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  • Monthly Archives: September 2008

    Our Hip Hop Neighbors

    ST. PAUL — There is still not a lot of action on the floor of the convention hall, which is giving bloggers (stationed far above the floor) time to get to know each other. To our right is Hip Hop Republican founder Richard Ivory, who says he is a huge … More

    For the Gulf

    ST. PAUL — After the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and an invocation, the 2008 Republican National Convention began with a moment of silence for those Americans currently coping with Hurricane Gustav. Delegates were then asked to text the word “give” to the address “2help.” Next up: officially adopting the … More

    Morning Bell: All Eyes on Gustav

    ST. PAUL — The mood here in Minneapolis-St. Paul is quite somber on what is going to be a radically scaled down first day of the Republican National Convention. All eyes are on the Gulf Coast region and the approaching Hurricane Gustav. John McCain summed up the feelings of many … More