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  • Radicalism of Chávez, Morales Led to Expulsion of Ambassadors

    The expulsion of the U.S. ambassadors from Bolivia and Venezuela sadly reflects the increasing spiral of radicalism, paranoia and bad behavior that are the hallmarks of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and his closest ally, Evo Morales. It is a rejection of models of civility and diplomatic cooperation and hemispheric solidarity once fostered by the statesmen of the Americas. A hunger for power, authority, and endless praise have become the hallmarks of these radical populist leaders.

    We agree with the Department of State statement of today that the expulsion of the ambassadors, “reflects the weakness and desperation of these leaders as they face serious internal challenges and an inability to communicate effectively internationally in order to build international support.”

    The action is a rebuff to two professional ambassadors and to leaders like Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Thomas J. Shannon, who have worked tirelessly to promote a positive agenda for the Americas. We agree that “the only meaningful conspiracy in the region is the common commitment of democratic countries to enhance opportunities for their citizens. The only overthrow we seek is that of poverty.”

    Those who shout the loudest are not making the real news in the Americas. The real story of our time is the quiet, evolutionary change promoted by pragmatic governments and their constituencies who want to improve the lives of their citizens. Those changes will not occur over night, and we still have work to be done. But we are on the right path, and will continue to work with our democratic partners to better the lives of our citizens.

    Chavez, after insulting the U.S. and the Bush Administration, condescended to say, “when there is a new government in the U.S., we’ll send a new ambassador.”

    He should ask himself who in Washington — Democrat or Republican — will receive the emissary of one so filled with venom and deep-seated anti-Americanism.

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    6 Responses to Radicalism of Chávez, Morales Led to Expulsion of Ambassadors

    1. PO Citizen Washingto says:

      No ONE should purchase this ass's oil. PERIOD. Forget Citgo, I sincerely hope NONE of the big oil's are buying his oil, however indirectly. Yes, I'll pay $10.00 a gallon, just to see this punk wither away.

    2. Renato D'Amico, says:

      We should leave coutries alone that don't want us around. They have a right to be independent from us. We have a right to not support their economy or sovreignty. Every nation will not like our ways and we should stay focused on the nations that like us.

    3. Muncie, IN says:

      Latin American countries need to unite, as they are better off as a strong group than weak individuals being controlled by the economic and political interests of other countries (mainly the US.) However, they must unite under a common theme other than that of being anti-US. Bolivia and Venezuela are going through domestic turmoils and I think they would be better off focusing on their own problems than always trying to one-up the US.

    4. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      So whats the solution?

      Go out and ask the average, hayseed-hick, middle American. Like me. Simple solution; enforce the Monroe Doctrine and re-couple it with the Roosevelt Corrollary.

      "Speak softly and carry a BIG stick"

      Of course no one is asking us. No one has any regard for our opinions. Yet they continue to clamor for our votes. Folks like us have zero representation in Washington DC. We're reduced to voting for the lesser of 2 evils. Meanwhile our good name, our pearl, The United States of America continues to get trampled into the ground by filthy swine.

      Will we ever return to sanity? Darvin Dowdy

    5. Kevin O. Fenning says:

      OPEC, and Chavez time is running out, and they know it. However they are going down kicking & screaming like a child having a temper tamtrum.

      It time we take away OPEC's toys and send them on their way down…

      Drill in North America NOW!

    6. Donald, Chipley,FL says:

      What better rationale for energy independence than to shed the dust of Chavez from our shoes. Without the crutch of oil money to subjugate his people and surround himself with thugs and "yes men", Venezuela could once again blossom into an American success story. With the tired old script of Chavez style dictatorship so obvious to even a casual observer, we have to ask how does it succeed time after time! And THEN, we look at the current Democrat presidential candidate….

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