to vote is a moral right of Americans and any institution or group that attempts to bastardize that right needs to be prosecuted. Unfortunately, I find it like perjury which is often ignored even in the light of evidence provided. Ethics and honor seem to have slipped away in favor of the Green God (money). The economc situation we are in is an example of the greed taking over ethical way of doing things. Perhaps, it's time to get back to basics with being honest in our day to day activities. Also, an unfortunate side-note. I was a victim of ACORN's storefront re-registration. My paperwork was changed to reflect my name but my voting place was moved 20 miles away from home.

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    13. Della in South Carol says:

      Am I paranoid or does nobody else see the parallel between this Democratic presidential candidate's resemblance to a young, charismatic, bitter but glib and polished speaker coming up quickly in Germany back in the 1930's? That young man also came out of a time of great unrest–a failed war, the humilia- tion of a defeated ideology–mainly defined by an insane belief that his nation was destined to rule the world–and in the midst of a depression that engulfed most of the globe. Admittedly, it appears that Obama had a burning ambition to "be somebody important" long before this present world-wide crisis but still his ACORN (pardon the pun..) didn't fall far from the Wright-Ayers-Farrakhan tree, did it! Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you! Oh, and remem- ber–Iran is just a little bitty country that doesn't represent a threat to the USA or any old "rotten stinking corpse" which should be "wiped off the face of the earth"! I saw a piece the other day where the reporter asked several people in Israel what they thought of America's intent to stand up for them as our only true ally in the Middle East..none of them had any confidence in our ability OR intent to do anything at all if Iran is committed to developing nuclear arms..committed AND permitted to continue on their path of intimidation. Ah, but rest easy..we might soon have a president who isn't afraid of anyone. He can beat 'em over the head with his silver tongue and they'll just fall right at his feet..perhaps because he "might just be too awesome"..his words, certainly not mine! But I digress..there have always been extremists in this great world and there'll be another one when the current ones are gone. What scares and saddens me is that so many people are so ready to believe that one man (and a one-party government) is able to cure all their ailments..and do it for free, no less!..maybe we really are just some more of "Pavlov's dogs" and will never learn to think for ourselves. Such a pity…

    14. Roger Coveleskie Ar says:

      If the socialists in the democratic party gain control in our government, our constitution and bill of rights are doomed.

    15. Adam, San Jose says:

      A case can be made that the statements about ACORN can be considered unlawful defamation, which is generally regarded as unprotected by the First Amendment. My quick-and-dirty research indicates that such laws tend to be at the state level, though if the statements were made in the District of Columbia, then federal investigation may be warranted.

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    17. No Socialists says:

      The Stalinist nature of the democrat socialists comes through when they are questioned. 'Unlawful defamation?' Please, if you want to go down that route then every website and newspaper could be shut down with that rationale.

      The dems are the ones who are sponsoring the reinstatement of the misnamed 'fairness doctrine,' under the guise of the Media Ownership Reform Act. Of course, the obamabots will rationalize anything as their dear leader pushes for a North Korean style government with Cuban-quality health care.

      Freedom of speech is not a one-way street that only leftists get to use.

    18. Elder-Oklahoma says:

      Ask yourself why this man has been able to go so far without being asked the direct question by any of the media why he thinks socialism is acceptable to Americans-ANY AMERICANS. Maybe my paranoia is fueled because it seems the only person who has been able to nail him is Joe the Plumber, and that was unintentional on Joe's part. There is a "vast left wing conspiracy" going on that is being choreographed that is purely socialism, and it is being dressed up and presented as "change". Yep, it's change all right. Why can't the Democrats see it? This is a frightening situation because we basically have no idea who Obama really is-and that's the way they intend to keep it.

    19. Karl says:

      It's not IF, Obama's campaign gave money to ACORN – it's what for. Obama's campaign admits paying ACORN for "canvassing" voters. RIGHT!!! He arrogantly said a few days ago I don't need ACORN I have the best political organization ever. UNFORTUNATELY in my state (OHIO) ACORN has signed up 200,000 questionable voters and DEMOCRAT JENNIFER BRUNNER (Secretary of State) has successfully blocked any investigation by U.S. Supreme court ruling. If he (O BOO BOO) doesn't need ACORN he should concede any election victory in Ohio of less than 200,000 votes to McCain.

