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  • An Inconvenient Truth: Senator Lieberman’s Amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill

    The Senate today is slated to consider the 2009 Defense Authorization bill, S-3001, a $612.5 billion measure that would authorize spending for national security programs in the Defense and Energy departments. The legislation authorizes the Pentagon to spend $70 billion to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 and would authorize a 3.9 percent pay raise for military personnel, in addition to funding other programs.

    One of the proposed 250 amendments to the bill, authored by Senator Joseph Lieberman, is likely to be a major focus of debate. It contains a non-binding Sense of the Senate resolution, SA 5368, on the strategic importance of the troop surge in Iraq that calls on the Senate to:

    3) recognize the success of the troop surge in Iraq and its strategic significance in advancing the vital national interests of the United States in Iraq, the Middle East, and the world, in particular as a strategic victory in a central front of the war on terrorism; and

    (4) recognize that the hard-won gains achieved as a result of the troop surge in Iraq are significant but not yet permanent and that it is imperative that no action be taken that jeopardizes those gains or dishonors the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who made those gains possible.

    These recommendations, grounded in common sense, are logical and deserve strong support. But this is an election year, and many in the Senate for partisan reasons stubbornly refuse to admit that the surge has been a success or even that the war in Iraq is an important front in the broader war on terrorism. Never mind that Osama bin Laden believes that Iraq looms large as a front in “this Third World War,” and is quoted as saying so in the text of the resolution.

    Some on the left can be expected to work hard to prevent this resolution from ever coming to a vote.

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    6 Responses to An Inconvenient Truth: Senator Lieberman’s Amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill

    1. Rosemary, Long Beach says:

      You have a fine article. Thank you for trackposting to my article. I do not mind if you trackpost, but I would just ask if you added my permalink at the end of your post. This is a courtesy that we do here on the net. ;)

      I am also a member of Heritage Foundation. This is a great group of guys and gals. Have a wonderful day.

    2. Scott F Albuquerqu says:

      Any politian not supporting this bill is obviously more interested in their politics and their political career than they are in the good of this country! SAD SAD SAD

    3. Steve, Oregon, WI says:

      I agree that the surge has worked tremendously to reduce the unnecessary deaths in Iraq. Unfortunately, it was a five years too late. I really wish that the safety of the troops all along had been this emphasized all along. At least now the generals on the ground have finally been listened too.

    4. Frank Lowell Rice, P says:

      Liberals are always ready to pass legislation for a place you can not drill a remove oil. However, they always vote against something that is good for our troops and America. They need to be voted out so we can clean house in WASHINGTON, When Sen.John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin take office, it will still be a dead lock with the Pelosi's and the Reeds blocking good legislation. Since Pelosi doesn't know where Natural gas comes from other than the hot air around her and the Demo-communist, maybe she needs to go to the oil fields and become trained before we send her back to the left coast.

      Thank you for your good articles everyday of the year,,

      Dr. Frank L. Rice,,

      Austin, Texas

    5. Xavier, California says:

      Tell your people in Congress to amend the resolution to include the following:

      A. The people who opposed invading Iraq were RIGHT

      B. Even though Bush said Iraq would be a "beacon of democracy," it is still not free, Saudi Arabia is still not free, and several nations have been taken over by hard-liners since the invasion of Iraq happened

      C. The Bush Administration's pre-surge strategy was a failure

      D. An apology to Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, and United Nations employees who had their phones tapped to see how they would vote on the Resolution 1441

    6. flyonthewall, massac says:

      First, we will never be able to compare the consequences of no invasion to the reality of today. It's easy to be righteous and critical. Great minds are laboring to keep up with evolving complexities of the challenge before us.

      (visit http://abumuqawama.blogspot.com/

      The same applies to the surge being "too late". What we DO know is that radical Islamists mean to do us harm and the only thing that stands between their will and our liberty is a strong VOLUNTEER military. Surely, those who oppose this bill do so in objection to the paltry 3.9% increase for citizens who put their very lives on the line to ensure that we all speak freely. I trust opponents are looking into incomes more consistent with cost of living and inflation increases.

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