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  • Monthly Archives: July 2008

    Tankosphere Today: July 31, 2008

    Anti-Arbitration Bills Moving Forward – Shopfloor.org The House Judiciary Committee yesterday reported out H.R. 6126, the Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act, which would vitiate pre-dispute arbitration provisions in nursing home contracts… Frank Bill Mandates Credit Rating Agencies to Repeat Subprime Mistakes – OpenMarket.org   Due to their failures in the … More

    A Re-Engagement in the ‘War of Ideas?’

    It is no secret that public diplomacy, a vital component of America’s strategic victory in the Cold War, has received inadequate attention in recent years. But, of course, we are still engaged in a war of ideas. Thus, the need for a public diplomacy which explains and defends our principles … More

    Liberals on Fantasy Island When it Comes to Energy

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that a new Public Policy Institute of California poll shows that, for the first time in 30 years, a majority (51%) of Californians support drilling off the coast of California. Responding to the fact that a majority if her constituents disagree with her on … More

    Will the U.S. Become the California of Energy?

    Earlier this year the Los Angels Times reported on a nationwide effort by environmental groups like the National Resources Defense Council to shut down all construction of all coal power plants everywhere in the United States. The group claimed they had stopped 65 plants from coming online. But coal is … More

    Pelosi Trying To 'Save Planet' at Expense of U.S. Economy

    Today’s New York Times carries a story titled “Strong Economy Propels Brazil to World Stage” and reports: It has greatly diversified its industrial base, has huge potential to expand a booming agricultural sector into virgin fields and holds a tremendous pool of untapped natural resources. New oil discoveries will thrust … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    This week’s collapse of the Doha Round of World Trade Organization talks was a historic defeat for free trade and will unfortunately probably have negative effects around the world for years to come. The Wall Street Journal reports today: The failure of the talks isn’t likely to have big effects … More

    When Congress Fails

    The ‘dean’ of Washington punditry, The Washington Post’s David Broder, has an absolute beaut today on the creation of the National Housing Trust Fund. In an op-ed titled “When Congress Works” Broder writes: If you were to ask Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd — the principal architects of the … More

    Morning Bell: Enforcement Works

    Liberals and their pro-amnesty allies in the White House always try and frame the debate over illegal immigration as a binary choice: either we grant illegal immigrants already here citizenship or we spend massive resources forcibly deporting them. A study released yesterday by the Center for Immigration Studies provides more … More

    Why Earmarks Matter

    In the clip below The American Prospect’s Mark Schmitt claims that “earmarks have nothing to do with anything” and “you could eliminate all the earmarks and not save a dollar because all they are are streams of existing funding.” If congressional earmarks occurred in a legislative vacuum, Schmitt would be … More

    Tankosphere Today: July 30, 2009

    Accounting Reform – The Next Right As the crush of entitlement obligations worsens, this would be a very valuable message for the Right to begin trumpeting…. (tags: Entitlements) Treating Angelenos as Children – Cato-at-Liberty law that would prevent fast-food restaurants from opening in South Los Angeles neighborhoods was unanimously approved … More