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  • Iran's 'World Without America' and the EMP Threat

    Recent reports indicate Iran could have a nuclear bomb by 2015, if not earlier. What has been largely ignored is Iran’s ability to acquire an equally destructive device, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon. Clifford D. May, president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and I recently penned an article describing how Iran can achieve its destructive ends — “a world without America.”

    Having already conducted tests from sea-based platforms, detonating warheads at the highest point of the missile trajectory, Iran may exploring a workable research program to deliver an EMP attack against the United States.

    A modest warhead detonated at the right spot over the East Coast could take down 75% of the electrical grid, resulting in massive casualties through power outages, fuel and energy shortages and the shut-down of emergency and government services.

    Not only would an EMP attack be cost-effective, but it would also be relatively easy to carry out. A ballistic missile (which Iran already has) fitted with an EMP device could be launched from an inconspicuous freighter off the shores of a major U.S. city.

    A comprehensive missile defense system that can shoot down a missile shortly after launch is needed. In addition, revitalizing America’s nuclear deterrent is a critical means of deterring would-be aggressors and state sponsors of terror. While a damage limitation strategy is unequivocally preferable to a strategy of massive retaliation, showing the enemy we have to resolve and capability to respond to such an attack continues to be the best message to send to such aggressors.

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    4 Responses to Iran's 'World Without America' and the EMP Threat

    1. John Flanagan says:

      Like most Americans, I would like to believe that our government is totally aware of the issue of EMP capability on the part of Iran, but given the failure of our leaders to regulate the economy, I feel there is too much inner dissent between the pacifist Democrats and the Republican hawks to come up with a sane response. In the final analysis, it is the weak and deluded liberals and the Democratic Party that will bring down America, because it is the liberals that have attacked everything from traditional values, decency, and virtue, to military preparedness. Unfortunately, the free market Republicans have added to our economic misery by failing to push for sensible and dilligent regulation without socialistic excesses. As the EMP's are being exploded over the heartland, the people of our nation will realize that our nation ran out of strong conservative leaders and that too much freedom was given to the liberals to ruin our nation from within and weaken it to deal with the terrorist threats and enemies without.

    2. Bob says:

      Thats messed up and scary

    3. Bob New Castle I,N says:

      What has obama said about this

    4. James A. O'Donn says:

      The Federal government's own estimates are that one or two EMP weapons detonated over the East Coast and two on the West coast would result in 80-90% of the American citizenry dying in the first 12-24 months from civil disorder, starvation and pestilence that would ensue from insufficient nourishment. The moment this happens all our transportation, communication, electrical distribution, food production and water production/pumping capability evaporates. As a country we have been talking about this for ten or more years and we still don't have the national will to deploy a robust defensive system to shoot down these missiles before they reach the upper atmosphere where they are to be detonated. Hostile countries like Iran and North Korea have the ability to permanently eliminate America as a world player probably for around $500 million in nuclear production. We have given both countries far more than this just to have them "play nice" on the world stage. We actually would not even know which of many countries that deserved to be punished had launched on us since the evidence will disappear when the ships are scuttled and the crews board waiting submarines. Once this occurs America's enemies will be free to run loose in the world and all those tin pot dictator countries will finally understand that their association with evil will reap them the reward of subservience and/or starvation once "Pax Americanus" ends.

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