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  • Did Democrats Cheer for Oil Drilling Last Night?

    Democratic National Convention

    DENVER – The left’s relationship with domestic fossil fuel production is growing curiosor and curiousor. Despite Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) prime time billing, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer gave the best received speech last night. It was supposedly on renewable energy, but Schweitzer also said: “we have cut more taxes for more Montanans than any time in history, increased energy production at the fastest rate in the history of Montana.”

    And where did that ‘fastest rate’ of ‘increased energy production’ come from? Wind accounts for less than 1% of our nation’s energy, and environmentalists won’t let anyone build any new dams, so all of Montana’s new energy must be coming from fossil fuels. Indeed, according to the Energy Information Administration Montana’s “geologic basins hold more than one-fourth of the Nation’s estimated recoverable coal reserves. Montana’s eastern basins also hold large deposits of oil and gas. … Montana accounts for about 4 percent of total U.S. coal production and delivers coal to markets in more than 15 States.”

    Schweitzer tried to emphasize alternative sources but he didn’t shy away from admitting his state’s fossil fuel focus: “In Montana, we’re investing in wind farms and we’re drilling in the Bakken formation, one of the most promising oil fields in America.” And the Democrats in the hall cheered wildly. Seems the left wants us to Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.

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    6 Responses to Did Democrats Cheer for Oil Drilling Last Night?

    1. HankNote, Michigan says:

      Promises, promises! The Democratic convention guarantees prosperity for all. Five million jobs would come from “green” ventures like renewable energy, ending reliance on oil. Unfortunately, these jobs must be funded by taxpayers. They do not attract private investors. Improving hybrid engines, windmills and solar panels are fiascos like corn-fed alcohol fuel.

      Hybrids are not a panacea: many vehicles get better mileage at highway speed. Foreign diesel engines are quiet, clean and very fuel efficient. Detroit was once the home of automobile development. Barak suggests “Put air in the tires.”

      Oil is plentiful offshore and in the Rockies as shale. If Democrats continue to refuse access to petroleum, prices will really skyrocket. A liquefied coal industry could replace oil. Coal, cow dung and other waste products can be refined into diesel fuel.

      America developed atomic energy and used it safely for 50 years in our navy. Civilization is going nuclear everywhere but here. China will soon export ready-to-assemble nuclear plants.

      “Time for a change” needs tweaking before the vote.

    2. Thomas Gray, South, says:

      As I have gotten older I have found that there is seldom a single reason for anything most on this site are and stay focused and well I do also becouse we all are headed for an energy nightmare but the bigger reason for this is becouse the majority of the people live in a information fantisy world perhaps not wanting to see reality and so the lie that caters to the majority gets the most votes,, I have no answer for this truth ,yet, tom.

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    5. Dave Broecker, Texas says:

      I think the Democrats would cheer for anything that walks across the stage at this moment in time. They need such a big lift in ego after such a big split in the primary. If they only knew what the Messiah said about this subject and could think about it long enough to be rational, they would have walked the Montana Man off the stage.

      He is absolutely right, we need to get production of our own oil and coal substantially increased!

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