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  • The Democrat Majority’s Fuzzy Logic

    The Democratic majority’s line of logic appears to work something like this:

    If taxpayers can afford to spend $700 billion to bailout out the battered financial markets, then they can surely afford to spend $25 billion to bailout the auto industry, $61 billion on bogus “emergencies,” $24 billion for disaster aid, and $16 billion on 2,627 more earmarks.

    Let’s take a look at how this suspect logic might apply to a personal budget:

    John Doe makes $1000 a month. If John can afford $600 for rent and $300 for food, then surely John can also afford a measly $200 for a new stereo, $75 for an IPod shuffle and $50 for a night out with friends.

    This logic is clearly flawed, and our friend John is now $225 in debt. This is exactly the policy Congress is currently pursuing. Congressional leadership should remember we live in a world of trade-offs. It is precisely because we are spending so much on other priorities that we can not spend lavishly on other projects. At some point the bill will come due.

    This week alone, Congress has considered numerous pieces of legislation at the cost of tens of billions dollars. A quick review of the enormous spending bills being rushed through Congress under this faulty logic is unnerving.

    The Continuing Resolution (CR). Included in the CR is $25 billion in loans to bail out the auto industry, and $24 billion is disaster aid. This “loan” is expected to end up costing the federal government over $7 billion, an amount that proponents assert isn’t actually expensive given how much we are spending on other projects. As if this wasn’t enough, the CR also sneaks in $16.1 billion for 2,627 earmarks. This almost doubles last years mark. There is no excuse for this type of reckless spending. Congress needs to take a step back and seriously reconsider this legislation.

    The Second Stimulus Bill. According to the latest reports, this bill will spend over $60 billion dollars funding infrastructure projects, additional Medicaid funding for states, food stamps and various other public projects. As Heritage Foundation research reveals, this spending will do little to stimulate the economy. Fortunately, the Bush Administration issued a veto threat today that may keep the legislation from ever becoming law. Spending an extra $60 billion dollars, likely to add directly to the federal deficit, is the wrong policy at the wrong time.

    This week has rapidly turned into a historic spending spree. Congress is spending billions of taxpayer dollars without properly examining the bills, based on the foolish idea that one extraordinary expenditure suddenly makes countless less expensive expenditures affordable. Don’t be fooled by this fuzzy logic.

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    8 Responses to The Democrat Majority’s Fuzzy Logic

    1. Barb- st. paul says:

      We cannot afford this inept leadership of congress! This financial disaster was perpetrated by them! They intentionally deceive the public to blame the free markets when it was their bribe to the banks that set this whole thing up. Intentionally destroying: democracy, freedom, individualism, independence. What does it take to be rid of this intentional, financial terrorism?

    2. Gene Laabs McDonough says:

      I can not understand why our representitives will not deal with a specific proplem without making it their personal spending spree. Perhaps it is because they are spending someone elses money and since they "work for us" and we don't hold them accountable, and have no term limits there is no consequences. If that logic is sound then WE are the problem. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!! Elect someone that may understand. If the new ones don't understand, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

    3. cy, New York City says:

      Let's see – the Republican Congress was in power for 6 of the last 8 years. GW Bush's economic policy was voted into law with the Republican congress. The law was basically 'hands off' without regulation, oversight or even one person monitoring the market(s). This was a top-down scandal that Bush, neo-cons and John McCain must take responsibility for. I live and work in NYC. I monitor the markets on a daily basis, and know that this was not all Wall Street's fault. For the last 8 years the Administration in Washington D.C. has been a sleep at the wheel and casting a blind eye to greed. What hypocrisy!

    4. AdrianS, Temecula, C says:


      Partial excerpt from an email I sent Mr. Berg:

      “I trust the judge did not originally dismiss your lawsuit because it does indeed have merit. We, as Americans, in order to fulfill the intent and directive of our Constitution are bound by patriotic duty to determine the legal status of any citizen running for the Presidency of the United States; such determination of status having to do with a requirement that said citizen must be a natural born citizen. Mr. Obama should be required to present pertinent evidence that would allow a judge or qualified public official to determine if he is, or is not, a natural born citizen. It is a legal requirement.”

      Mr. Berg sent this copy of Mr. Obama’s and the DNC’s response.

      Update: http://www.nextgenerationcorp.com/NextGenBlog/?p=

      It appears that Mr. Obama is trying to stall the matter. The outstanding issue is Mr. Obama’s birth certificate (Certificate of Live Birth). It appears that so far he has obfuscated this issue as well by providing, or having his agents provide, a false certificate of birth for publication.

      But to Mr. Obama’s determent, the people of the United States of America demand that he (Mr. Obama) remove himself from eligibility to run for any political office for which he is not qualified and/or for which he (Mr. Obama) will not publicly present authoritative qualification for his candidacy as required by the Constitution of the United States of America.

      God bless.

    5. William L Howard says:

      I have voted the Democrat Party faithfully since I voted for John F Kennedy.

      I feel sad, for I have voted, the last few elections, as a Democrat; to avoid voting for the elitist powers that control the Republican Party.

      I now find the elitist powers have moved into the Democrat Party.

      This bail out is not a Democrats best interest. It will serve to reward the Elite, corrupt powers for their destroying of the Democracy.

      The Democracy of yesteryear, with real Democrats elected to serve, built a lovable and great US of America. We saw the clear need for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s platform and policies.

      With real Democrats we maintained checks and balances within our Government. The very well off people and their near do well friends were not happy of course.

      Our Democracy suffers from narrow minded special interest groups,

      Today many (should be) Democrats, have drifted away and faster, as it unfolds

      This bail out Bull stuff, and being on the wrong sided of intelligent issues.

      Border issues, the display of desiring cheap labor with insanity, so great that the only other reasoning for no border control policies the Party holds is they appear like they are all Drug traffickers, using their product.

      Illegal immigrant amnesty also a wrong sided issue.

      We relate that we desire other Nations to become Democracy and we show them a stupid Beltway bureaucracy of elitist

      I am not leaving the Party yet, but the Party is leaving me. Wm L. Howard9/28/08

    6. donna - mesa az. says:

      this is where we need mitt romney the most!

    7. Thomas Gray, South C says:

      Dear people,

      The banks of the U.S.A decided to get into the home building business thats legel as far as I know. What they have been doing is selling these loans to people and not requireing they show proof of income, plus, a substantial future variable rate increese on these loans.

      This is what ,,,,,,,created,,,,,, what is now called,,,,,,, Toxic waste loans,,, The banks bundled these loans together by the thousands and sold them to each other.

      Some news on this,

      It's baloney and hipe–a house is not a home–what weirdo started that stretch–the builder boys built stick junk that will last 20 years tops and scammed 30yr mortgages w/yrs same as cash you'll never have to pay, [only sell in five years-never mind the intrest it will allways be low(Allen the fix is in G tells us so)] hooks on the cheapest land they could find and got the bank to loan on prebuilt (can you believe that)500 house developments and then sold to them to a million real-estate sales people on spec and called them homes– no wonder they're stuck with it. who in their right mind would go for that line of bull? The junk they call "home" is an empty stuckoed waffle board box on a slab in empty high tax neighborhoods 20 miles from the nearest job and they want the values to stay up?? What a joke–

      The government knew about this but could not overpower the bank lobby when everybody wanted and got no proof credit.

      The warnings fell on deef ears and blocked at every turn, so now the banks are ,,,,,failing,,,,, for what they knew was wrong and want the government to give them back the mony they need to make more loans.

      The government must regain and hold power to regulate and stop these banks from doing this.


    8. David, Washington says:

      I am glad the bailout failed.

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