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  • Monthly Archives: August 2008

    Government Tracking from Cradle to Grave

    Privacy is supposedly a signature issue for the online left. Opposition to even FISA court-approved basket warrants is a litmus test issue for their support. Fighting terrorism is simply not worth the risk that somebody at the National Security Administration might accidentally read your e-mail to grandma. But there is … More

    Bring Back the WPA!

    DENVER — One of the reasons Heritage came to Denver was to find out what the left expects out of its political leaders if it manages to gain full control of Washington after November’s elections. We are just a couple panels into a week’s worth of policy discussions, but a … More

    The Decline of the Constitution in Public Discourse

    As all eyes turn to Denver and the Democratic National Convention this week, anticipation is building for Barack Obama’s address to a crowd of 75,000 at Invesco Field. The speech everyone is awaiting is another in a long line of addresses by both candidates this election cycle. What do these … More

    Loving the State or Loving the State Out of Existence

    DENVER — Time magazine national political editor Amy Sullivan is currently hosting a panel, “The Shifting Faith Vote: What It Means For This Election.” Among the panelists, Revolution in Jesusland blogger Zack Exley shared his story of marrying into a “white born again evangelical culture.” The first time he attended … More

    Morning Bell: Where Does Pelosi Think Natural Gas Comes From?

    DENVER — This week, The Foundry is reporting on all the sights, sounds and flavors of the Democratic National Convention. And one of the first “sights”  for those arriving by airplane is a video on the catastrophic dangers of global warming. You don’t really have much of a choice of … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 22, 2008

    Whose Business Is It Anyway? – Townhall.com “Stossel is a pig.” “Wait and see how he is going to react when he [gets] fired by ABC News without a reason, just because he is skinny like a monkey.”… Virtual water: The New Carbon Footprint – Adam Smith Institute This week … More

    Maybe a Giant Government Mortgage Financing Duopoly is Not in the Interests of American Homeowners

    When liberals in Congress sold the American people on the need to risk $300 billion to bail out banks that made irresponsible loans to bad credit risks, they insisted big government was the answer to the housing crisis. For example, when defending the bill Barack Obama told Tom Brokaw: “What … More

    Lesbians for Choice in Health Care?

    Lesbians who want artificial insemination should rally to support greater choice in health care. That’s the real story of the recent California Supreme Court decision Benitez v. North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group. In Benitez (pdf), the California Supreme Court was forced to decide which is more important: the ability … More

    Medicare’s Low Administrative Costs Strike Again

    As we’ve documented before, one of the left’s favorite arguments when pushing for single-payer health care is that, Medicare (a single-payer system) spends a lot less on administrative costs than private insurance does. And it is true: Medicare does spend a lot less on oversight of their many payments. But … More

    A Path to Accommodating Sexual Orientation and Protecting Religious Freedom?

    On Monday, in North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group v. Benitez, the California Supreme Court ruled that two fertility doctors could not, without violating California’s civil rights laws, decline to artificially inseminate a lesbian woman because of the doctors’ deeply held religious beliefs about children being born with both a … More