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  • Monthly Archives: August 2008

    A Letter to Alec “The Atom Bomb” Baldwin

    Dear Alec Baldwin, I really don’t know much about you except that your acting as a New York media mogul in 30 Rock is awesome. Yet, your acting as an expert on nuclear energy is—well—pretty weak. In The Huffington Post on Sunday you discussed “The Misconception(s) of Nuclear Power.” Your … More

    Truth Free Zone at NRDC

    The Washington Post fails to explain what makes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge any more ‘pristine’ than the rest of Alaska, but the rest of their editorial exposing the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund’s ‘Snake Oil‘ on offshore drilling is well worth the read. The Post counters three NRDC … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Liberals in Congress no longer believe in the benefits of free trade, but Africa still does. Bloomberg reports: Southern African countries will launch a free trade area on Aug. 17, when their leaders meet in Johannesburg, to boost trade and economic growth in the region. The 14-member Southern African Development … More

    Housing Non-Profit Fraud! Say It Isn't So!

    Throughout the entire housing bail out debate conservatives repeatedly warned Congress not to include the creation of a $4 billion National Housing Trust Fund in the final legislative package. They didn’t listen. Now corrupt, fraudulent and partisan groups like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) have a permanent … More

    Lobbyists Love Liberals

    We’ve explained on numerous occasions why lobbyists love it when liberals are in power. To put it succinctly: the more economic planning that goes through Washington, the more smart corporations must pay lobbyists to make sure Washington does not plan them out of existence. Today Jeffrey Birnbaum reports in his … More

    Nuclear Reactors the Size of a Hot Tub

    This could bring a whole new meaning to the “Not in My Back Yard” argument. Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. is looking to commercialize small, nuclear reactors for remote locations as soon as 2013. The reactors, developed at the reputable Las Alamos National Laboratory, are the size of a hot tub … More

    Morning Bell: Barack Obama Is Right

    Whether it’s baseball, driving or federal budgeting, rules play a central role in determining outcomes. Lower the pitching mound five inches, and baseball teams score more runs. Put too many signs on the road, and traffic accidents go up. The federal budget process is no different and, as Heritage senior … More

    Energy Efficiency Is Not Enough

    Defending his call for the United States to adopt more European like laws mandating centrally planned levels of energy efficiency, The Center for American Progress’ Matt Yglesias writes: What would be desirable would be to … reduce America’s economic vulnerability to supply shocks associated with political instability in the world’s … More

    EU Employs More People Than British Army

    In a shocking report by the brilliant British think tank Open Europe, it’s revealed that the European Union employs vastly more people than the British army. More than 170,000 people now work for the EU institutions, both directly and indirectly, with just 107,000 in the UK army. With masterful deception, … More

    Conservatives Continue House Energy Protest, Demand Action

    News over the weekend about the Olympics and Russian-Georgian war kept the focus off the Republican energy revolt, but throngs of visitors packed the House floor again Monday for the seventh day of the protest. About a dozen GOP lawmakers were on hand, including Reps. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Tom … More