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  • If You Eat, Sleep, or Pray Then the EPA is Coming for You

    This summer the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set in motion the process for regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act (CAA). Their Advanced Notice for Proposed Rulemaking is only a fist step, but the breadth of their desired reach is truly frightening. This month the U.S. Chamber of Commerce produced a study detailing how many Americans would be afflicted with costly new regulations under the EPA’s plan.

    Currently many large entities (such as poer plants and chemical manufacturers) comply profitably under the CAA. These enterprises are large and sophisticated enough to handle the costs and risks of federal regulatory compliance. But CO2 is not like sulfur-dioxide or other harmful chemicals. CO2 is perfectly natural, is exhaled by humans every second, and provides 85% of all U.S. energy. Unlike all other substances regulated by the CAA it is ubiquitous throughout the economy. Under the EPA’s plan any business that emitted over 250 tons of CO2 a year would be subject to costly new EPA regulations.

    How many, and what kinds of businesses, would be affected? According to the Chamber of Commerce at least one million mid-sized commercial buildings would be affected, including: 1/5 of all food service businesses, 1/3 of all health care businesses, 1/2 of the entire lodging industry, and even 10% of all buildings used for worship.

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    9 Responses to If You Eat, Sleep, or Pray Then the EPA is Coming for You

    1. chasty stevens says:


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    3. Andy, Cincinnati says:

      There is not enough land to plant enough trees to handle the size and impact of our CO2 problems. People need to get over the fear of some businesses going under because they can't afford to operate under strict emissions restrictions. Quite frankly, we can't afford to have them operating… and by "we" I mean the entire planet.

    4. Avery Ray Colter, Ba says:

      The businesses being mentioned generally have a whole lot of roof area which could be well-used for PV, solar thermal and in some cases wind generation. These new regulations, coupled with incentives for such measures, would do wonders for proliferation of these fuelless energy technologies. There are many things that can be done with buildings' as well to improve their energy efficiency – cool roofing, thicker wall cavities for more insulation… I have been to classes on passive survivability in which it has been mentioned that northern European buildings literally "go fat" on insulation: R-30 in walls, R-50 in ceilings. I've seen descriptions of fiber-optics used to route light from rooftop mirror dishes deep into buildings where the sun usually can't go. Obviously some energy has to be used in cooking and medical care – though in cooking, a modified skylight system could even be used to power a solar oven for instance, and if any kind of building needs a lot of passive survivability a hospital would be it. There are many innovations which deserve a lot closer look by these industries.

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    8. Guy Arnold says:

      The EPA is another created biased department of government on our prople that absolutely know nothing about CO2 or any other so called green gas component. We all breath out carbon monoxide and all green plants use our carbon monoxide to create more oxygen for us to breathe. God made us and the trees and green polants to work together. We do not need an EPA to give us common sense to live by and produce our food supply, automobiles and medicines, and homes, and televisions and sound systems, or radio's or restaurants or gyms or anything else in our lives. All the EPA know's how to do is collect money for our crooked government and make more for them to blow on their pork barrell spending and this helps make them (Governmental people) filthy rich) on our tax dollars.

      Get rid of all big spenders in our government now.

      Wall Street has a broken back because S-3134 took the comodities away from them and it took them two months to go down with out commodities Futures and Speculations sales making big bucks for oil compony investors.

      Good ridense for their demise.

      So now our government is investing in every stock in our system.

      Ridiculous. If my small business went down and I could not pay my bills, I would have filed Chapted 11 and reorganized.

      Like any other responsible business.

      Big Government is eating our breakfast, lunch & dinner and leaving us with nothing but IOU's which I don't trust any more than my trust in all Congress and Senate positions.

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