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  • Monthly Archives: August 2008

    'We Need Deficits'

    DENVER — American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner doesn’t just foresee huge new deficits in Barack Obama’s administration. He is cheering for them. At an afternoon panel in the Big Tent titled, “Take Back America: The Economy,” Kuttner said, “We need deficits.” Kuttner explained that they are necessary when “an economy … More

    Holy Wind Power, Batman!

    It’s a good thing the unusually throaty, (AP says it’s Clint Eastwood meets grizzly bear) Christian Bale only had to deal with The Joker in The Dark Knight and not wind turbines. A new study released findings that wind turbines are responsible for causing the lungs of bats to explode; … More

    Only 35 More Shopping Days Left!

    DENVER — This morning at the Denver Athletic Club, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) predicted that Republicans in both the House and Senate would stand firm and not vote for any legislation that would continue the Congressional ban on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). DeMint stood behind a lectern … More

    Why America Is Evolving Toward Government-Run Health Care

    Today the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual estimate of the uninsured. For some, it came as a surprise that both the rate and number of people without health insurance actually declined, from 47 million, or 15.8% in 2006, to 45.7 million, or 15.3% in 2007. For those of us … More

    Nancy Hearts Nixon

    DENVER – Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today at Denver’s downtown Union Station and, believe it or not, she came to praise Richard Nixon. It’s not his birthday or anything, but in her continued attempt to find any traction for her energy policies Pelosi praised President Nixon for … More

    Morning Bell: Mainstreaming Medicare

    DENVER — The air of excitement among progressive activists really is palpable here at the Democratic National Convention. Their supreme confidence that they will win the White House has been shaken a little, but they still believe Barack Obama will prevail and they are certain they will strengthen their majorities … More

    Progressive All-Stars Outline Policy Prescriptions for Democrats

    DENVER — Monday’s best attended panel by far was “The Contest: Progressives vs. Conservatives,” featuring Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, John Podesta and David Sirota. Each spoke for seven minutes. Highlights include: Podesta announced he is working with Mark Green and tapping the resources at the Center for American Progress to … More

    The Left Loves High Energy Costs

    DENVER — The Big Tent is sponsoring no less than 10 panels about global warming this week, and Robert Kennedy Jr. was the star of one titled “Climate Problems and Solutions: Local to Global.” The panelists all agreed that cap and trade was the only possible legislation that had a … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 25, 2008

    Joe Biden’s So-So Record on Trade – Cato-at-Liberty During his long tenure in the Senate, Joe Biden of Delaware has compiled a mixed record on votes affecting our freedom to participate in the global economy. The record of the Democratic vice-presidential… Amtrak Ridership at “Record” Levels, More Subsidies Needed – … More

    Lester Brown Is Still Talking

    DENVER — “Guru of the environmental movement” Lester Brown is hosting a panel on climate change with Randy Hayes of the World Future Council, Chuck Kutscher pf the Renewable Energy Laboratory, David Orr, and Betsy Taylor of the Center for a New American Dream. Brown started talking at noon. It’s … More