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  • Energy Policy for the Long Haul

    Though still facing an uphill fight in the current Congress, the recently introduced American Energy Act is an important bill because it keeps up the pressure for sensible steps to bring down high energy prices. Regardless of its chances for success in 2008, this bill’s pro-energy provisions – opening up some of the vast energy-rich offshore and onshore regions that are off-limits and removing other federal impediments to more domestic supplies – are important for the long-term. In fact, the environmental activists can teach their pro-energy counterparts a thing or two about stick-to-itiveness.

    Nearly every major environmental law, including the ones that are contributing to today’s high energy prices, was several years (if not a decade or more) in the making. Activists persisted, even during times like the Reagan years when very little of their agenda was likely to get enacted. But they slowly made progress in winning people over to their side, or at least in wearing the opposition down, and eventually got the laws they wanted.

    If this works for bad ideas, it should also work for good ones, like increased domestic energy supplies. Keeping this debate alive has not yet accomplished anything legislatively (the Congressional leadership is doing all it can to avoid having to vote on such measures), but is already winning over the public who strongly support new drilling. With persistence, these ideas will win out – now if possible, but later if not.

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    2 Responses to Energy Policy for the Long Haul

    1. Rik, Omaha says:

      I am a conservative, but it really doesn't matter what your convictions are or who the next President is. He is in for a tough time and so are we all. And we or the President or Congress won't be able to do very much because we are broke, tax receipts are going down, and inflation will be raging in 09. Most of challenge and inability to work out of this problem is tied to the energy situation we are in and the lack of an energy policy that makes common sense.

      Seems as though a simple, quick, straightforward energy policy could look something like this:

      - On the savings side lets cut consumption by driving more efficiently (slower take off, lower ramp up rpms, lower overall speed). Add riders to vehicles however possible (3 passengers in a Suburban beat the passenger mileage/ effieciency of 1 in a Honda Civic). Encourage, incent, and promote with contests everywhere. Sell everyone on reducing our dependence on others and saving America. Throw in new energy efficient light bulbs, turn off all the microwave / tv / electrical appliance, etc. lights immediately. Lower thermostats in winter and summer by 2 degrees. Encourage walking, biking, electric golf carts, and go for it. Should be worth 12-18% overall drop in energy use with NO impact on the economy.

      - Provide tax credits, cash incentives, contests, etc. for new battery technology, hydrogen fuel, better ethanol products, cheaper ways to extract shale, and all the rest.

      - Go for both short term and long term strategies for energy independence.

      Short Term (12-25 years)

      - Drill for oil everywhere.

      - Figure out shale oil issues and price support. Pay ourselves is better than wealth transfer.

      - Clean Coal as fast as possible.

      - 50 more nuclear plants in key areas within 12 years with waste calculated. Shoot into space if necessary. Jupiter a good spot.

      - Go for it with wind and solar and will be 20% in 25 years.

      - Accelerate hyrdrogen for cars.

      - Go into warp drive with natural gas / propane for everything possible.

      - Use ethanol to the extent possible and pay ourselves if necessary to keep money in U.S.

      - Make everything more efficient as fast as humanly possible.

      Long Term: (15-40)

      Wind and Solar – Hopefully up to 20%

      Hydrogen – Fuel of the future.

      Nuclear – Fuel of the present and future

      Batteries – 15 years for effective power/storage

      Clean Coal – Here today

      Shale Oil – Here today

      Natural Gas – Here today

      Hell, lets just do it all and do it as fast and effectively as we can. Even if the cost is 20-40 trillion the money can stay in our treasury, much will go to taxes and we get back to where we need to be.

      Global Warming issues fine, but nothing for everyone to rally around. Saving our economy, our people, our livelihoods, our health, and the environment will get people focused quickly. We all need to lose weight, live healthier, and breathe better air and now is the time to develop a common sense, simple, environmentally friendly (longer term but solid on this one).

      Citizens of all persuations and beliefs can rally around a policy that puts us on track to grow and prosper……

    2. Dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Issues that need to be addressed;1) When Bush mentioned "evil dooers" he left out the democrats in congress. 2) anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that "man-made global warming" is a silly THEORY and in no way should additional taxes or carbon credits or anything else be put on the backs of hard working Americans. 3) we are not "asking" these backwards democrats to start drilling now and everywhere there is oil, we are "TELLING" them to do it NOW or we will toss you out in the street and we won't wait 10 years to do it! 4) failure to drill and use every resource we have to become completely energy dependent, and SOON, will negatively effect EVERY segment of our society, causing massive increases in prices across the board so less is actually purchased then less produced and sold, so less profit and all of a sudden NO REVENUE TO IRS! 5) time to realize Democrats are anti- American and they throw around the term neo-con as if they actually know what that means! A testament to how dumb they really are.6)An award to Michael Savage who had the intelligence and the courage to point out "liberalism is a mental disorder"! Proof? Anyone who forces everyone else to live by "theories" rather than facts and the truth with some common sense thrown in, is touched in the head! Any liberal college professor and people like Ann Lamott are well spoken "IDIOTS"! It is impossible for them to see the whole picture and come up with an objective conclusion. Any liberal can be defeated by a conservative in a debate by a simple exposure to the truth, which a liberal will never acknowledge because their brain won't let them. That is why they are dangerous to the health of our country. Did socialists help the USSR, Cuba, North Korea? Americans better start standing up to the non-sense going on. Time to support our troops, our police force, and get rid of college professors who want to teach their own polical agendas rather than subjects, which they are paid to do AND they need to be held accountable so they are subject to being FIRED like all of us in the private sector who must be productive or lose our jobs. WE DON"T HAVE TENURE! Thank You!

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