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  • Monthly Archives: August 2008

    Regulate the Internet? FCC.gov Has It Right

    The FCC last Friday may have jumped with both feet into the business of regulating the Internet, but someone forgot to tell the folks that run the Commission’s website. “The FCC Does Not Regulate the Internet or Internet Service Providers (ISP)” the “consumer publications” page of FCC.gov is still proudly … More

    Operation Scheduled Departure: An Example to Congress on Immigration Enforcement

    Supporters of “comprehensive” immigration reform often purport the zero sum argument that there must be permanent legalization or the forced deportation of all 12 million illegal immigrants. However, a new pilot program by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is testing another option. The pilot of Operation Scheduled Departure allows … More

    Morning Bell: Pelosi Asks, We Answer

    Feeling pressure from the House Republican revolt on energy prices, Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time from her busy book tour — current Amazon sales rank No. 1,631, and priced to sell at $16.29, down from the original $23.95 — to release a “Top Ten Questions for the House GOP on … More

    How Clean Is Your Energy?

    Clean energy and “going green” is quite the trend nowadays. Yet, few people actually know how their electricity is generated. To educate the average electricity consumer, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an interactive electricity power profiler that will: Determine your power grid region based on your ZIP code and … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 6, 2008

    Los Angeles Wants to do What? – Michelle Malkin The missing word in this story is “illegal.” But only the deaf, dumb, and blind can’t see that L.A.’s latest proposed expansion of illegal alien sanctuary–which would mandate that retailers set aside space for illegal alien… Bin Laden’s Driver Convicted – … More

    Get Ready for the Left's Annual Appeasement to Hugo Chavez

    The New York Times has a front page story out today blaring “Home Energy Prices Are Expected to Soar” that reports: Amid a slowing economy, high energy costs are weighing heavily on pocketbooks, and have become a major political issue. …But Democrats and Republicans are deeply split about how to … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    This week The Heritage Foundation’s ‘What Would Reagan Do” campaign asks, “Why did Reagan value economic freedom?” You can check out the WWRD page for the answer, but in the meantime here is what President Reagan said when signing “America’s Economic Bill of Rights” on July 3, 1987: Inextricably linked … More

    Big Visions for Energy

    The Cato Institute recently published a podcast with Don Boudreaux, chairman of the economics department at George Mason University. He discusses why central planning for energy policy won’t work and why innovation and market-driven incentives will. Dr. Boudreaux blogs at Café Hayek, is the author of a great new book … More

    End This Mission Impossible

    Freddie Mac CEO Richard Syron told reporters yesterday that Freddie’s dual role as a government sponsored entity charged with creating profit for private investors and serving the public by boosting the housing market is “almost impossible.” We almost agree: Fannie and Freddie are leftovers from an era when giant government … More

    'Health Care Is an Issue for Libertarians' and Conservatives

    Reason Online has an article up this week titled “How Hospital Costs Ran Amok: Health care is an issue for libertarians” that concludes: Polling indicates that health costs are often the third most important issue expressed by voters. Neither major party wants major change in the current system, but the … More