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  • Monthly Archives: July 2008

    Morning Bell: Does Not Compute

    According to the non-partisan Annenberg Political Fact Check, Sen. Barack Obama’s tax plan would increase gross tax receipts by $103.3 billion in 2011 alone. That number by itself would make it the largest single-year tax increase in American history since World War II, and measured as a percentage of gross … More

    A Funny Bit of Entitlements Nonsense from the U.S. Navy

    Russell Beland is a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. His piece in the Washington Post over the weekend, “5 Myths About the Bust That Will Follow the Boom”, suggests the civilian leadership of the Navy may have too much time on its hands. In brief, Beland’s thesis is that … More

    What's the Matter With Jersey?

    A front-page Washington Post story reports today that there are $1.3 million people without health insurance in New Jersey. According to the Post, as a result of uninsured people receiving care without adequate reimbursement by the state, six hospitals have closed and half of those remaining open are operating at … More

    Nuclear Energy Gaining Momentum Worldwide

    While a strong divide remains among countries for support of nuclear power in the European Union, the overall public opinion is shifting in its favor. According to a recent survey by the European Commission, 44% of Europeans favor nuclear energy as opposed to only 37% in 2005. What is more: … More

    Tankosphere Today - July 7th, 2008

    Washington, D.C. Government Attacks Cheap Buses, Environment – OpenMarket.org Washington, D.C. recently tried to put cheap private buses out of business, by preventing them from picking up passengers anywhere but the inconvenient, forbidding location of L’Enfant Plaza… (tags: Regulation,) More on Randy Vanderhoof and Privacy – Technology Liberation Front More … More

    Once Upon a Time, Hollywood Helped U.S. Image Abroad

    On his recent trip to Eastern Europe (including Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania), Heritage foreign policy analyst Jim Phillips was struck by both the prevalence and the ultimate source of conspiracy theories about the United States. In an upcoming memo, he writes: In particular, young people cited the influence of … More

    Fighting the Battle of Border Security on Both Fronts

    The US has pledged $400 million to Mexico to help in the fight against drug and weapons smuggling and put a stop to an issue that often plagues the US-Mexican border at its source. However, in a recent Houston Chronicle article, Texas Sheriffs are criticizing the Merida Initiative because it … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    When the Miami Herald‘s Andres Oppenheimer interviewed Mexican President Felipe Calderon last week, he was surprised to hear Calderon defend NAFTA by stressing how abandoning the treaty would hurt the U.S.: Contrary to Obama’s claim that NAFTA has hurt American workers by moving U.S. jobs to Mexico, Calderón said that … More

    Women and the Illegal Workforce

    Women are again charging into what was once seen as a realm that was only populated by men—the illegal immigrant workforce. After a recent raid of a factory in Texas, where the majority of those detained were women, the Houston Chronicle published an article discussing this new trend. With heightened … More

    Morning Bell: Costs and Benefits in Iraq

    Yesterday the Associated Press reported that the last major remnants of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program had been dismantled in Iraq. This Saturday marked the end of a top secret two-week airlift of 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium from Baghdad to a Canadian uranium producer. Also removed earlier this year … More