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  • Morning Bell: The People's House, Not Pelosi's Politburo

    This Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi again promised to use all her power to prevent the House from voting on any measure that would allow new oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Outer Continental Shelf. A majority of Americans support new oil exploration in these regions. Pelosi has tried to prevent the House from even debating whether or not to increase domestic energy production, but this past Friday a small group of conservatives took over the House floor after Democrats voted to go on a five-week paid vacation.

    After the vote to adjourn, 48 conservatives simply refused to leave, continuing to speak from the well of the House floor. The lights were turned off, the microphones were shut off, and the C-SPAN cameras were ordered to go dark, but the remaining members stayed to do the people’s business. Reporters were asked to leave the speaker’s lobby but the remaining conservatives escorted the press one by one to a press gallery directly above it. When Capitol Police closed the tourist galleries, the House members invited the visitors down to the chamber floor. A boy in the visitors gallery asked, “When do you think you’re going to get this vote?” Republican Policy Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) declared, “This is the People’s House. This is not Pelosi’s Politburo.”

    Asked Sunday why she refused to participate in a debate on increased domestic oil exploration, Pelosi said she refused to “mislead the American people as to thinking it’s going to reduce the price at the pump.” This is a common talking point for Pelosi and her global warming alarmist allies. And they almost always cite the same Energy Information Administration study that “any impact on average wellhead prices is expected to be insignificant.” But the left, as always, does not tell you the whole story. First of all, the study only looks at possible oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf. It does not even consider the combined impact of ANWR and Outer Continental Shelf oil production. Furthermore, the study only analyzes a possible Outer Continental Shelf ban lifting in 2012. Conservatives want to lift the ban today.

    But more importantly, the left simply does not understand how markets, particularly commodity markets, work. The purpose of commodity markets is to send signals to producers and consumers today about expected supply and demand conditions in the future. Since prices in commodity markets are set at the margins, even a small amount of expected increased future production can have significant price impacts today. Recently two authors submitted an article titled, “The Effect of Opening up ANWR to Drilling on the Current Price of Oil,” to The Energy Journal. The Journal’s editors replied:

    Basically, your main result (the present impact of an anticipated future supply change) is already known to economists (although perhaps not to the Democratic Policy Committee). … It is our policy to publish only original research that adds significantly to the body of received knowledge regarding energy markets and policy.

    In other words, the concept that anticipated increased oil production in the future can significantly lower prices today is so fundamental that new research proving the point is too redundant to be published. The EIA estimates that there is more than 31 billion barrels of oil in ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf combined. Compare that to just the 22 billion barrels of proven oil reserves the United States has today.

    More conservatives will return to the House floor again this morningto resume the debate on our energy future. Even Barack Obama has shifted has position and is now open to increased domestic oil exploration. Hopefully Pelosi will undergo a similar evolution.

    Quick Hits:

    • Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel Prize-winning Russian author whose books chronicled the horrors of dictator Josef Stalin’s slave labor camps, died of heart failure late Sunday in Moscow.
    • Iran failed to respond to a two-week deadline to give a yes-or-no answer to negotiations on dismantling crucial parts of its nuclear program.
    • According to the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, only four states — Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada — have had declines of more than 4% in home prices over the past year.
    • After deregulation democratized air travel, rising gas prices threaten to make flying a service for the affluent.
    • Barack Obama’s new Boeing 757 campaign plane was retrofitted to install four individual La-Z-Boy like chairs made of plush leather.
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    17 Responses to Morning Bell: The People's House, Not Pelosi's Politburo

    1. Elisabeth, Renton, W says:

      How Dare Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid treat the house as their own. Espcially after Ms. Pelosi made such a big deal about INTEGRITY, BI-PARTISANSHIP, AND CIVILITY. What planet are they living on that shutting microphones and lights off is considered civil. Every voice should be heard. That's what America stands for. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid as well as the other Democratic members of the house need to be recalled from their vacation by the President. Thank god for the Republicans in the house that remained in session and discussed the issues that affect the people of this great nation. I make $30,000.00 a year. I can barely afford to drive to work because of the high gas prices. I also cannot afford a hybrid that are going for well more than they are worth.

