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  • Do You Want Your Mortgage Payments Funding Voter Fraud?

    There are so many terrible parts of the housing bill being debated again in the Senate this week, but we’ll follow the lead of the Wall Street Journal and focus on just one: “affordable housing allocations.” We’ve documented before how groups like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) have been trying to establish a fund like this for decades and the WSJ details how the current versions of both House and Senate bills would accomplish this:

    Mr. Dodd creates an annual tax of 4.2 basis points on the mortgages that Fan and Fred purchase each year. Initially this money will go to finance losses resulting from the bill’s bailout of refinanced mortgages. But by 2012 most of the cash from this tax will be directed to the new “affordable housing” funds. Mr. Frank applies a 1.2 basis-point tax on the value of all the loans Fan and Fred hold or have guaranteed, to collect roughly the same amount of money. The annual windfall here could amount to more than $600 million at the start, growing to perhaps $1 billion or more, depending on how fast the companies grow.

    Democrats claim the bill has ample protection against money going for electioneering and lobbying, but it will surely go to activists who promote ever-more taxes and spending. We see nothing in either the House or Senate bills to prevent money from flowing to Acorn, the left-wing activist outfit that was infamous for its bare-knuckle politics even before eight of its employees pleaded guilty in April to election fraud in St. Louis.

    Michelle Malkin notes that ACORN has also been busy in Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) home state. From the Las Vegas Journal Review:

    ACORN, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, claims to have collected 60,000 new voter registrations in Clark County since February. The group, which works to promote the interests of lower-income people, is aiming for 100,000 by Labor Day.

    Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said he has never seen such a deluge. “The biggest year we ever had was 2004. That year, we processed almost 300,000 (voter) applications — 291,000, to be exact. We’re running double that rate right now.”

    Lomax said while he supports the goal of getting more people registered to vote, he sees rampant fraud in the 2,000 to 3,000 registrations ACORN turns in every week.

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    21 Responses to Do You Want Your Mortgage Payments Funding Voter Fraud?

    1. josh says:

      Argh, when will people get that turning in voter reg cards with bad info isn't fraud!

      if a paid canvasser fills out bad info so they can get paid it defrauds ACORN and poses ZERO threat a free and fair election since fake people don't show up on election day!!!

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    3. Andy, Pearl River, N says:

      The burden on elections officials of dealing with the garbage that ACORN canvassers submit threatens free and fair elections by itself. It may not be fraud but it sure ties up the people that would normally be investigating fraud.

    4. Steve, Austin, Texas says:

      Fake people DO show up to vote in elections…so do DEAD people. Read your history of elections in Texas. It's reported to be how LBJ got elected to Congress!

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    7. josh says:

      The 'burden' on election officials should be to ensure that the maximum number of people eligible to vote are on the rolls for e-day.

      This could all be solved if we did away with the arcane system we have now that even requires voter-reg and adopted a system like Canada's where all you need to do to vote is show up with government id and a recent utility bill showing you live in the district.

      But I guess that would hinder republican voter-caging programs against low income and black voters so… you know… never mind.

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    9. Chicago says:

      Voter fraud has been standard in Illinois for decades and reported. That's way dems control and corrupt Illinois and we have the highest taxes in the nation. Obama had/has good teachers. Local grassroots offer jobs paying $26K to get Obama elected. Why can't we prevent voter fraud using fingerprints to register & vote?

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    12. Lisa says:

      After getting certified copies of each county's election results from 2006 in Oregon we found thousands of people who voted that were listed as being born on 11/11/1111 and thousands of people receiving several ballots addressed to them at the same address from several different counties. Check out the youtube press conference from December 2007 entitled "vote by Fraud". You see there are no neighborhood polling places in Oregon the entire state votes by mail in ballot allowing anyone to vote as many times as they wish to fraudulently register.

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    15. NEAL RASMUSSEN says:


    16. jeff hamera says:

      ACORN is more than a problem with elections they are communist in sheeps clothes.

    17. Russell Hamner, Plan says:

      It is not so much do you want mortgage payments funding voter fraud as it is do you want your mortgage payments funding people who hate capitalism and love communism,

      Socialists Claimed France (1981)

      On May 10, François Mitterrand was elected as France's first socialist President since the 1930s. It was Mr. Mitterrand's third attempt to win the presidency, and his decisive victory over conservative leader Giscard d'Estaing was attributed to his success in uniting left-wing parties, including Communists, in his support. In subsequent general elections, the Socialist Party won nationwide, giving the political left-wing unprecedented control in France.

      (Taken From: Webster's World Encyclopedia 2002.)

    18. Howard says:


      I, like many Americans believe that character, honesty, and integrity really do go to the foundation of who the next president should be.Obama is ahead in the polls because Obama is dramatically outspending McCain with television advertising … he has a biased media in the tank, who provides him with more and better exposure, and editorial endorsement … Obama has 96% of the black vote … he enjoys the relentless support of a completely biased entertainment industry, plus the left wing educational community, plus massive illegal, or unethical fund raising, and voter registration drives, by groups like Acorn … not to mention the fact that thanks to democratic propaganda, McCain has to carry Bush's weight. At this point in time, many Americans are also beginning to question the validity of the POLLS. Are they skewed, like the biased media? Do they truly reflect reality? Are the sample groups mostly black voters? If the Democrats are so sure they've already won, how come they keep trying so hard to make the rest of us believe it? Just like they did against Hillary! There is a good chance that if we can keep voter fraud out of this election, that on November 4th, the actual voters, in the privacy of their booths, will elect McCain/Palin, by a comfortable margin.

    19. Bill Bordeaux says:

      Anyway you slice it, it comes right back to basic communism. Saul Alinsky (The Red) Obama and Hillary worship this low life treason filled dirt bag.

      Your country is slowly being stolen from you while you work seven days a week to make ends meet.

      The democratic party had 800 million in the bailout bill to give to ACORN! This is high treason!! The rats have to be removed from congress before they totally destroy the country.

      Obama gave ACORN 800k dollars. Come on boys and girls open your eyes.

      You will not have a country if obama is elected.

      He is getting millions of dollars from Iran and it is all because the Iranians thinks obama will kick Israel to the curb! Israel does not need obama. Iran is feeding the thief you are trying to elect. Satan! Israel will totally eradicate Iran if the wrong moves are made.

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    21. Tim says:

      Ah! This is perfect! Thanks for dispelling severalsome

      misunderstandings I have seen about this lately.

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