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  • The Left Loves High Energy Costs

    Democratic National Convention

    DENVER — The Big Tent is sponsoring no less than 10 panels about global warming this week, and Robert Kennedy Jr. was the star of one titled “Climate Problems and Solutions: Local to Global.” The panelists all agreed that cap and trade was the only possible legislation that had a chance of passing, since it was the only way to get the business community on board. But even then, the panel also agreed that the carbon caps set in this summer’s Lieberman-Warner bill were far too low to produce the reductions in carbon necessary to save the planet.

    Kennedy pointed to this summer’s high gas prices as proof that energy prices had to rise significantly higher:

    This summers high gas prices were essentially an energy tax. But they did not effect behavior enough. Driving only decreased by .02%. The price of carbon must be much higher.

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    8 Responses to The Left Loves High Energy Costs

    1. Lito, Maryland says:

      Wow, the solution by the left for our energy and environmental policies is to sky-rocket the gas prices so that folks drive less. That is crazy. How can an American economy grow if we continue to depend on foreign oil, and never tap into the potential energy sources within our country? This shows how out of touch these left-wing liberals are. It is a Blame-America attitude all over again. That is not comprehensive energy reform.

      By the way, in addition to high gas prices being an acceptable norm, high taxes to support a larger government is also on the agenda. Go figure….

    2. Jon Benson, Allegan, says:

      Global Warming. There are two words I am tired of hearing about. If there truly was need for concern, which there is not, America cannnot possibly do enough, themselves, to make any dent or headway in "winning the war" on Global Warming. Do your homework, America. Someone needs to walk up to Al Gore and rip that Nobel prize away from him. Giving the Nobel Prize to AL Gore, for his totally misguided "An Inconvienent Truth", the film full of lies. Does America have a energy problem. Yes, of course it does. American's are not to blame for the problem – Washington is to blame. 'WE THE PEOPLE' have demanded that Washington do something about the energy policies in this country for a long time. Problem is, Washington does not listen to 'WE THE PEOPLE', so therefore, now we must pay dearly. Those in Washington have no idea how taxpaying American's are struggling everyday, just to put food on the table. I will put the blame on the shoulders of Republican's and Democrats. Just another issue that they're ignoring and 'WE THE PEOPLE' are paying dearly for. Wake up, you idiots, the two-party system is killing this country. You would think that after 200 years, you would learn. But, no. Come this election cycle, you will go into the election booth and, once again, you will pick someone from either the Democratic Party or the Republican party. Why, because my friend, you are an idiot. Otherwise, you would tell Washington, "YOU'RE FIRED" and you would vote for either an Independent or a Libertarian. In other words, you would have someone fixing the problems in Washington – instead of having two-parties that are at constant war with each other and noting is being done (unless you consider killing the fabric that built this country, as getting something done). I am going to vote, for Bob Barr. If you don't know anything about him (thanks to the American media, who doesn't want someone other than Republican/Democrat on the ticket) go to http://WWW.BOBBARR2008.COM and check this guy out. BOTTOM LINE – How much worse could he possibly make this country and why place your vote with either party that has continued to fail you and the American people for over 200 years. The two candidates, the media tells you about, both talk about change. SO 'WE THE PEOPLE' NEED TO VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE and end the two-party system.

    3. Brett, CO says:

      Oh where is good ole US of A? I have a few elections under my belt, Clinton and Bush#43. And now this election…

      I am far from political, but it is pretty evident that this country and media is very liberal. I am so glad I get to teach my new son that boys can marry boys in California. First we eliminated the Pledge of Alligance, and I'm sure in the near, near future our country will not believe 'IN GOD WE TRUST' is needed on our currency.

