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  • Conventional Wisdom on the Environment

    The Democratic National Convention in Denver endeavored to be “the most environmentally sustainable political convention in modern American history,” according to the convention’s Director of Greening (really) Andrea Robinson. But how much green will all that green end up costing the rest of us?

    From recycled tote bags and name tags, to biodegradable balloons, to requirements for organic and locally grown menu items, to hotel key cards made from “sustainably harvested wood,” it was hard for delegates to go through each day without using numerous eco-friendly items. Most pervasive of all were global warming-related measures, such as alternative energy-powered transportation and lighting as well as programs for delegates to buy carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to their trip to Denver.

    One wonders how many of these things are sensible steps that justify the costs, as opposed to politically correct fads with little actual merit. But clearly, the gadgets and gimmicks succeeded in making users feel morally superior, with one enthusiastic delegate calling the carbon offsets “sort of an indulgence to pay for your carbon sins.”

    Stories about how some of these green programs added to the cost of the convention may have undercut the expected public relations boost, but of course it’s the DNC’s business how it chooses to spend its money. Unfortunately, the message from Denver was not one of freedom of choice. The people who are enthusiastic about green products and technologies are rarely live-and-let-live libertarians content to leave such matters to individual discretion — they usually want to use the federal government to force their preferences on everyone. Indeed, Democratic nominee Barack Obama has already stated that he would “require that 10 percent of our energy comes from renewable sources by the end of my first term,” among other eco-mandates. Of course, the only reason these alternatives need to be mandated in the first place is that they are too expensive to compete otherwise. And the cost of the carbon credits, if ever put into law, would reach hundreds of dollars per person per year.

    Maybe scariest of all is the fact that the Republican convention, rather than rejecting this as nonsense and drawing clear distinctions with the Democrats, is to a degree playing “me too” with the green craze.

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    4 Responses to Conventional Wisdom on the Environment

    1. Jeff Id - Chicago says:

      Don’t be fooled by this hype, for the last 10 years, the earth has actually cooled according to the global warming folks own data.

      The government organizations pushing the global warming message were formed as much as 20 years ago with the purpose of identifying and mitigating man made climate change. This was before we had identified man made climate change! At the time , if they couldn’t find global warming and solutions they would be out of work – Think about it!

    2. Thomas Gray, South, says:

      The sad part to me is if the global warming topic suddenly went away and the memory of it also we are still faceing a transportation energy crisses that cannot be solved by me at least and all these people are doing is making matters worse and worse and worse I'm sick about it. tom.

    3. George Jirasek, Wisc says:

      Probably the only thing that Al Gore was right about is that we are in the middle of an interglacial period. Past interglacial periods have been warmer than it is now. At least, most of the politions are not claiming that climate change is being caused by mankind. I think that Al Gores reason for blaming it all on mankind is based on the idea that if mankind is causing climate change, then it can be fixed. If nature causes climate change, we are out of luck!

    4. Jonathan Dickson says:

      When has the climate not changed? We live in a period when the green fascist agenda is dangerous, as their scam is being revealed for the hoax that it is. Like any threatened dying animal they are currently at their most dangerous, trying to impose their twisted agenda while they think they still can. It's such a shame the world's media has got into the habit of promoting the unfounded, negative fears around this imagined scare, rather than concentrating on the positive aspects of progress and man's enormous achievements in improving the quality of life.JD.

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