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  • Scenes From the U.S. House Floor

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow C-SPAN show what happened on the House floor on Friday, but thanks to YouTube you can catch a clip here:

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    33 Responses to Scenes From the U.S. House Floor

    1. @CoachDeb says:

      Free speech isn't always "easy" is it?

      Thank you for sharing this for the American people to see what's going on when others try to shut the lights out on you.

      Thanks to John Culberson tweeting on Friday – I was able to stay informed on what was going on in "Our House" all the way from Hawaii.

      Following http://Twitter.com/johnculberson
      Following http://Twitter.com/DontGo
      Following http://Twitter.com/petehoekstra

      to find the REAL news – FROM the People BY the People FOR the People

    2. @thetimediva says:

      Kudos to @CoachDeb for sharing this on Twitter. Watched O'Reilly on Fox and caught were they talked about shutting the lights out on the demonstrators.

      Thank goodness for You Tube…and the new media.

    3. ej cuyahoga falls, o says:

      Thank you for showing this appalling display by the democrats.

      Why no vote, Harry and Nancy?

    4. 7% Solution, Cardiff says:

      Pelosi can't silence the "new media"……. Here's to a million views.

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    6. dianne, greeneville, says:

      makes you want to bust out in a lee greenwood song, eh?

      my new hero is mike pence. keep fighting the good fight

      thanks to each of the members ad especially thanks for getting this out on the web. great work!!

    7. Steve, Lexington, SC says:

      Keep it up. Way to go!!!!

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    9. Lori, Philadelphia, says:


      Let the people's will be heard.

      Go GOP!

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    12. Alyce, California says:

      Despicable behavior by Pelosi and Reid (in PARTIC-

      ULAR, PELOSI!!). By exercising her ill-gotten power last Friday, causing an unprecedented event

      in "our house", she demonstrated her lack of con-

      cern for the people she's SUPPOSED to be working

      for. She's focused on HER power (and how to use it), and her pure hatred toward President Bush. News Flash, Pelosi–Take your thumb out of your

      mouth, pick up your toys and go home. We don't

      want to play with you any longer!!!!!! Kudos to our Republican Congressmen who are hanging in there, to fight and trying to get something done

      FOR US!!!! I'm so proud of them!!!!!!

    13. Alyce, California says:

      Despicable behavior, Nancy Pelosi!!!! Someone ought to explain to her, she was sent there to do

      what WE THE PEOPLE want done. Obviously, she thinks we are to do what SHE wants done– the title bestowed on her is SPEAKER, NOT DICTATOR of

      the House!!!!

    14. Bill,New Jersey says:

      My hats off to the republicans on this. Keep it up,these are the republicans WE have been looking for.DRILL HERE DRILL NOW!!!

    15. vicki, marco island, says:

      How can the Dems sleep peacefully at night? I'm praying they can't. And how can they, as the polls say, be picking up 60 seats next November?

      I am baffled at our stupidity.

    16. Christopher Conrad, says:

      As a disillusioned Democrat I agree that we need change and I implore every voter to change congress by voting all the democrats out of office and put in americans who care about our great nation!

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    18. Jim, Houston says:

      GOP is stringing us along. The real winners are the oil companies which ultimately control this debate with their $$$.

    19. Bernice Wosk Dulut says:

      This sincere action regarding energy and it's national security implications is the first encouragement that there really is leadership out there for conservative Americans!! YEA1

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    21. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Finally some republicans with some courage stood up against the "wicked witch of the West"! Sorry lunatic libs, you have been calling republicans names for years and time to fight fire with fire 1st and with votes 2nd! The liberals have put us right where we are and SHAME ON YOU CONSERVATIVES! Its all YOUR FAULT! You stayed at work rather than turned out to vote and you let these anti-American democrats: 1) try to destroy the American family; 2) replace GOD with "feelings"; 3) destroy all energy production in this country; make fun of all Christians and hide the truth about radical muslims;4)have people arrested for what they think!;5) give away ALL social security funds to immigrants who NEVER PAID A DIME INTO THIS FUND, AT THE EXPENCE OF AMERICANS!6) allow our health care system to be overwhelmed to the point of bankruptcy by illegal aliens, forcing the closure of so many hospitals and the loss of AMERICAN JOBS!;7) Clinton began the selloff of American defense contractors! American Companies! No wonder he demonized all American industry, he is for BIG GOVERNMENT which always means BIG TROUBLE for people who don't work for the government, in the form of BIG TAXES to support the payroll for IDIOTS, except for our armed forces, police and fire heroes, who are incidentally HATED by the democrats AND their NEWS MEDIA ACCOMPLICES!;8) Don't cut down those trees but give us a world COVERED in plastic bags and now they want us to pay 25 cents for them!;9) the ignorant theory of "man-made global warming"which was only designed to make ALGORE and a few of his henchmen RICH!!!! At our expence again! Everyone knows we have been in a cooling period for the last 7 years and if something is affecting the ice in the oceans or the coral reefs, TRY LOOKING UNDER THE THE OCEANS! DUHHHH!! There could be changes in temperature under the oceans that we can't even measure! There can be earthquakes a thousand miles down! 5 thousand miles down! And we probably would not even know it! We could go on and on about how the democrat party has been actively trying to destroy this country. NO TRUE AMERICAN WOULD BE A democrat these days. The dems have gone from liberal, to socialist, to communist(because they want GOD out of everything). Any fool can see this. This current crop of crooks we have in congress needs to be charged with crimes against the American People! They continue to stifle our economy, give our money away and hope they will be out of office and on down the road when their destruction of our country finally takes hold! If someone murders your daughter, you can't arrest the murderer's grand son fifty years later for the crime! Does every city in this country want to be just like San Francisco? I pray to God, NOT! The good people there have given up because they don't think they can do anything about the situation there, except leave. You folks better wake up and smell the congress!! It really stinks of dead brains, dead hearts there!

