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  • Monthly Archives: September 2008

    Morning Bell: Which Policy Leads to More Affordable Energy?

    Congressional Democrats returned to work yesterday after their five-week summer vacation. While House Republicans stayed in Washington to debate energy policy all summer, Congress now has only three weeks left before it adjourns for the year. Many are predicting that little will get done in September, but one issue is … More

    This Week in Washington: Sept. 8, 2008

    Drilling and Defense Spending are the two big issues this week in Washington. For years, Congress has banned oil and natural gas drilling on most of America’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). On Oct. 1, that ban, along with one that forbids the extraction and development of oil shale in the … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept. 8, 2008

    That Windfall Tax and Fuel Poverty – Adam Smith Institute The Compass folks are really rather upset that even Gordon Brown ( yes, even!) has realised that a windfall tax on the energy companies isn’t a good idea as this this little article shows. But we’ll leave them weeping their … More

    Tax Cuts, Not Tax Hikes, Ought to be Priority During Recession

    The Heritage Foundation has long argued that tax cuts, not tax hikes, are the best policy, especially when the economy is weak. Turns out Barack Obama agrees with us. Watch the video yourself, but here is a rough transcript of Obama’s exchange with George Stephanopoulos from This Week: STEPHANOPOULOS: Even … More

    Friedman's Unconvincing Energy Flip Flop

    Shilling for his new global warming book on Meet the Press yesterday Thomas Friedman told Tom Brokaw: Well, I’m against Manhattan Project because this problem is so large in terms of scale. I think it’s got to be like IT. We need 100,000 people experimenting in 100,000 garages coming up … More

    Post Discovers Palin's Pipeline

    Energy consistently ranks among the top three issues Americans care most about this year. So when Sarah Palin burst onto the national scene, the first thing we did was analyze her record on the issue. The mainstream media, however, seemed mostly interested in attacking Palin’s personal life. But slowly they … More

    Morning Bell: Big Government Fails Again

    This weekend Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will be placed in a government conservatorship that closely resembles a bankruptcy reorganization. The move puts U.S. taxpayers on the hook for $5.4 trillion in outstanding mortgage debt and commits the government to provide as … More

    High Cost of Energy, Food Hurt August Employment Numbers

    Heritage’s James Sherk says the employment estimates for August are being affected by the collapse of the housing bubble and the high cost of energy. The unemployment rate rose to 6.1%, a five-year high, primarily the result of large job losses among automobile manufacturers. He talked about the August employment … More

    Exaggeration in An Inconvenient Truth? No...

    Watching the trailer to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, one would think that this planet is near Armageddon. According to the Nobel Laureate, our planet will soon be done in by ravaging hurricanes, scorching heat waves and twenty-foot sea level increases. Unless we do something about it. Well, one thing … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 5, 2008

    EnergyTomorrow Radio – Got Shale? Jane Van Ryan talks with Tony Dammer from the U.S. Department of Energy about America’s oil shale deposits… Time to Celebrate the Constitution – InsiderOnline Constitution Day is coming up—September 17. A good way to celebrate is to learn a little bit more about the … More