    2. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      "The Peoples House, Not Pelosi's Politburo"

      What a fantastic slogan, Conn. What a great example of saying a lot with a little. A simple phrase like this can rally people behind a cause. DD

    3. funkyconservative says:

      Do I sense that Dems are trying to "disenfranchise" their Congressional brethren and ultimately the American people? Hmmm, and to think that the Dems had exclusivity on being disenfranchised.

      The people are speaking, and the people will have spoken come November. You may be able to save the planet Nancy, but you won't be able to save your seat; no pun intended.

    4. Stephen in Ca says:

      Whos is really behind the anti domestic oil? Friend and neighbors here have enlighten me to exploding economies of the UAE countries. Who or how did we increase our dependance on them over the past few decades? Aside from the speaker left right conservative or lilberal is there not a bigger influence here. The Arabian influence trumps all in my opinion. Check out what American oil money pays for by either traveling to or simply googling about the UAE countries. With special attention to Dubai. After I really looked into this I came to the conclusion that they are the ones who really do not want domestic production to move forward nor a actual conservation and transit program.

    5. Steve Ca says:

      Lastly whomever addressed this serious outsourcing of American Captial to these hegemic nations with a plan to steer it back to the American economy could most certainly sway the public and take the election. Pullig back into the economy about one third of an estimated one to two trillion dollars can and most certainly would give a boost to the sagging domestic energy and transportation industries. Couple this with a decrease in dependance on oil via alternative fuels and technology we could turn this economy around in a short period.

    6. Susan, Texas says:

      The "People's House" is not just a great slogan but the truth: they work for the citizens of U.S.A. I am proud of those leaders that are continuing to speak and not adjourn. It seems that what Pelosi has done is illegal and not following the democratic process. How can she be allowed to continue?

    7. Vicki Eilenberger, L says:

      Another reason for Pelosi avoiding an up or down vote on energy is to protect Comrad Obama. If he had to vote on something now it could get sticky for him. He doesn't like to vote you know. Just look at his record. He has more 'Not Voted' next to his name in the senate than anyone else. If the House passed an agreement to drill here, drill now, it would go to the Senate. At that point Comrad O would be forced to vote up or down for or against something. Right now because he hasn't cast many votes no one knows what the heck is for.

    8. Eileen, Alabama says:

      Now, why would anyone be shocked by what the Democrats do, I’ve always expected them to think more about their party then America. This is also coming from a woman who lives in California, a state that refuses to allow drilling or energy plants and gets their energy from other states. They want to hold off making any decisions until Obama gets elected President. They don’t want President Bush to get any credit for coming up with alternatives or demanding drilling. It should be up to each state to make a decision about drilling and most have voted to do just that. But why should California receive the benefits of fuel by those states who do drill. I’m sorry but there are 49 (or according to Obama 56 states) other states and California should not received the benefits by taking their fuel and energy from other states. Let them get around by bikes and read by candlelight. While they are in the dark they can say thank you to the environmentalist for putting our Country in this predicament, because they want to save an insect.

      If people would stop and really think about this, technically the United States is currently paying for the war with Iraq on both sides. By purchasing our oil from the Middle East, we are providing the money for our enemies to fight us. It’s ridiculous but true. Nancy Pelosi believes that this is a monarchy and she’s the Queen. This woman has been on a power trip and it’s about time that we, the people, punch her ticket.

      Unfortunately, Americans are being held hostage by the democrats in Congress. We, as citizens of the United States, truly hold the power right now that Congress cannot take away from us (at least not at this moment). We can demand that they return and vote at this very moment or tell them they are no longer needed to represent constituents of your state in Congress.

