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  • Monthly Archives: August 2008

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 29, 2008

    Nancy’s War on Science – FRC Blog By the time Nancy Pelosi digs herself out of the hole her abortion comments have gotten her into, she’ll likely have reached some of the crude oil she’s keeping off the market. In defending her utterly baffling assertion that the “doctors of the … More

    Morning Bell: Obama's Speech vs. the Progressive Agenda

    DENVER — The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank. We are not experts on what the left wants. But after four full days spent listening to panels of progressive leaders describe what direction they want Barack Obama to take the country, we have to conclude that the left will, … More

    What Will the Central Planners Choose For Us on Energy?

    DENVER – The only consensus in the progressive community on energy is that the federal government needs to be spending a lot more money subsidizing alternative energy. Even the amount of money needed is in dispute. The far left Apollo Alliance is calling for $500 billion over ten years while … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 28, 2008

    Safe Search Tools & Portals for Kids: The List Keeps Growing – The Technology Liberation Front Over at Ars, Ben Kuchera has a review of Ask.com’s redesign of its web portal for kids, AskKids.com. It’s a great new addition to the growing list of safe seach tools and web portals … More

    Is Google a Force for America's Global Hegemony?

    DENVER – Google CEO Eric Schmidt told an audience here at The Big Tent that the most common question he gets when he travels abroad is why Google insists on “supporting American hegemony.” Schmidt explained that “free speech is not a universal value” and that Google’s commitment to open accessible … More

    Conventional Wisdom on the Environment

    The Democratic National Convention in Denver endeavored to be “the most environmentally sustainable political convention in modern American history,” according to the convention’s Director of Greening (really) Andrea Robinson. But how much green will all that green end up costing the rest of us? From recycled tote bags and name … More

    What Does the Future Hold for Mandatory Public Service?

    Time magazine ran a story back in 2007 on “The Case for National Service.” The story described the positions of the candidates for president on expanding “public service” programs. Two of the Democrat candidates favored mandatory community service by all high school students. And two others — Hillary Clinton and … More

    Your Trash-Sorting Future Under the Coming Garbage Gestapo

    DENVER — The sponsors of The Big Tent are definitely taking good care of us bloggers at the Democratic National Convention this week. Bloggers are provided three free meals a day, free smoothies, and after around 1 p.m. free beer. This doesn’t even include all the purveyors of organic snack … More

    Morning Bell: Empty Ethics Rhetoric Exposed

    DENVER — One of Barack Obama’s only legislative accomplishments in the U.S. Senate is the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act, which passed in September 2007. When he announced his candidacy in Springfield, Ill., Obama called the bill “the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate.” Critics from left and right, however, … More

    New Members to Energy Gang, Same Old Plan

    The Gang of 10 now rolls 16 deep. Six more Senators, three Democrats and three Republicans, joined the original gang of ten Senators seeking to expand offshore drilling, albeit the production expansion would be limited and taxes would be raised over $80 billion to promote renewable sources of energy. Repealing … More