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  • Morning Bell: Unintended Consequences of Wind Energy

    Unintended consequences of the federal government’s energy policy are nothing new. Think about ethanol. The United States is now committed to using 9 billion gallons of ethanol in 2008, which will rise to 36 billion by 2022. No one thought it would be responsible for pushing 30 million people into poverty. No one thought of the adverse effects ethanol policy would have on the environment.

    Now, Americans are quite literally feeling the unintended consequences of wind energy. While wind is often touted as a green, renewable source of energy, Dr. Nina Pierpont of Malone, N.Y., asserts that wind has its downsides, too. She calls it wind turbine syndrome. According to Pierpont’s medical research:

    [L]ow-frequency noise and vibration generated by wind machines can have an effect on the inner ear, triggering headaches; difficulty sleeping; tinnitus, or ringing in the ears; learning and mood disorders; panic attacks; irritability; disruption of equilibrium, concentration and memory; and childhood behavior problems.

    Is this a legitimate threat? Maybe. Her message hardly seems politically motivated. In her testimony, Pierpont says she’s an advocate of renewable fuels. Sure enough, as soon as the people drove away from the wind turbines, the symptoms ceased. In fact, eight of the 10 families in Pierpont’s study moved out of their homes. While she doesn’t claim that these effects happen to everyone living near wind turbines, it’s something to consider if the country decides to take on massive wind projects.

    These problems aren’t unique to the wind industry; the solar panel industry has had its troubles as well. For instance, Solar Inc., the world’s largest solar company, recently told investors that its largest market, the European Union, may ban its solar panels because they contain toxic cadmium telluride.

    But generally, it’s the nuclear industry that’s fending off claims that its energy is harmful to human health. Just a few days ago, actor Alec Baldwin wrote a piece called “The Misperception of Nuclear Power,” claiming that nuclear poses a significant health risk.

    He said, “[…] no level of exposure to ambient radiation produced every day at utility sites is healthy for humans, particularly pregnant women and young children.” It’s true that nuclear power plants emit radiation, but there’s a good chance one will intake more radiation from smoking a pack of cigarettes than living near a nuclear power plant. This chart is quite telling of how dangerous a nuclear power plant really is. In truth, the radiation from nuclear power plants is well under the legal safety limits set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and there is no scientific evidence that local populations have been ill-affected from commercial nuclear power plants.

    The reality is that all three of these clean sources of energy could have a role to play in America’s energy profile. The central criteria should be that they are safe, affordable and able to compete without any subsidies, mandates or other federal handouts from government.

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    19 Responses to Morning Bell: Unintended Consequences of Wind Energy

    1. ED Frederico LV.NV. says:

      I founded the http://www.oilindependencelobby.org. One of our goals is to remove from office Pelosi/and Reid. In my opinion their actions indicate they dont care what they are doing to our people or the economy regarding energy issues They need to go! Thanks for the opportunity to share my feelings……ED F.

    2. Jones, Sacramento, C says:

      What a bunch of loonies here. If it's not oil, it's taboo. It's time for our energy policies to evolve just like every other industries have and will continue to do, including humans.

      Look, drilling for more oil isn't the answer on ANY test. So, don't blame Pelosi and Reid for getting in the way of bigger profits for the oil industry. They can't get anything done because of the filibustering republicans, so how is that their fault?

    3. Mary, Visalia says:

      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just doesn't "GET IT"! As an American, I am totally INSULTED and infuriated with her attitude that we Americans are mentally inept and don't understand how she feels for her constituents. What she needs is a verbal lashing as to WHY and for WHOM she is in Congress for! Vote for the interest of the American people, not her pocket book padded by special interest groups!

    4. Dave Evans says:

      I believe the bad policies of the government normally come from a failure to listen, its thinking that it is the expert on everything and political ambition that outweighs good judgement. The source of problem solutions should never be the government, but instead be arrived at by field experts.

    5. Cyril, Nashville, Tn says:

      Just read what Dr. Pierpont said about wind turbines evidently she did not do her study in Northern or Southern California where there are a great number of wind turbines, how do those people think about them, and for Alic Baldwin, let him stick to acting, what the heck are young children and pregnant women doing at a nuclear plant anyway.????

    6. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      Liberals always begin their rebuttals off with an insult. Which proves that they've already lost the argument. Yet they continue…

      Oil is the most efficient and inexpensive energy source we have at this time. Not to mention the other uses it has. Try producing plastics from wind power or solar panels.

