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  • American Federation of Teachers Pushes Fake Reform

    Teachers unions, and the liberals that love them, got a pair of great headlines out of the USA Today this morning. “Teachers union initiates school reform plan” blares one and “Democrats, teachers unions now divided on many issues” claims the other. But if you click through either article prepare to be underwhelmed.

    The first item reports that the 1.4 million member American Federation of Teachers announced today it is launching a new campaign “to help school systems try sustainable, innovative and collaborative reform projects developed by AFT teachers over the past several years.” Got that, the AFT is just now willing to explore school reform like “union-run charter schools” and “pay-for-performance plans.”

    An just how committed is the AFT to this new reform campaign. Well according to Open Secrets AFT has given over $15 million to Democrats to kill real school reform in Congress over the past six years alone. And this new ‘reform’ campaign will get … $1 million. Pretty clear where their real priorities are.

    The second USA Today article says Democrats and unions are “now divided on many issues” but it only identifies one: “paying teachers more if they raise test scores, teach in underserved areas or take on new responsibilities such as mentoring new teachers.”

    That ‘or’ is key. It provides the loophole every union across the country will use to avoid real merit pay. Instead of actually rewarding teachers for better student test scores (what most Americans think of when they think of ‘merit pay’), unions will rig contracts to classify every little extra duty teachers take on as ‘merit pay’. No wonder Democrats adopted that amendment to their platform so easily.

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    3 Responses to American Federation of Teachers Pushes Fake Reform

    1. Jan, MI says:

      I work as a tutor in a Charter school. After questioning the Administrator of the district's testing program while the testing was going on, for fourth graders, I was informed that the bright students taking the test would have their questions become harder and harder as "they got more answers correct." Likewise, as the mediocre and below (very much below) students in the 4th grade, as they missed the correct answer, their test questions "became less hard–reaching down to the 3rd and 2nd grade level." (unquote) The students and the teachers and the parents were so elated that these poorer students "passed" and the five bright students, with the rigged test, failed. They were very demoralized as the returned to the classromm–and I'll bet their parents were told they "failed" their tests and these kids were scolded when they returned home. This is a crime against our children and parents. The parents "were not told how these test results came about—questions becoming easier for the dumbed down–12 out of 17 students; and questions becoming very hard, to the lesser amount of bright students (5). Well, as you can see, the ratio of the students in the classroom was 5 bright students and 12 less than mediocre students–some very dumbed down. So, the school and the teacher, NOT EVEN REALIZING THE TESTS WERE RIGGED!!! because I asked the teacher if she realized it, and she was totally amazed (which is incredibly unbelievable that they didn't recognize this!!!) were jubilant because it showed that 66% of these students passed their totally dumbed-down test. And the school can "report great success" to the community, but the REAL TRUTH IS: THE TESTS WERE RIGGED AND THE RESULTS WERE TOTALLY MISLEADING TO PARENTS, WHO REALLY DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH AS TO WHY THEIR DUMMIED DOWN STUDENTS "FICTITIOUSLY PASSED" A FOURTH GRADE TEST—BUT THE QUESTIONS WERE 3RD AND 2ND GRADE LEVEL–AND THE SMART KIDS, POOR DARLINGS, WERE FAILING THE 4TH GRADE TEST THAT HAD BEEN RIGGED UP TO 5TH AND 6TH GRADE LEVEL questions, TO SHOW THAT THE MAJORITY OF THIS CLASS PASSED–WITH RIGGED OUTCOMES! THIS NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED. DO NOT BELIEVE WHEN IT IS REPORTED THAT "SCHOOLS ARE DOING BETTER BECAUSE THE "TESTS" SHOW BETTER OUTCOMES." THEY ARE RIGGED!!! EXPOSE THEM, PLEASE.

    2. Jan, MI says:

      I forgot to mention that the teacher "earned her merit pay increase" because of these test results. She is a very concerned and sweet teacher and tries hard. The Charter schools welcome failing public school kids and work hard to being them up to their grade levels. This is not the point I am trying to make. The POINT IS, THAT THE TESTS ARE RIGGED SO THE CHARTER SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS LOOK GOOD. This is not the teachers' fault. The Test creators are "spoofing" the parents and school administrators—BUT IT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS FROM RECOGNIZING WHAT IS GOING ON, AND STOPPING IT. BUT THESE TEST CREATORS ARE VERY POWERFUL WITH THE FOUNDATIONS THAT "OWN" THE CHARTER SCHOOLS. IT NEEDS TO BE LOOKED INTO. THANK YOU.

    3. Jean, MD says:

      Yikes! What fraud. Would really like to know name or location of this school. I trust what you say but would like to verify. This just goes to show that even Charter schools cannot be trusted not to "cheat" to make the grade.

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