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  • Rising Oil Prices Affect Militaries

    How far would you go to save money at the gas pump? Would you calculate the precise amount of fuel required for the daily commute? Would you remove the air conditioning system, extra seats and other unnecessary weight from your car that lowers MPG? If your gas bill were $4.7 billion per year and rising, you might.

    This is exactly what the Air Force is doing to save on staggering fuel costs. Fighter jets aren’t modeled after the Toyota Prius. An F-16 can consume up to 28 gallons per minute, so it’s no surprise that aviation fuel composes 82% of the Air Force’s total energy bill.

    Fortunately, the measures taken to reduce military fuel consumption are not yet compromising U.S. national security. A projected savings of up to $58 million annually shows that these immediate efforts are valuable in terms of both cost and environmental efficiency. However, long-term solutions to the underlying issue of foreign oil dependency remain to be determined.

    For now, the Air Force is experimenting with a synthetic blend of oil-based fuel and natural gases in order to further reduce oil consumption.

    Other nations are affected by global price increase and have responded differently. South Korea’s new policy is particularly concerning. High energy costs may compromise South Korea’s strength by trading in gas-consuming military exercises for the less effective but less expensive simulated version. In an ever-constant position to respond to conflict with North Korea, a weakened military in the South could encourage aggression in the North.

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    2 Responses to Rising Oil Prices Affect Militaries

    1. I think you should post more often, I have enjoyed this so far. Added to my reader. SusanO

    2. Frederik Engel, Redd says:

      Your rising oil price comments are right on target, but I would like to see someone address all members of Congress about their cardinal role in creating the Air Force's typical problem. May be something along the following lines might get their attention:

      To all Members of the United States Congress

      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      The current price of gasoline at more than $4.00/gallon could be a stake in the heart of the US and other World economies. As far as the USA is concerned we all know why this untenable condition has developed.

      The answer is: the unwillingness of the US Congress to dig into the facts behind the so-called "global warming" issue together with a lack of foresight and resolve to put the country's welfare first. Instead to me, as an ordinary citizen, the whole Congressional performance on the subject of environmentalism and energy independence has been irresponsible, unjustified, extremely costly and frightfully misleading to the public. Not to speak of grossly unfair to the economy and large segments of the energy industry which have often been hamstrung by the Congress's frequently petty and unjustified criticism of and obstructions to the industry's constant need to upgrade, expand and improve their energy delivery systems.

      An expanding population and a growing economy, notwithstanding constant improvements in using energy more efficiently, do require increasing energy supplies as a consequence. Because energy is the most abundant commodity in the universe it is a bit ludicrous that the US Congress has managed to create the current condition by refusing our very competent energy industry to do what every thinking American wants them to do, namely to increase the supply of all forms of energy and particularly from local resources of which we have a great abundance!!

      But the Congress's irrational enchantment with the agendas of many environmentalist groups and global warming adherents, who actually want to reduce the whole United States to a much more modest political status in the world, has now caused the President of the United States to have to go to the Middle East, hat in hand, to beg for more oil, only to be refused.!! This is the most embarrassing event any President and this country has had to deal with as a result of Congressional petulance and incompetence. All Americans should feel embarrassed and very angry.

      As far as I am concerned, those among you who favored the recent cap-and-trade bill and similar anti-growth and anti-energy independence options should reflect upon the consequences of your acts, because they are deeply harmful to our great country in my opinion.

      You were elected to uphold the Constitution and whenever complex issues are presented to you, it is incumbent upon you to inform yourselves thoroughly, based on the best available relevant scientific and other data, before you cast a vote. Many of you have not done so, but instead you have indulged yourselves in feel-good and personal preference grandstanding, just to please some activist group or other. But you seem to have forgotten that the country's security and economic health are your first responsibilities, everything else is secondary.

      While many activist groups may well mean well and should not be condemned, there are a few that have managed to produce the most outrageous stories of gloom and doom which have been taken up by media and politics as serious causes, thereby diminishing all others, such as the position of the USA in the world and its economic future.

      Notwithstanding what you may have been told by your staff, media or colleagues, mankind is not changing the world's climate, period. Nature itself is. We may contribute in a very minor way to what are basically natural climate drivers, but we, the people, are NOT the cause. Too many among us seem to behave with the arrogance and ignorance of impressionable teenagers, which attitude then results in the adoption of irrational new laws, rules and regulations, which no sane country would accept.

      In my opinion, many of you have failed in your basic responsibilities to the country and its Constitution, as must now be obvious to even the most passionate and uncritical among you and as a result you have not acted and operated as wise leaders. There is really no excuse for that, certainly not as our elected representatives who should play by the good and constructive rules of politics and not the nasty, partisan and personal preference maneuverings we have seen for far too long. Strict term limits are still needed, it seems.

      Because you alone have the power to correct our current energy situation, it is my respectful recommendation that you take immediate action by changing the rules of operation of the EPA and all other relevant agencies. Those agencies should be commanded to aid and assist the energy industry so it can do its job with alacrity. Environmental consciousness today is far superior to what it was 50 years ago, so there need be little worry about abusing nature.

      Obviously, the consequences of such an intelligent and courageous act would have a salutary and immediate effect on the value of the dollar and the world price of oil. Isn't that what we all want?


      Frederik Engel

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