      What people really need to do is throw out the party affiliations and have people actually vote for what is best for the Nation and its survival. I hate politics actually for this reason, THESE PEOPLE REPRESENT YOU in Congress and they are to vote on Bills based on what their constituents of their State and/or District demand that they vote. By ignoring what the public wants, (which based on the last polls 80% of Americans want the drilling) which means they are no longer representing you, their only representing themselves, which is not what’s in our Constitution.

      Unfortunately, I have lost all confidence in my fellow citizens and fear they will vote the wrong way and against the political candidate who will put the Country first instead of political rhetoric.

    9. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      I'm with you Susan. I was being genuine. I'm a big believer in the return of truthful political slogans. There's a place for them. They can be a powerful political tool. And I think this is a great one. I even emailed it & the link to one of my local congressmen [Culberson] who is there on the house floor. In the dark. DD

    10. Jolene, Dallas says:

      “The People's House, Not Pelosi’s Politburo”

      I agree with you, too, Susan. It is time the "Queen" be de-throned, impeached, removed, or whatever. It has felt like the American people are being held hostage.

      Congratulations and many thanks to the Republicans remaining on the floor of the Senate willing to do the people's business. You are the greatest!

      I personally think it is a disgrace and an insult to the American people that the Democrats have shut down the voting now for two vacations, just to keep from handling the energy situation. We need to Drill Here, Drill Now, and Pay Less. We also need to work on all the alternatives that President Bush has suggested for future energy.

      If you go to John Cornyn's web page, and pull up the speeches he made prior to this "house vacation" and the last vacation in July, he makes good points for the energy program. Excellent speeches!

      Pete Sessions has also addressed them on the energy situation. Mitch McConnell, and others. This has been going on so many weeks, it is hard to remember all of the good work that has been done by our Republican leaders; but believe me, I won't forget the work that was not done because of unwilling Democrats who want gas at the pump to be high prices, who want to tax us, who care more about being re-elected than about actually doing a good job, etc.

      On the White House News Page there is an excellent speech President Bush made at Lincoln Electric Company on August 2, 2008. Great speech – and, you get to read the whole thing without the liberal media smirking and cutting it off.

      It's time we take America back!

      Congress is suppose to work for us; not against us.

    11. Kyle, Texas says:

      Hey Heritage,

      Can you please remove the picture of that Enviro-Marxist Pelosi off the home page? If I have to look at it one more time I am going to smash my computer screen!

    12. Mir,Kansas says:

      I Thank God,and I Pray that our Repubicans Keep up the "FIGHT" our forefathers FIGHT agaist the one's who ONLY have their own interest at heart and NOT the "PEOPLE" as a whole. YES, this land was founded and the "LAWS & God" put here the to stand "for the people by the people" so it can stay FREE. And NO Freedom is Dose Not Come FREE!!

      So GET OVER IT ALREADY.. You don't like God or the Rules then LEAVE!Gay peole you can call it a Civil union, but it take God and a man & a Woman to make a Marriage so get over it.

      Not only God bless America!BUT these days I Pray and say GOD HELP America! Most of all those who Dam US need to be shot or put out! If your not for us,then your agaisnt us. As for RACE I am of RACE!I see so little done for the single low income mother's who do care and VOTE and rear their Childern to be Law biding people.Who go to school and are 3.9 to a 4.0 GPA.

      I have asked for help in places where other's have taken advantage of people like me and I have no money to take them to court. Even did the low income legal aid and they were tired of working with me because I demanned a better job done by them. So now they won't help.You be suprised how lazy they are and only want to do a halfass job. If I did that when I was working I would be FIRED! Because I "make them" do their job? I was not always this way I worked hard jobs, Men's Job's when Women were not doing those kind of job's in them days for over a total of 20yrs.I bought 19 rentals to set up my retirement. I use to be worth 1/4 of a mill. Till after my Twins and health promblems I had to let the husband take care of thing while I was in the hospitla he runined everything I worked for.He lost it all didn't pay the bills Then I was not good enough for the husband so a Divorce came.

