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  • DeMint: 'There Seems to Be No Real Appreciation of the Constitutional Boundaries'

    During an interview this morning on Fox News Channel, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) outlined the troubling unconstitutional aspects of the financial rescue plan. Heritage’s legal scholars yesterday outlined the constitutional infirmities that remain.

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    11 Responses to DeMint: 'There Seems to Be No Real Appreciation of the Constitutional Boundaries'

    1. Roger, Gulfport MS says:

      The American people no longer respect or trust our supposed leaders. Any bunch of idiots that want to bail out business that knowingly made bad decisions is uncomprehensible to most Americans.

      I can see a time in the not so near future where politicians will be dealt with very viciously by the American patriots.

      So when they start coming up missing don't be surprised.

    2. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      What we're seeing here is the "cream rising to the top". DeMint and other valiant patriots in the senate and congress. They're going to desperately need our support as they will be opposed not only by the democrats but the msm and the Rino's in their own party. Not to mention a very mixed-up, confused sitting President. Going to be rough for them now and in the future because of the selfless stand they're presently taking on "our" behalf.

      We may be witnessing the beginnings of a New Republican Party. A group that may have to separate from the GOP. We might be watching history in the making. A 2nd party originating to replace the terminal democrat party.

      As for the democrat party, there is no cream to rise there. It is rancid/foul and must be disposed of. Darvin Dowdy

    3. Nancy Alexander, Hac says:

      I am so upset by this "bailout" rescue package, especially after reading this DeMint Article, and the Foundation's article on the constitutionality of the administration and congress' proposals. I do not see the legality of this whole process. I do not agree with the empowerment of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve commission to have sole discretion (forgive my mispellings) of 7billion dollars. that on the heals of the passage of another billions of dollars for programs requested by the democrats under their "fuzzy logic." I am a democrat by voter registration but i am so fed up with how politics, media, and the sleeping public have allowed the contsitution to be exploited by the loose interpretations and the public's ignorance and indifference to the law.

      Thank you for letting me express my concerns for my country. I don't want America, a democratic republic to go the way of the Greek and Roman Empires.

      I am an unemployed social studies and language arts teacher, unable to collect unemployment because i worked five years in private school (not-for-profit and did not put into unemployment insurance.)

      I am also a paralegal who worked in intellectual property law before becoming a parent.

      Thank you again.

    4. Peggy Thompson says:

      We have to have our purses snatched for this Bail out deal. How do we get the corruption out then? Barney Franks won’t do it, Chris Dodd won’t do it Chuck Schumer sure won’t do it, it will cut their donations. It is un-American to point out their corruption. Nancy says so we have to have this bill. Warren Buffett thinks this is a good deal for him to have all of America protect him from losses so what now? Waxman and Conyers have been busy trying to impeach Bush, with no care to this corruption mess at all. How can you fix it when we have placed the foxes in the hen house ourselves?


    6. Nanc MN says:

      Kill the bailout: The crap in the “crap sandwich;” 10 reasons to oppose the bailout


    7. Ken says:

      Please pass the bailout. Barney Frank is a good man. I wouldn't have my house if it weren't for him. You people's is mean.

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    9. Aliena Vale, NC says:

      As a society, we are no longer driven by quality product or business decisions created after educated deliberation and drafted with the future ramifications of each process firmly in mind. So long as the short term figures have us in the black of things and we know good old Fed-Co will bail us out if we fall into the fire, all is good on the home front at least in this minute and that is all that really matters. Right? We have become a society of pan handlers lacking the skills, determination and self-knowledge needed for long term success at any level.

      Have a child you cannot afford? No problem, the government will gladly give your brand new bouncing paycheck WIC, welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, housing, Smart Start, public education, free tutoring, free evaluations, a responsibility free diagnosis of ADD, legal representation, breakfast, lunch, government funded “programs” to ensure a well rounded lifestyle and a college degree for you and your child so that you don't have to bother yourself with raising the kid while you show up late and complain about the Work First program job the government created for you. Didn't think it was important to pay attention in high school until you decided that you did not want to do physical labor. That is alright, if you fit into the proper demographics the government will print out some money and send you to college even if you only read at a third grade level. No business savvy or business plan but you want to start up another hip hop clothing store in your neighborhood? Great! The government has a grant for you and if you don't succeed because you didn't really consider actually creating a business plan focused on success the government will expect nothing in return.

      Why shouldn't this ideology spill into the financial sectors? Socialized education, medication, birthing in the nation, why not the socialization of finance too. Is there really a difference between bailing out AIG and the bailing out of every former renter who had not prepared or planned to own a home but was given a 3000 square foot box of poorly constructed vinyl and veneer shaken together by illegal labor pimps and promptly plopped down on what was a family farm through fundamentally prejudiced practices of institutions like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? These folks did not make the decision throughout their lives to afford the homes the institutions allowed them to purchase. They took a risk that the person would magically run out and get a 200k per year job just because they now live in a new home with a shiny new Kenmore stove. The risk did not pay off.

      When everyone gets something for nothing you end up getting nothing. If risks are no longer risky because you know that the government will rescue you from yourself then why not take bigger risks? Whether the risk is having sex without protection and producing an offspring you can't afford, giving a loan to a person who doesn't even have a job to buy a home they could never afford or start a business they have no business starting, reducing quality on products, off shoring every industry to the point where little is manufactured in this country, centralizing food sources, or short selling wall street into oblivion for immediate gains the responsibility should not be shifted to the government thereby forcing those of us who had no hand in the mess to pay the piper. But it will be and the end result will be the undermining and eventual death of democracy.

      These are sad times in America.

    10. Mark, York PA says:

      Aliena is right. We are witnessing the death of America as we know it. I have worked most of my adult life as a soldier defending what I thought was a valiant democratic nation only to find that it has been subverted by greed, malice and those on the left wanting to abolish this great nation. Where are the patriots? They are not in the congress. They are not on Wall Street. We out in fly over America are the patriots. When will we take back what is ours?

    11. Diane Menninga says:

      Instead of bailing out businesses that made their bad decisions why wouldn't the government bail out and rescue all the citizens who have lost homes, income, jobs, etc. because of the economy?

      Enough is Enough!!

      When are we going to stand up together and let the government know that we won't put up with the corruption and lies anymore?!

      Look around they want total control over every thing and one day soon we all will be under total government order with no rights left at all.

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