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  • The Pelosi/Bush Polar Bear Oil Ban

    Earlier this year, despite Sarah Palin’s best efforts, the Bush Administration chose to cave into the environmental left and designate the polar bear as ‘threatened’ pursuant to the Endangered Species Act. Bush made the decision despite the fact that an independent committee of scientists told the Canadian government that the polar bears are not, in fact, threatened or endangered.

    Bush tried to mollify pro-growth critics by claiming he could list the polar bears as threatened without then naming a critical habit as required by law. It is because of wishful thinking like this that President Bush has the worst legal losing percentage of any administration over the past three decades. Now the AP reports that “the federal government will designate critical habitat for polar bears off Alaska’s coast.” Why did Bush back down: “The agreement to designate critical habitat was filed Monday as part of a partial settlement of a lawsuit brought by Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Siegel’s group.” The Bush White House loses again.

    And at what cost to the American consumer? When defending the current ban on developing our oil resources in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Nancy Pelosi loves to blather on about all the other oil resources in Alaska that are open to development. But they are not. Pelosi’s environmental left allies are blocking that development through the courts. Already the The Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club and environmental groups have challenged all 487 leases in the Chukchi Sea before they were even issued.

    And where is the likeliest designation of polar bear habitat designation to occur: “Bruce Woods, a spokesman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage, said it’s not known what area in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast might be designated for polar bears, especially given that sea ice conditions are changing and areas now covered by ice might in the future be open water.”

    So how much oil has Bush/Pelosi cost the American people: Interior Department officials estimate 15 billion barrels of oil and 77 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are in the disputed area.

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    5 Responses to The Pelosi/Bush Polar Bear Oil Ban

    1. mark , Houston says:

      In a nut shell Pelosi is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such .Never before has a single elected official fought so hard AGAINST this country and har intrests .

    2. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Any person/s or group that puts the American people in harms way, causes the econonmy to suffer, causes losses of jobs or loss of energy needs to be put out of business and outlawed. It is too easy for a foreign country to start an organization in this country which is harmfull to our economy and our people. You will know the organizations are BAD when they resort to lies and distortions. All environmental orgs are Bad and need to be disbanded. Look where they have gotten us! Its right in front of your eyes..are you looking? Now get rid of these groups and lets get some common sense back into the mix.

    3. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Thanks Georgie Boy for destroying the republican party! The lefties should love you for it, but then they are so stupid anyway they still hate you. I know hate is such a strong word, but then most conservatives feel kind of the same way about you going along with the liberals on everything. I just hope that since Pelosi's approval rating is LOWER than yours, she goes out along with you! You will not be missed and neither will she and her private jet.

    4. Jennifer, Alabama says:

      Wow…those comments are among the most ignorant I've seen and I live in Alabama. Why the obsession with more oil? Did you ever consider perhaps why those areas were off limits to begin with? Ever research that? The way to go is energy independence..and not FOSSIL fuel energy. The use of solar power began in the 1970's and then disappeared…because the oil companies bought up the patents and sat on them. Imagine where we would be now if those new technologies in the 70's had been allowed to be developed. You must work for the oil companies….

    5. Larry, Des Moines says:

      I can't believe what I am seeing in this country. We have gone from a God fearing nation to one that now tries to throw god out of everything we believe is good. Are we so uneducated or over educated to the point we can't calculate what's going wrong in this great country of ours. In everything I've read and understand in scripture references if we want to prosper in this land we need to follow the commandments we have been given. Thank you very much.

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