    22. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      If the old crop of republicans acted like the new crop, they would STILL BE IN OFFICE! Finally, some flashes of COURAGE in the face of that witch Pelosi, who must be run out of office along with that total embarrassment, Reid! All we need are the true conservatives back, republican or democrat or independent! Socialists OUT!

    23. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      If the republicans had turned off the lights and cameras just as Pelosi did, It would have been broadcast all over by every single network in this country. PROOF POSITIVE, we are all being led down the aisle of destruction! The left wing news media is into mind-control. There really is no argument to this fact.

    24. Irene Matthews says:

      I'm praying for you. Keep going! Our nation's security depends on independence from foreign oil!

      I have called and emailed Ms. Pelosi and requested (demanded) that she recall congress for a vote.

    25. Don, Chipley,FL says:

      This fiasco is the most blatant example of Democratic party "double speak" in recent memory! Remember Pelosi's promises about "hands across the aisle" House leadership? She forgot to mention that hand would be in a steel gauntlet. The Republican reaction was refreshing and inspiring! It's what we've been waiting and praying for–principled Leadership!

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    27. jono, iowa says:

      they don't want to vote because they are at least intelligent enough to know that more oil isn't the answer. we are at the worlds peak oil production, therefore, we are now running out. Oil will run out and we need to find different energy sources which are renewable. drilling will not produce oil for years, therefore will not affect our prices for years. Why does everybody think that drilling is going to solve our problems?

      Its ironic that so many are so upset about this-what do you think the repubs have been doing the whole term? dividing people, filibustering, and to top it off, vetoes and threats of vetoes from the president. he even vetoed legislation to give all children health care-what a 'compassionate' guy.

    28. jono, iowa says:


      who was arrested for what they think? surely you are not referring to many instances in our country (since bush took office) in which peaceful protesters have been arrested and held without charge? pretty nixon like! oh yeah, you probably won't believe me so do some research!

      You wonder why congress isn't getting anything done. look how divided it is and how people like you continue to perpetuate it with your hateful speech

    29. mike ,nicholasville, says:

      vote Nancy out!! America want drilling

    30. jono, iowa says:


      yes, the majority of americans want drilling, however it is because they have been fooled into thinking it is going to drop gas prices. well, even if offshore drilling does drop gas prices, it wouldn't be for years. There is no quick fix except for changing gas taxes or drawing directly from our national preserve. I think it is sad that this debate is even going on in our country. we know we need to wean ourselves from oil because it will be gone in the next 100 years. Do we really want to continue waging wars for a resource that is ruining our environment?

    31. Clay Stiles, Mentone says:

      The true shame of this is that the Republicans did not fight this hard for the energy policy when they controlled both houses and the White House. Why do they have to be out of power – when all they can do is produce a show – to fight for the things important to America! Why have they not fought this hard for reform of our abyssmal tax system? WHy have they not fought this hard for reform of the unfair and bankrupt Social Security System? Why have they not fought this hard for reform of the bankrupt Medicare System? This does not impress me! It is jousting with windmills! Nancy Pelosi continues her book tour – unaffected by this show. This may save the election – but I hope we learn from this that we have to fight for principle. When principle is involved – be deaf to expediency!

    32. Clay Stiles, Mentone says:

      Jono, Iowa

      The idea that we are at peak production of oil is just nonsense. Brazil and Mexico have just announced huge new oil fields. THe Arctic area may contain just as much. We are nowhere near peak production!

    33. Bryan, Nashville, TN says:

      WE need all of the above…Let us get our own oil to replace what we get from the Saudis. The mere mention of oil drilling here has had an impact on the prices at the pump. It might be as little as a year to get some oil from the OCS. It might be three years for some other sources. Five for others. The whole world is running on oil, and only the US is hamstrung by its environmentalist movement. Do you think Norway is moving away from oil? They would be a banana republic without it. China and India are turning in their bikes for cars and we are being told to embrace wind and solar. Show me a wind or solar car that will perform like a gas car and cost the same and I will buy one. Don't use the Uncle Sam to force this shit down my throat.

      That is communism, comrade. No, dems get the hell out of the way. We are Americans, we can fix this through good ol American ingenuity. Lift the bans, lift the regulation and the oppresive red tape of the communists and get out of the way and watch the real America do its thing. Go Nuclear, go natural gas, go tar sands, go coal gasification, go wind, go solar, go electric, go go go go go go….oh, and Nancy Pelosi, go to hell.

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