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  • Liberals on Fantasy Island When it Comes to Energy

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that a new Public Policy Institute of California poll shows that, for the first time in 30 years, a majority (51%) of Californians support drilling off the coast of California.

    Responding to the fact that a majority if her constituents disagree with her on the issue, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) told the Chronicle: “The appropriate question is if you knew you could get more energy from efficiency and clean technologies such as solar, wind and geothermal, would you rather do that or drill along our pristine coast and risk harming a multibillion-dollar tourism, fishing and recreation economy.”

    According to the Energy Information Administration less than 1 percent of our nation’s energy comes from solar, wind, and geothermal sources. Oil and natural gas, which are what could be developed if Sen. Boxer voted the way her constituents wanted her to, produce 62% of our nation’s energy. There is simply no way our nation’s energy needs can be met through new wind, solar, and geothermal sources alone.

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    6 Responses to Liberals on Fantasy Island When it Comes to Energy

    1. WALTERC, WYOMING says:

      The real appropriate question should be "if you knew you could avoid walking to work and living in the dark by telling your elected officials to drill here, drill now and quit sending money to people that hate us, would you do it?"

      BTW California, how's those rolling blackouts coming along?

    2. Ent, Urbana, IL says:

      Liberals such as Ms. Boxer always fail to factor in the drawbacks of the alternative energy sources which have their own risks and environmental impacts. They focus on the negatives of so-called fossil fuels and the postives of alternative energy sources, while ignoring the positives of fossil fuels and negatives of alternative energy sources.

      It's pretty clear that liberals are not interested in an objective analysis of what is the best way to meet the country's energy needs. The real agenda is not about energy at all. It's about power, but not energy.

      The main reason that oil has become the world's primary energy source is that it is so dang easy to harvest and so low in impact. Just pump it out of the ground, refine it a bit, and you have instant, reliable, clean energy. If a more practical, economical energy source is found, it will surely replace oil. Unless you have government interference in the marketplace that prevents it. And government interference in the marketplace is, of course, part and parcel of any liberal energy policy.

    3. Chuck Sherman Oaks, says:

      Considering that only the wealthy Dems in California can enjoy the coast as they own the land ther (there are coastal acceses for the peons) and that the fishing industry is all but dead because of "marine sanctuaries" Babs continues to show how much out of touch she is with her state. She does, however, know where her money comes from. Do not mess up the view for her hollywood elite celebs who happen to own the homes on the coast.

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    5. JohnHolliday, CA says:

      The Wicked Witch of the West has always been on the wrong side of every issue. When those mud-sucking fish were in danger because the water level in the lake was low from the farmers irrigating their fields, her claim was, "Who speaks for the fish?" So, the farmers suffered.

      This type of stupidity is what you get when you have direct election of senators. U.S. senators should be chosen by counties. No, not by representative districts, they change to meet the prevailing winds. Each county gets one vote. If you win the popular vote in that county, you get its vote. This way, each senatorial candidate will have to campaign in every county rather than just the major metropolitan areas, as they do now. Also, Modoc County will have just as much say as does LA County. Which is what it should be for a senator that is supposed to represent the entire state.

      Can you imagine Barbara Boxer trying to sell her snake oil to 500 voters in the tri-county Grange Hall?

    6. Joanne, Ca says:

      Gee, thinking of wind power and defacing nature, how many people have driven through the appropriate California passes and noticed all the windmills. They are a lot harder on the eye for a greater distance than any of the drilling areas in Los Angeles. Even Signal Hill at its worst was only a

      small area compared to the area the wind farms take up. And the wind farms stand out for miles and miles.

      Screw the ANWR tundra or the pristine coastlines which are much less likely to be seriously damaged now with modern technology. We've already demonstrated that the econuts really don't care. They allowed the wind farms because their bluff was called. Wind farms are works than anything we intend to do off the coasts or in ANWR.

      The real goal is to reduce the US to poverty with a Communist government. Please, people, don't let 'em do it.


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