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  • Motor Voter + ACORN = Vote Fraud

    Say Anything notes that Indianapolis/Marion County seems to have more people registered to vote in 2007 then its actual adult citizen population. Even though they only had 644,197 voting age-eligible individuals, there were 677,401 individuals registered to vote, or 105% of the Census population.

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that the registration list in Indianapolis/Marion County still has large numbers of ineligible voters – people who have died or moved away, are registered more than once, are not citizens or perhaps don’t even exist given ACORN’s activities there. After all, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law this year, it cited the lower court’s finding that Indiana’s voter rolls were inflated by as much as 41.4% in 2004. One of the main reasons for the inflated voter rolls was the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 or Motor Voter, which was the first legislation signed into law by newly sworn-in President Bill Clinton. As the Supreme Court recognized, Motor Voter has provisions “restricting States’ ability to remove names from the lists of registered voters.” In fact, its restrictions and notice provisions are so strict that many states simply stopped doing anything to clean up their voter rolls after Motor Voter became law.

    Section 8 of Motor Voter does contain a provision requiring states to conduct a general program of “list maintenance” that identifies and removes the names of ineligible voters. However, the U.S. Department of Justice never filed a single lawsuit against any state to enforce this provision until 2005, when it finally filed a lawsuit against Missouri, some of whose counties had voter lists as high as 153% of their actual population. In 2006, Justice filed a similar lawsuit against Indiana and the state entered into a Consent Decree in which it agreed to finally start cleaning up it voter registration rolls.

    Yet the Bush Administration and particularly its Civil Rights Division were subjected to withering criticism by Congress and many traditional civil rights organizations for filing these suits that were unfairly characterized as an attempt to supposedly purge minorities and “suppress voting.” It seems clear from this report about the voter registration list in Indianapolis/Marion County that they have still not fully complied with the requirement to clean up their voter rolls. All of us should be concerned about this because the larger the pool of invalid names on voter registration rolls, the greater the probabilities that fraudulent votes will be cast in those names by unscrupulous individuals in the upcoming election.

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    20 Responses to Motor Voter + ACORN = Vote Fraud

    1. mark , Houston says:

      Yet another shining example of GOOSE STEPPING LIBERAL MILITANTS trying to force their socialist agenda down the throats of the american people . when will the conservative MAJORITY finally say enough is enough ?

    2. Dan, St. Louis says:


      Couldn't we avoid this by having same day registration or no registration at all. Lets dip every voters finger in ink to avoid fraud and never have these databases again. Does anyone know how they work? My LEA doesn't.


      Dan (I asked you the Hatch Act question. You remember.)

    3. Howard says:


      Acorn's voter fraud registration must be investigated. Also, Obama's involvement must be investigated. With the increasing number of anti-American racists and crooks surrounding Obama, we must insure that he does not steal this election. We must also investigate the legitimacy of Obama's foreign and domestic campaign contributions.

    4. GeraldD, Alabama says:

      The People Who Struck The Match, Set The Fire, and Fanned the Flames Which Are Burning Our Economy To The Ground Are Conspiring To Shift Blame And Avoid Jail Time. And One Of Them Is Set To Be Our Next Attorney General.

      The Major Players Including Jamie Goerlick, Franklin Raines, Daniel Mudd, and Jim Johnson are at the heart of this meltdown.

      Aided By Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Schummer, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Artur Davis, Gregory Meeks, Lacy Clay, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Barrack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.


      These people owe the American People an explanation, an apology, and perhaps some jail time. Don't take your eye off of the ball. These are the people who lit the match and fanned the flames. One Of The Players, Jamie Goerlick is set to be our next attorney General. We simply CAN'T let this happen or they will all go free.


      And You Can't Dismiss Acorns Involvement In The Melt Down. Acorn Was Heavily Involved In Pressuring Banks To Make Less Than Credit Worthy Loans In Economically Depressed Areas. Now Those Banks are Failing And The American Taxpayer Is Left Saddled With Trillions Of Dollars In Bad Debt. Obama Was Involved In These Efforts As An Attorney For ACORN


    5. robert berry modesto says:

      How can we allow continued voter fraud?

      By default the past elections including 208/09 should be thrown out.

      Obama and his crowed has been caught in many states (ilegal aliens) of this very thing yet nothing is done? Why in the hell not?

      See: Acorn / Obama

      Yes Mark from Houston enough is enough…



      When all of this news hit about ACORN I was shocked that in this great country radicals like these people are out there pushing their registration papers down people's throats. Shame Shame on all of them. If Obama is as great as they think he is then he will be elected by the people in the traditional way –you don't need to cheat!

      I personally cannot wait until November when this is all over–maybe I will live to see another election–If my BP doesn't kill me!

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    8. Dan, NH says:

      "By default the past elections including 208/09 should be thrown out."

      So all elections, say, 2000 and on? DEAL! Mulligan!

      And does anyone here actually ***KNOW*** what ACORN voter registration efforts are in reality?

      Guess not.

      They have paid staff who solicit voter registrations. That's it. They, BY LAW, CANNOT THROW OUT A SINGLE VOTER REGISTRATION! So if a voter fills one out as Daffy Duck, Ronald McDonald, etc. ACORN is REQUIRED BY LAW to submit it.

      And in case you can't fill in the blanks, this is so that you don't have Democratic volunteers throwing out Republican registrations, Republican volunteers throwing out Democratic registrations, etc.