      How do people think that a slogan uttering 'Change' is going to change anything. There is nothing new to raising taxes. What is new about raising capital gains taxes? America is tired of the government, so why would we want them to manage more-like Health care? I already know that I will not receive any Social Security when I retire. So why would we want the government to tell us which doctor to visit. How does a Windfall Tax help with reducing the cost of gas? (Just to be clear, it will not help us, because the oil companies will only pass this tax along to you and me.) So for the most advanced country in the world, it will take 8-10 years to produce oil when we drill in our nation??? If, if that is true (which it is not)why would we not get the ball rolling? How do people forget that this is America?? Well the Left side must forget, since wearing an American Flag on your lapel could offend others, since it can show oppression. Guess the liberals forget how much we give to the rest of the world. I guess de-identifying your personal jet with American flags, also could offend others. Let's also forget about the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, no big deal. Even Oprah knew that Rev. Wright was off the deep end. If that is not enough, feel free to do your own research.


      An American not ready for Pelosi's-'Leader sent by God'.

    4. Gene Laabs McDonough says:

      Register to vote as an independent, then vote like one. The two party system will begin to change and if we use the vote to remove legislators after two terms we will enforce term limits on them. Since they hold all the ability to make the rules, the vote is our only weapon against them, and they know it. The problem "we the people" have is our own inability to act as a very, very large group. Think about it. They work for us. But they tell us what to do and how much we have to pay them etc, etc. We gotta find a way to speak as one voice and that starts with the vote.


      When did the democratic party become socialists?

      So when I'm paying $12.00 a gallon for gas, waiting for 5 hours to see a doctor, and hoping for my ration of toilet paper – I'll have to thank Comrade Robert Kennedy Jr. Do the masses of democrats voting – understand that this will be the most radical shift to the left this country has ever experienced? Oh that's "CHANGE".

      Signed, A Capitalist Patriot

    6. Jerry Frady, Montgom says:

      It seems apparent that the category "mental deficiency" needs to be redefined to include those

      politicians with "one track minds." Obviously those include some who were pampered, rich and

      were taught a limited vocabulary..which included

      the following: "big, government, tax and spend,

      power, environment,extremist,"plus "cap and trade." I wonder how long it took some of the most "intellectually challenged" to memorize those terms. Surely their "nannies" were a great help. But two things seem to have been left out of their vocabulary lessons. They were "common sense" and "you'r nuts."

    7. Dennis Crawford says:

      If you want to see where the Democrats get their ideas on raising gas prices to affect consumption, look no further than Germany. Gas is around $8.00 a gallon and most of the price is a tax. This tax has forced many consumers into riding the government owned transit system.

      Of course the transit system only runs at certain hours so the ability of consumers to travel at will is unavailable. Another downside is the hours the consumer must waste waiting or transfering between transit points. This has caused the need for more services for the consumer, such as restrooms. Of course since the government owns the transit system they came up with a great idea, build restrooms and charge consumers to use them. The upside for the wealthy is that the Autobahns are much less cluttered by the middle and lower class and that is important when you're driving at over 100 mph.

    8. Steve New Jersey says:

      > The big question facing us this election is which party will better represent the American people. Who can truly lead us away from the failures of our past energy policies and toward energy independence and economic growth.

      Every president from Carter's so called 'Malaise Speech' on, has

      promised to change our energy policy and work toward energy

      independence (from Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich 'The Limits of Power').

      Neither democratic or republican presidents have made any progress

      towards it. In the 2006 elections we voted in a democratic congress to

      get us out of Iraq. They also proved impotent. McCain's call for more

      drilling is just another concession made to the oil companies when we

      need to move away from oil altogether. We have several technologies

      already, and I should stress that this could come from American

      companies, but no political will to move us forward. Picken's Plan

      (substituting wind for natural gas that's then used for cars) is just

      one of many viable options including wind,hydro,and solar, but we need

      to get behind a way that is going to keep energy, jobs, and the

      economy healthy, renewable, and working for the American people, and

      we need to stop drilling our way toward another dead end.

      > We can save America from oil but not by drilling. The oil companies are multinationals that will sell the oil on the open market. We need American renewable and natural gas companies to do the work with American jobs and American auto companies to build or fit our cars to natural gas. We must stop exporting our jobs and our dollars overseas. We can't afford to continue to be prisoners of oil as we have been with the past and current administrations. We need complete change now.


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