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  • Monthly Archives: July 2008

    Defeating Terrorists in Pakistan

    Reports out of Pakistan indicate that the government’s peace deals with pro-Taliban insurgents in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan are falling apart amidst a new military offensive designed to secure the city of Peshawar. The government’s near-term objective is to push back the militants of a group called the Army … More

    Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

    Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran a pros and cons piece on nuclear power. The text debate was not an outright endorsement of nuclear energy, but it was another piece of evidence that America must get serious about nuclear energy very soon and start tackling the difficult questions. While the … More

    Drilling Now Can Lower Oil Prices Today

    Current Harvard economics professor and former chief economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan Martin Feldstein explains in the Wall Street Journal how announcing that the U.S. will allow oil development on currently banned lands, could lower oil prices right now: The relationship between future and current oil prices implies that … More

    These Are The 'Geniuses' We Want Protecting Our Border?

    Today’s David Brooks column details where the left’s campaign cash is coming from including “Goldman Sachs geniuses” “employees of the University of California” and “professionals, like lawyers and media types.” Brooks explains: “Over the past several years, the highly educated coastal rich have been engaged in a little culture war … More

    Morning Bell: The Tax Man Cometh

    Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1789, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” But although the outcome is always the same when the grim reaper visits, the punishment the tax man inflicts can vary widely. Since the early 1980s — after Americans rejected Jimmy … More

    Lithuanian Laurels for Lee Edwards

    For years, he worked tirelessly to tell the stories of the courage shown — and horrors endured — by the tens of millions who lived and died under tyrannical regimes. He honored those who resisted, those who were silenced and those whose names never would be known to the wider … More