    20. Scott, Boston says:

      I cannot believe how incredibly misleading this blog entry is. It is bereft of details and only serves to support the ridiculous charge that ACORN is trying to commit voter fraud and the Obama camp is trying to silence it. Do your research people. It was the McCain camp that asked the DOJ to investigate ACORN. Then DOJ officials deliberately leaked the investigation to give credence to the ridiculous allegation that ACORN is committing voter fraud. NO VOTE HAS EVER BEEN CAST ON ONE OF ACORN'S FRAUDULENT REGISTRATIONS. The Obama camp is not trying to silence anything, they are very public about these charges. The DOJ needs to be investigated for trying to manipulate the elections. This issue goes all the way back to 2004 when they fired US Attorneys for refusing to commit voter fraud by attempting to disenfranchise voters by filing lawsuits to challenge registered voters. Read the letter and look this stuff up before you pass judgment. Also, the McCain camp has hired a firm called Lincoln Strategy to register voters. Lincoln Strategy's managing partner, Nathan Sproul, has been investigated on multiple occasions for suppressing Democratic voter turnout, throwing away registration forms and even spearheading efforts to get Ralph Nader on ballots to hinder the Democratic ticket.

      This is a typical Rovian tactic to project the despicable behavior of the GOP and the McCain camp onto their opponent and you people are buying it. Wake up, read reputable sources of news, not the right wing blogoshpere.

      I dare you to green light this comment, but I know you won't because it's not in line with your spin and it's easier to ignore the truth.

    21. Scott, Boston says:

      One other comment. The right wing blogosphere doesn't even understand the term 'socialism'. Please look up the definitions of words before you misuse them. Restructuring the tax system to lower taxes for the middle class, instead of the wealthy as it is now, is not socialism. The people that complain about it the most are the ones who would benefit from it the most yet somehow you have been convinced that the sky would fall if the majority of Americans had more money in their pocket. If you want to talk about socialism, talk about the bailout or the $2,000 every Alaskan gets from the oil that comes out of their state.

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    23. Sandy the Mom, Wife, says:

      Hey Scott from Boston,

      Obama's relationship with ACORN was as a PAID propagandist, to go into POOR neighborhoods, get the poor to do the "dirty" work of falsifying their voter registration cards, while the ACORN rep was "holding" the clipboard!

      WHY WOULD ACORN and OBAMA do this? So that voters could vote for OBAMA and those on the "favorites list" of ACORN.

      And what did OBAMA do when he got elected,,,,, contributed to ACORN and their list of "friends and family".

      Now in my world, that's a KICKBACK, BRIBE, BROWN BAG.

      Scott, did you know that your stockbroker cannot take a gratuity in excess of a $50 (fifty) dollar value – OR HE CAN LOSE HIS LICENSE!!!

      If Obama wins, there will be enough losing to go around!

      And if you are white, Obama's comment about "greedy whites" is making the rounds on the internet.

      There entails a description which includes these words that Obama remembered and wrote in his book:

      "It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks' greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere … That's the world! On which hope sits."

    24. Ray A. Philadelphia, says:

      We are a troubled nation with too many problems which will be magnified if Obama is elected. I am a retired veteran who would still defend my country but not under orders from this man! It would be such a disgrace and dishonor for all those currently serving or those who have served this great country to be under this mans command! My God, what is happening to this country? Marxism! Too many people have given their heart and soul to this country to evolved into something much more promising!

    25. Nelly says:

      I think Americans need to WAKE UP! People are like Ozombies. How can you vote for a man that there is so many questions about and this guy Obama, has far to many for me to be comfortable with him as our prez. Who is he? Do we really know?

    26. Connie Jacksonville, says:

      It's like the bod snatchers. You go to sleep and become a part of the body. It's like being in a bad movie. In Jacksonville there is a phone number for ACORN but no location. You call and get an answer phone and no one calls you back. You go to their web site and ask for information and nothing comes your way. Guess Im the wrong color.

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    28. RKP, Gulf of Mexico says:

      To whom it may cooncern;

      Am I to be take the long-view or shortview? Michael O'hanlan one published a report on the topic of P.R.C. submarine accumulation. Was that from this foundation? (ok, maybe it wa the CALO institute) I am in suspense about this election But I have a hunch that this site,– in adding a commentary column discussion-thread–, is fermenting discourse. Beware those sock-puppets (see wired magazine's danger-room blog).

    29. Rodrigo Castillo says:

      People need to realize how difficult it is to be in an authoritarian government just like when we were during Marcos regime in the philippines. I hope that this great country is not heading towards this system of government. We need to safeguard our democracy and don't let anybody change the law of the land.

    30. mth , MN says:

      I have been so discusted with the edited media articles being so biased against one part. My respect for those networks will be damaged I hope for a very long time. Not bringing to the attention of American peope. So they would have had an objected view points about who OBAMA is?

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    33. b nuckols Texas says:

      what'swith the dates?

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