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  • Monthly Archives: September 2008

    Trading Our Way out of Inequality

    Listening to liberals on the campaign trail or Lou Dobbs every night, one would think that U.S. trade with china has been a disaster for Americans. Not so says a new paper by University of Chicago colleagues John Romalis and Christian Broda. The American reports: According to their research, the … More

    Morning Bell: Christmas in September

    For most Americans, there are 100 shopping days left until Christmas. But for the special interests in Washington, there are only 10 shopping days left with Congress tentatively set to adjourn for the year on Sept. 26. One would hope the financial turmoil on Wall Street would give legislators pause … More

    We Must Increase Drilling and Reduce Red Tape

    The Outer Continental Shelf presents a tremendous opportunity to expand domestic oil and natural gas production with little or no downside. Extra energy is badly needed, and the risk of producing it has been greatly reduced. Over the past few months, high energy prices have shifted the tide in favor … More

    Lines to Remember the Next Time the IRS Knocks on Your Door

    Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) is a lawyer. He is not only a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, but he is the chairman. The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for all federal tax policy. One might hope that the man in charge of writing the nation’s tax … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 15, 2008

    Top Ten Overlooked Facts About Trade – The Club For Growth The #1 Fact: “For 2008, the United States is on track to retain its title as the world’s largest exporter, with exports of goods and services approaching $2 trillion. In other words, American workers… The Aspen Institute on Educational … More

    Unfortunate, but Necessary

    Heritage scholars JD Foster and David John react to this weekend’s Wall Street turmoil: While unfortunate for both Lehman and Merrill Lynch, what is most important about these transactions is that markets are in one important sense returning to a normal order even in the face of uncertainty and turmoil: … More

    The Rural/Urban Energy Divide

    Last week the Santa Barbara city council voted 5 – 1 to affirm its opposition to offshore oil drilling. The measure was passed to counter an August 26th Santa Barbara county supervisor’s vote in favor offshore oil drilling. While both votes were completely symbolic, they do point to a clear … More

    Voter Fraud Puts Ohio Election at Risk

    Picture this: Hard-left activists busing thousands of the homeless and shelter residents to the polls for same-day registration and voting. What could possibly go wrong? The mind reels: identity fraud, multiple votes, improper influence, bought votes, non-citizen voting, and on and on. Unfortunately, that may be what’s in store for … More

    This Week in Washington: Sept 15, 2008

    The two big issues in Washington this week are drilling and bailing out the automakers. Drill, baby, drill. For years, Congress has banned oil and natural gas drilling on most of America’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Less than two weeks ago, the Republican convention erupted with chants of “Drill, Baby, … More

    Spending Explosions, not Tax Cuts, Driving Deficits

    Last week the Congressional Budget Office reported that the federal deficit will reach $407 billion this year. This actually is not as groundbreaking as it sounds. The best way to measure budget deficits is as a percentage of GDP, the 2008 budget deficit is 2.9% of GDP compared to 30.3% … More