      Also, this is simple VOTER REGISTRATION. These registrations have to be reviewed by county officials before being placed on the actual voter rolls. As a rule, ACORN flags the "Daffy Ducks" as suspicious for the county officials who review them. Any county official who puts Amanda Hug n' Kiss on the voter rolls is grossly incompetent, not the leading edge of some socialist-terrorist-islamo-homo-fascist insurgency.

      And finally, if a citizen fraudulently fills out a registration as "Super Man," ACORN submits it (AS REQUIRED BY LAW), and a semi-retarded county official nonchalantly adds "Super Man" to the voter rolls…

      SOMEONE STILL HAS TO ACTUALLY VOTE IN ORDER FOR IT TO MATTER! For example, a poll worker in Indiana has to accept someone at their word that they are Super Man, gloss over their obviously fake ID, and then allow that person to vote.

      How this constitutes systemic voter (registration) fraud is beyond me. You would have to have a serious antipathy for fact and rational thought to even begin to believe any of this…

      Oh, that's right. Never mind.

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    11. republicanhonest says:

      obomb-a; do not OBOMB-US !!!

    12. Anna, Tx says:

      Thank you Dan in NH! I wish this information would be on the MSM, but I guess they are more concerned with stirring up drama than reporting the truth.

      Yes, some people steal money from ACORN by turning in false voter registration forms.

      No, that does not mean that Daffy Duck (or even a person with a real name taken from a phone book) will show up to vote. And if they do, it is my understanding that anyone who registers through ACORN is obliged to show ID at the time of voting.

      Anna, TX

    13. David, Chapel Hill says:

      Acorn has been also accused of throwing out valid Republican voter registrations. So, the effect here is that someone who thought they actually registered would not be able to vote. This is criminal, and ought to be treated as such.

      The left may be right, in that there's at least a chance fraudulent voter registrations that are filed may not result in illegal votes. However, throwing out Republican registrations is corrupt, and goes against the rules that the Left says Acorn must follow, namely, that they must turn in all registrations.

      That Obama would be representing (as an attorney) and supporting (with 800,000 in campaign money) such a fraudulent organization, and that, as a community organizer, this is the type of BS he was pulling, and that, he cites his role as a community organizer as being relevant to his experience for being worthy of the presidency, is simply absurd. Are the left truly blind???

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    17. Joanofarc says:

      I would like to know the result of the investigation into voter fraud especially assuming it was more predominant in the important swing states which had heavy electoral vote value.

      If the investigation has been conveniently canceled I can only assume this is another cover up by our government in favor of Obama. I wish I could trust this man, but his numerous lies have made it impossible to do so.

      It appears anything or anyone involved around Obama gets pushed to the side. The Democratic Party responsible for not fully qualifying that Obama met the Constitution requirement to run as the presidential candidate cannot omit to this failure and has corrupted the entire election process and should be held accountable.

      The investigation requested into Obama’s qualification will also never take place because of the collusive involvement of so many individuals, businesses and organizations who are interested in only one thing, their own selfish needs over the needs of their country.

      They do not want to upset the victory celebration, and in particular the 60 Year Anniversary of the Human Rights Movement, and the embarrassment of disclosure resulting in possible corruption charges being filed against numerous political figures. They find it easier to gamble on the security and stability of our country than to come forth and admit they made a mistake for which many could receive leniency and our governmental standards could remain intact.

      One would think the security of stability of our country would be enough to warrant an investigation into Obama’s refusal to submit, after repeated requests, documentation to support who he really is due to the falsified birth document he previously supplied and his failure to receive national security clearance. The documents listed in previous requests have yet to be provided. Therefore, the assumption can only be that information on these documents would discredit him and his qualification so he has hired a team of lawyers to look for loopholes to enable him to circumvent our constitutional requirements, which he cannot meet. Looking for a technicality that no other president in the history of our country has found a need to do so says a lot about the lack of character Obama has.

    18. Joanofarc says:

      Aside from the potential voter fraud, Obama and the Democratic Party's involvement in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Max financial disaster wherein they place full blame on the Republican Party is inexcusable and shows the lack of character by Obama and the Democratic Party.

      If anyone else would have been involved in so much controversy, they would have been investigated and would have been indicted but not Obama. He has this powerful hold over the legislative and judicial branches, which is very scary since he is not yet sworn in as our next President. If this is any indication of what we can expect we ,as well as our country, will go down the tubes. Maybe this is what his intentions are, to destroy American on behalf of the Muslim radicals. The statement made by the Islamic/Muslim radicals that they would be raising the flag at the White House, could this mean that Obama will be raising the flag on their behalf.

      We should also be investigating fraud concerning the campaign funding as well, especially the unverifiable transactions. This money should be immediately removed from Obama’s campaign funds and deposited into the Social Security fund for which citizens deposits were previously diverted to carry other programs having more importance to Congress at that time. Obama wants to increase the buy outs for the Automobile Industry, why not buy out the disparity in our Social Security Fund which they created. At least this money coming from campaign funds not capable of being verified would not have to be replenished by the citizens like all the rest of the buy outs will end up becoming.

      We have got to be the most stupid people in the world to allow this amount of corruption surrounding one single political candidate and yet are comfortable in looking the other way instead of taking positive action. The saying “United we stand, divided we fall”, is not supportive of what we are doing today. We have become so divided, by the non-accomplishment of critical issues by Congress (Senate and House) that it is understandable why we don’t get much further than we have and why our financial budget is out of control and in severe default.

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