      Oil is a God given and safe natural resource that is abundant.

      History won't be kind to our generation of "loonies" who had this plentiful supply of energy and refused to use it. Not only did they refuse to use it but instead of producing and buying their "own" oil, they bought it from their enemies!! Enriching them! Now there is the definition of a loon. Darvin Dowdy

    7. Randy, Michigan says:

      Alec Baldwin? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the words of wisdom from another of our Hollywood elite who typically burst upon the scene as expert in any subject. I thought he was supposed to have moved to Canada after the 2004 election.

    8. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Nancy Pelosi's IQ is lower than her performance rating in congress, which I believe is "9". She flys around in her private jet, at our expense, and tells us to suck it up and conserve. This elitist fool must be driven from congress NOW! She and her nut-job environmentalist whacko liberal partners-in-crime have run the ship aground and they need to be put on trial for crimes against the American people! Dear "wicked witch of the west": more money paid for gas = less money for goods/services=less produced by manufacturers=layoffs=less income=less in taxes= DEAD ECONOMY!!! GET A CLUE YOU IGNORANT MORON!

    9. Michael Arthur E says:

      I know that this nation, as a society, must change it's current path. The liberal voice is strong, and they seem determined to roll over and play dead while agressor nations take advantage of us and our allies at great cost to our economy.

      As Americans who are faithful to God and country, we must do our duty to each other and protect ourselves by keeping the left and far left from gaining any more power in our government.

      Do not vote a straight party ticket. Vote responsibly for the candidate who will lead our nation successfully to a stable and prosperous economy. Our founding fathers intended our leaders to be forward thinking, honest, and to have purpose and conviction for success. Those elected officials who cannot lead us successfully must be voted out of office and/or defeated at the ballot box.

      God Bless America!

    10. Thomas Gray, South, says:

      It's like a wind and solar activist told me the other day,, by driving up the cost of energy your not loseing mony {and he brought it up] your just not making as much mony. Ya know I owned a trucking company for about eight years, how long do any of you think it took me to understand what this guy said.


      by demanding never ending invironmental inpact studys and bringing law suites against the construction of atom powered electric generating sites are succeeding to shut down [Atom Power] in the U.S.A. that [,,IS,,]

      working,,, to help maintain electricity service to,,,,, [[[ three hundred

      million ]]] people in the USA.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,By these actions,,,,,,, these activists,,, ,,,DRIVE UP,,,,,, THE COST,,, of building new plants so high and the time to approve the permits ,,,,so long,,,, that the utilitys simply give up trying,,, and burn FOSSIL FUELS this is starting to get ,,,VERY,,, exspensive and in my opinion will begin to cause great hardship amoung those who can no longer afford electricity ,,,if,,, this,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEHAVIOR OF DELAY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is not stopped. I have nothing against coal as an energy source but to maintain affordable electricity in places where smog is a problem we need nuclear power.

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    12. Ken Rhodes , Melbour says:

      We can compete with China if the minimum wage is rolled back to $ 0.00 ; poor people are tax exempt till they reach the poverty line [ including unfunded mandates like car insurance ], and the borders are secured fully .Property taxes must be based on income / assets and owners get to choose which local school gets the education money as a matter of religious liberty ; is there a lawyer in the house ?!

    13. ReCon USMC says:

      When anyone entering Politics' is nothing more than a spoiled rotten Harvard schooled Lawyer and Street activist . His idea's of Economics' simply comes from fellow Street Socialist Activist THEORIES AND THOUGHTS and they are .


      Oboma was well schooled that CAPITALISM IS WRONG AND SOCIALISM IS RIGHT .

      According to to Machiavelli , His Black Commuminist friend Brown in Hawaii …. Lenin , Marx and his mentor Saul A. in Chicago .

      You do what ever it takes to get elected and made the other man look like the imposture WHEN YOU WERE THE IMPOSTURE ALL ALONE .

    14. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      It appears this country is dead, but unburied, inspite of the democrat congress' attempts to fire up the bulldozers to cover up our remains and finding there is NO FUEL for them! Their plan has somewhat backfired on them! They find out they are in the same hole with us! DUH!!! And what is their next solution? Put a confirmed socialist in the white house!! NO SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST HAS EVER CREATED ANY JOBS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, except for GRAVEDIGGERS to bury the millions of people they killed. Maybe we should "allow" Obama the socialist to be elected so we can finally show the left for what it really is! Then we can get rid of Obama and the rest of the loony left in this country!

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