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  • 'There Is No Merit in the System'

    Few members of Congress come to Washington to fight corrupting earmark spending. Usually new members come to Capitol Hill with the best intentions to help their constituents as best as they can … often including directing as much federal money as possible back to their district. Rep. John Kline (R-MN) was no different. When he first came to Congress, Kline fought as best he could do game the earmark system for the benefit of his district. But after one budget cycle when fellow member Rep. James Oberstar’s (D-MN) district received more in federal earmarks than the other seven Minnesota districts combined.

    Kline told bloggers at the Heritage Foundation weekly lunch: “I realized there is no merit in the system. Oberstar got more money for bike paths alone than my district got for bridges and roads.” Since then Kline has requested no earmarks and his pushed other members to do the same. He was quick to praise Democrats Henry Waxman (CA) and Mark Udall (D) for also rejecting the corrupting earmark system.

    On the Senate side, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is pushing an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill that strikes all of the secret earmarks in the committee report out of the bill. If DeMint succeeds, the earmarks in the report will become meaningless. But if the bill goes through as written, the earmarks will have force of law. A step back from President Bush’s executive order directing federal agencies to ignore future earmarks included in committee reports.

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    5 Responses to 'There Is No Merit in the System'

    1. Bridget, Minnesota says:

      No merit? That's funny coming from Mr. Kline. Just a couple of weeks ago, he attended the grand opening of a road in his district that was paid for in part by more than $2 million in earmarks he secured. When asked by the local paper why it wasn't hypocritical for him to be at that event taking credit for the road now that he deems the process of securing funding for it "corrupt," he said no, because "This is the kind of earmark that a member of Congress should be proud of." (http://www.startribune.com/local/south/27800364.html?page=1&c=y)

    2. Charbles, Minnesota says:

      Kline is a fraud and needs to be retired. His song against earmarks rings hollow and his partisan gamesmanship has left him adrift in the sea of a Democratic congress.

    3. Terry, Minnesota says:

      Too bad for the ignorgance of some people. John Kline, in securing money for a much needed road project, is exactly the type of work we send people to Washington for. I would be willing to be that Charles and Bridget above, are two of the many left wingers who joined the hollow chorus for more Transportation funding after the I35 bridge collapse. The fact is, earmarks rob funds from transportation every year. Funding for transportation wasn't and isn't the problem. Earmarks and frivolous spending are! Now when Rep. Kline does something for his district that can be described as a "Transportation Project", Charles and Bridget, listed above, do as all liberlals do, and complain about it, all for the sole purpose of "Politics". Keep up the good work Rep. Kline. By the way, he will win reelection handily this November!

    4. Margaret, Shakopee w says:

      As Americans we all work hard so our childern can go to collage. It may take working 2 job's to afford it, but we get it done.

      Now can you Please, tell me why Foreigner's who live and work here get to go back to there countrie's for 6 month's, come back and our Goverment pay's for there children to go to collage. What is fair here. I think as long as you live and work here you should pay for your children's schooling. Not the Goverment.

    5. Brad Karow, Red Wing says:

      This comment is not about earmarks, it is about OIL. Will all of you in Washington stop worrying about drilling in ANWAR or offshore, and pay some attention to the new BAKKEN field in North Dakota where there is all the oil we need. One company alone, EOG, has drilled 64 wells there THIS YEAR with just ONE DRY HOLE!!!

      No polar bears, no frozen tundra, no caribou, no 2000 mile pipelines, too simple!!!

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