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  • Blocking the Truth About 9/11

    On the seventh anniversary of 9/11, an important movie tells the story of behind the censorship of “The Path to 9/11.” Written and directed by John Ziegler and produced by David Bossie of Citizens United, “Blocking the Path to 9/11” includes deleted footage from the ABC docudrama and commentary from those involved in the making of the film.

    Controversy over the docudrama erupted in 2006 after former President Bill Clinton and his liberal surrogates said the “The Path to 9/11″ inaccurately portrayed Clinton-era decisions in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Clinton’s failure to capture or kill bin Laden was the first part of the film.

    After lashing out at the network, Clinton and congressional Democrats successfully forced Disney and ABC to edit and censor the film. Ziegler captures the debate, including interviews with Cyrus Nowrasteh, writer of “The Path to 9/11,” and 9/11 Commission Chairman Tom Keane. He documents the liberal smear campaign against the film’s creators, led by left-wingers Keith Olbermann, Judd Legum and Max Blumenthal.

    “Blocking the Path to 9/11″ reminds viewers about the well-orchestrated campaign to destroy a movie that sought to educate Americans about the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Here’s the trailer for a preview:


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    10 Responses to Blocking the Truth About 9/11

    1. DFK, Ohio says:

      Cannot get the YouTube clip to play. This is never a problem at YouTube.

    2. MBP, Oklahoma says:

      When will this air?

    3. sahasarar, tennessee says:

      Trying to turn the focus off of the current republican administration is silly. Most of the evidence points directly to Bush/Cheney. Just because they vow to do all they can to prevent the the deaths of unborn children from abortions, doesn't give them the right to send your children out to the deserrt to be killed so that the Bush and Cheney families can become wealthier and more powerfull. Wake up people we are nearly in the grips of a dictatorship that was allowed to come to power because George Bush claimes to have "found god". If he is such a man of god why did he lie to start a war, and then turn a blind eye to the poor conditions our veterans faced when they returned froom "his" war maimed and dissfigured. Give me a break. We NEED to push for a change in the wat presidents are elected, we need to move toward elections based on the popular vote.

    4. James Poulsen, Rockl says:

      It will be many years before the entire story of The Clinton's lieing, obfuscation, intimidation, and media control become known-but it will eventually be outed.

    5. Bert Flournoy, Red B says:

      Thank GOD for President Bush and Vice President Cheney!!! I go to bed every night feeling blessed to have them as our elected leaders, and as far as the man from Tennessee wrote, on the point of them running a "dictatorship"…What in the world does he think LIBERALISM IS, if it's not a dictatorship!?!?!

      By the way Mr sahasara Tennessee…God's name should ALWAYS be capitalized, and YOU are a DUMBA**!!!

    6. James Rutledge says:

      Censorship of political and social commentary and analysis is the earmark of a totalitarian regime. Wake up America, the liberal mantra of Michael Moore and his lemmings is the true threat to freedom. Being a Nation that protects the worship of the God of Issac, allows women to hold elected office and to prosecute abusive husbands, and values the lives of Jews as humans and not pigs does not justify the islamists' murder of thousands of civilians seven years age. And by the way, our soldiers and sailors know their duty, which is more than I can say for Mr. Sahasara and his comrades. Semper Fi!

    7. Dan, Springfield, IL says:

      I've shown this url to many of my liberal friends and not once have they responded, they just pretty much block it out of their mind, amazing isn't it: (may have copy and paste)

      The next one is sort of a long read but read it, you'll see clearly the Clinton Administration was just starting to bang the war drum against Iraq because they saw too, it was needed. However, my take is that soon after this realization, Bill got in trouble with Monica and he just never returned to what was needed to be done. In affect, this makes him very responsible at to everything that happen since because he just didn't do his job: (may need to copy/paste)


      FBI interview w/ Saddam (1 & 2)


      Osama bin Laden nuclear intent:

      Hope this helps in our understanding.

    8. someone in florida says:

      im not completely filled in on this whole 9-11 story i learn more and more everyday i wana kno the truth and i kno its gonna be awhile b4 i do but i do not like having bush as president and didnt want him to be for the first time and the second time just pissed me off it made me wonder about our country and why it would pick this fack face again after wat he did thousands lost thier lives cuase he wanted power and money thats more important than your people then y r u president i dont want sick people like that as my leader fack that but thats just how i feel

    9. Wayne, Wisconsin says:

      I often find myself cringing at the lack of leadership our current president has shown, but I shudder to think what might have been if the democrats had won the past two presidential elections. I fear for this country if the current democratic nominee is elected to the office of president. In 4 short years we may all be wearing turbans and riding camels.

    10. willm gray,boise,id says:

      your utter lack of facts does not warrent coment!

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