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  • Morning Bell: Hold Pelosi to Her Promise

    Finally giving up some ground to reality, Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled her energy package and conceded more than early reports indicated she would. But despite headlines like “Democrats Reluctantly Embrace Offshore Drilling,” it is exceedingly important that conservatives keep their eye on the ball.  Earlier this week, the House leadership promised Congress a vote on the Republican “all-of-the-above” plan. Americans deserve a full debate on energy so it is imperative that conservatives force Pelosi to honor that promise.

    Pelosi’s Package: Do not believe everything you read about Pelosi’s new willingness to develop America’s natural resources. For example, the New York Times reports that Pelosi’s plan would allow drilling “100 miles off any section of the United States coast.” Which would be true, but only if Florida became a foreign country. In reality, the plan still bans drilling off the coast of Florida’s Panhandle, an area that is particularly rich in natural gas. Even where Pelosi’s plan does allow for some new exploration, it still leaves much of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) off limits. Despite the fact that energy infrastructure cannot be viewed from shore after just 25 miles, Pelosi’s plan codifies the OCS ban for the entire first 50 miles. And even then Pelosi rigs the legislation against oil exploration by requiring states to opt in to drilling but then also denying them any share of the resulting oil and natural gas revenue.

    Then comes all of the concessions that Pelosi is demanding in return for letting Americans develop their own resources: alternative energy mandates for power companies that will only drive up consumer’s monthly bills; new restrictions on financial markets that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission says are completely unnecessary; and weakening our national security by turning the Strategic Petroleum Reserve into a political football.

    The “All-of-the-Above” Alternative: Under the House GOP’s all-of-the-above energy plan, all of the estimated 18.17 billion barrels of oil and 77 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the OCS would be available to American consumers. No bans on the first 50 miles, no cutting states out of royalties and no exceptions for Florida. This is the only plan that would allow the American taxpayers to receive the full $2.6 trillion in lease payments, royalties and corporate taxes that some estimate will be generated from full exploration of the OCS.

    But the all-of-the-above plan does not end there. It also opens up the 10.3 billion barrels of oil estimated to be in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A 2007 study by the University of California estimated that leases and royalties from ANWR would generate $251 billion in government and state revenue — and that was assuming a barrel of oil cost $53. Oil opens at $102 a barrel today.

    Alternative energy is not ignored either. The Republican plan also attempts to improve energy conservation with tax credits for businesses and families who purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles. Barriers to the revival of the nuclear power industry are removed, and the tax credits for renewable energy (including but not limited to wind, solar and hydrogen) are part of the plan.

    Conservatives clearly have momentum in the energy debate. Now is not the time to leave billions of dollars buried in the ocean floor. Conservatives must hold Pelosi to her promise and allow a vote on a real commitment to expanding America’s energy supplies.

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    9 Responses to Morning Bell: Hold Pelosi to Her Promise

    1. E Paul Lian, Scottsd says:

      Is it just me, or does Ms Pelosi come off on TV as a blundering idiot? I'm sorry folks, if this person is third in line for the Presidency, I'm more than a little nervous. I should also mention I've never met this person, maybe I better back off and give her a second, third and fourth chance. On the other hand, she has me convinced she's nothing more than another politician who thinks they are more important than they actually are. Ms Pelosi, please get out of the way and leave this GREAT country of ours alone.

    2. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      Regarding our "All-of-the-Above" team trying to sell this domestic drilling, they remind of a poorly coached football team. With star players that can make the big plays sitting on the bench. First they're trying to sit at a table and deal with the democrats. Impossible. Ronald Reagan taught us to bypass this Maginot Line and go direct to the American people. Next, when they do finally get smart and go direct to the American people, don't go to them with a collection of dry, boring statistics. Go to them and pose this question, "Why are the democrats standing in the way of high paying oil field related jobs for American Workers?" This tact will cause the average American to stop, turn their heads and pay attention. Because the job market is not what commentators on this site claim it is. Its not great. So this aspect of the "drill" issue will ignite interest and eventually the level of intense enthusiasm that we saw back in June 07 when the average Middle American was burning up the fax, email and phone lines to their congressional representatives over McCain/Kennedy. And that is the only thing that will get the dem's to budge off of top dead center.

      You know, the GOP has the largest collection of inept individuals as consultants, advisers and strategists. Totally out of touch w/the average voter. They don't seem to be able to handle even simple tasks. Probably have to get help tying their shoes in the morning. Darvin Dowdy

    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The 1 hour special interview

      with Granny Palin will be on

      ABCTV 20/20 tonite.

      Wonder WHY HF chose NOT to mention it?

      Must not be very ….. YOU chose the word.

      LVKen7 at gmail dot com

    4. D. Schulte Spokane, says:

      Pelosi is a political hack and should be impeached.

    5. Mike Hambrick says:

      This coming election will be the most important one of your life. This country is facing a grave problem. With people like Pelosi, Reid and other democrats driving we are in deep trouble. I am in the minority to say that President Bush is getting a bad rap if you look back he inherited the ENRON problem, then came 9/11, and right or wrong we are in a war with al-quiada in IRAQ. If you recall 2006 Pelosi and Reid took possession of the house and senate. In 2000 the start of the Bush era the Dow was steady around 11,500 then came 9/11 and I was hoping that the market investors would thumb their noses at BIN LADEN and come to work and start buying. But they took the opportunity to sell and the low was 8,235 before they stopped in 2002. By 2006 the Dow had grown to over 14,000 and Bush was still president WOW. The unemployment rates during that time were 4 to 4 1/2% interest rates were low and gas in 2006 was $2.19. I am not going to tell you the rest of the story you have been living it for the past year and a half just keep in mind who was running the House and Senate these are the law makers that need to be held accountable in the up coming election. One last item worth mentioning is that if Iraq becomes a strong Democratic country we will have a great friend in the middle of the very troubled muslim world.

    6. Claudette Robertson, says:

      Impeach Pelosi.

      How dare Speaker Pelosi hold the American public hostage to her inept liberal environmental bias.

      From the beginning of 2006 when she violated the Logan Act she has continued to set back the cause of women in leadership with her erratic views and decisions.

      To send Congress on a five week vacation in the midst of our economic and energy crises is unacceptable.

      Number three in line for the presidency? May God help America.

      Impeach Pelosi.

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    8. Beaner, Alabama says:

      Her change of tune tells me that she must have been hounded by her constituents in her district and those people who showed up to buy her new book at their local Borders..

    9. Thomas Gray, South C says:

      The way I see this is speaker Pelosi may think that driveing up the cost of energy will make solor and wind more atractive I know that this is what many environmentel activist talk about,

      but if she goes against her environmental supporters both sides will be against her and she will be put out of office so that the environmentel activist can install another puppet.

      lets just hope she makes such a mistake.


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