      Still Blacks/Non-Americans have more right then I? I'm Puerto Rican and am a BORN American as well.

      I know what is it like to have thing NOT given in your favor or treated badly for I am not only a RACE I am WOMAN!I had to deal with sexual harrasment in the work force. But to no avail did anyone help me out when I try to get help for it. For I was NOT "DARK/Illegal ENOUGH".I'm so sick and tired of ALL the Cry babies in this land.I am a single Mom of 3 one is out of the home now training our troops on base. I'm on SSD and it's NOT easy on me. BUT I KNOW I can and will make it let it be by my means or of God!For this is what my Grandfather/Grandmother taught me.

      I wished I had it half as bad as those who claim too.Maybe I could get something done.T hose who come from "broken homes" I been there too.My dad was a drunk,he beat us and sexualy abused too but you dont see me "crying" like those others. Mom was a "oh poor me person"

      but it's YOU and ONLY YOU who keeps yourself down! STOP BLEAMING OTHERS!

      I'm tired of of "ALL" these so called Goodies tooshoes lieing most of them are Democrats,I'm thinking of YOU,Your Race, YOUR health,YOUR money. People who think they are doing or say they are doing for the good of US!Who all you find is their pockets are getting bigger. I use to be one then I GREW UP!

      Democrats..LOL.. Funny notice the word "RAT" in that word.It kills me! JFK and others well had thier time NO NOT ALL OF THEM ..just Most of them!Look at Teddy who else can kill a woman carring his kid and get away with COVER Up? Not counting all the other's out there.YES, there are everywhere.. So USE some common sence !!

      We Got rid of GOD in our School's and now in our home's so now it's hitting our foundation OUR GOVERMENT.. so there for there went Common Sence as well. When we dont have either one of those we are GONERS! FOR this is WHAT this Land was founded on!

      It's sicking.Look the dinosaurs they didn't drive or had All the "so called air or poputlations problems." They are gone and so are most of the plants from their time at least most of them. SO get over it.. the earth is going the way it is to be.Globle warming ha!! YES, we can HELP out some on the "mass of it" BUT when are you All going to learn the GOD is in charge and there is NOTHING you are going to do to stop it.We stiil have NOT made bulidings to with stand all Eartquake, Tornados, Floods, besides all the other things. So when are we going to see we are NOT the GREAT ONES!NO Country is!

      Like the "WEATHERMAN/WOMAN" they try to be right.. but most of the time they are not! What a job! Where else can you work and be wrong 70% of the time and get paid that good?

      #1:In this day and age of all the money hungry people in office,they before getting into office should have a lie detector test done on all who want to run for office.Go back to Radio to run no T.V.

      People are bad at "believeing all in their GOd the ALMIGTY T.V. Tihs way they will hear.. and not just go by looks!

      #2:Put everything to a Vote and let the majority of the people rule.

      #3:I know there are Propaganda's I been to Europe for 3.5 yrs. We all do, they have them as well as us. Also I know the health care plan they have over there. BELIEVE ME it is NOT the best.This is why most of them come here for HELP.."THINK". I want all those who think it is so dam good to go over and see what kind of care you get there. Live there 3 to 4 yrs and see how it "REALLY WORKS".

      #4: All Children who Graduate or drop out should be mandatory to do at leat 2 yrs. in the Service. This way they can learn to "Grow up" and if they didn't learn it at home, they will now.Nothing wrong with serveing your Country, Look what it gave YOU!

      #5: If your in jail send them to fight they think they are so dam tough.One's who kill send them to death. The day of DNA is here so get it done! Child rapist the same and let's call them what they are. Child Rapist Those who feel sorry for them and it was done to their family.if they want to fogive them or let them go. Make them sign a waver so if they get out or do it again they are held accountable as well. We are to forgive yes..BUT WE should NOT forget that God's job.We are NOT GOD.. that is up to him. GUESS WHAT? God even Jesus got mad..

      Ok..look it up!

      I guess I'll get off my soap box,just had to vent.. I know what my Grandfather fought the Spanish War and WWI and trained the troops for WWII.As well as many family memebers through out this USA we have ALWAYS fought wars.. it's even in the Bible there will Always be wars.. so it will never stop!My Grandfather.. He would roll over in his grave.KNOWING how our country is now.He was almost a 100 when he passed.

      Like any game.. life is about the same.

      If it's NOT working or it's getting worse.GO BACK TO THE BASICES!

      Start over. Not with how we treat people. For we have learned that much I believe, but at least some of the rules.As far as living and taking care of our own and HOME!




    13. jono, iowa says:

      Eileen Alabama-

      I think its quite ironic to compare Pelosi to a monarch, considering Mr. Bush has violated the law and shredded the constitution more so than any other president in history. I like that its okay for the republicans to filibuster and the president to veto legislation (legislation with bi-partisan support. by the way-we are in this mess of crap because we are driven by oil and its running out! The answer is not to go 'find' more. I thought we were supposed to care about the world/environment.

    14. jono, iowa says:

      Mir from Kansas-

      I think you should read the impeachment articles drawn up by Congressman Kucinich. http://www.kucinich.us
      you are complaining about ted kennedy-uhm, the president lied the country into war, which has killed now, more than 4,000 troops, and over 1,000,000 Iraqis. One more time: over 1,000,000,000 Iraqis. I am in no way sticking up for Mr. Kennedy and think that what he did is completely sick.

      furthermore, you seem to love god and our country so much, how can you be so hateful to others? This is the land of the free, which means people can choose their own religion. I know you live in the united states, but christianity isn't the only religion.

    15. Joe Lamb,Texas says:

      Hey jono, this is the land of free speech. Every person is allowed to express an opinion but to be credible no person is allowed to be wrong in their facts. Every thing your said is factually inaccurate and will not support your opinions. If anyone believes what Dennis Kucinich says, they will also be judged to be a fool.

      "The President lied." There is no proof.

      In your statement about love of country and religion you are clearly trying to stifle religious speech. You have a right to speak about religion but you do not have the right to try to silence another persons religious speech. The love of country is something you know nothing about. You hate America.

    16. jono, iowa says:


      how did you know i hate america without even knowing me? Wow, you sure are good! I was in no way trying to 'silence' anyones voice. I was just pointing out that there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state, i.e: no religion! But since you seem to support this administration you probably don't care much about upholding the law.

      Maybe YOU should check your facts, but you probably won't, so here you go: The bush administration blatantly misled the american public, stating we were in 'grave danger' and that sadam posed an 'imminent threat' as well as harboring al queda. Military officials who long had worked in the Middle East all agreed this was completely and utterly not true, so the president and his cronies formed a group, the white house iraq group. This group explicitly tried to 'find' information to support these claims, all which have been proven wrong and it has also been proved that the bush administration KNEW that the information they were spewing to the public was false. Lying your own country into war so that the bush administration and cronies could profit. heard of halliburton? If mr bush and his administration are so honest, why wouldn't they testify publicly about all of this? Hmmmmm…..weird isn't it. Oh yeah, and lets redefine torture so that the horrible atrocities that were being committed will soon be forgotten, not only that, so that they can keep occurring.

      If you honestly think that there is 'no proof' of the president and his administration lying, you really really really need to do some research. You see, I look at all different kinds of 'info' so that I hopefully can have a balanced look and then hopefully form the right opinion. If you sir, love this country so much, then why have you not looked into the facts? The information is out there, so go and find it. start with http://www.kucinich.us Don't you owe that to your country? or, are you like so many others who will just keep believing the lies and propaganda that the administration and right wing media spews out? i guess maybe i'm wrong and the 30% (if its even that high) of the rest of the country is right. Hey, you know what they say, ignorance is bliss!

    17. Pingback: politburo

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