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  • Women and the Illegal Workforce

    Women are again charging into what was once seen as a realm that was only populated by men—the illegal immigrant workforce. After a recent raid of a factory in Texas, where the majority of those detained were women, the Houston Chronicle published an article discussing this new trend. With heightened border control and visa regulation, many men are finding it harder to come to the U.S. to work and then return home to their families in their native countries. Hence, many are now bringing their families with them. A noticeable increase in smuggling fees has also been cited as a reason that is keeping illegal immigrants here and many continue working illegally hoping to one day be granted amnesty. No longer is there a transient mentality to illegal immigration, rather one of permanence. With that illegal immigrants are now forming their families her in the U.S., raising the issue of birthright citizenship and the question of whether the children of illegal immigrants should be granted U.S. citizenship solely because they were born on American soil.

    In a Heritage publication, Making Citizens: The Case for Patriotic Assimilation, Dr. Matthew Spalding discusses the issues that surround the concepts of assimilation and naturalization in the United States. Immigrants have always been welcomed to the U.S. and it was the belief of the Founders that once here they should by made into citizens. However, the process of becoming a citizen was never immediate or without conditions; it was believed that immigrants must be educated in American principles and interact with the current citizens in order to develop an appreciation and knowledge of our country and how it works. Hence, came the concept of the residency requirements, naturalization tests and renunciation of previous allegiances. The growing establishment of illegal immigrant families, mixed with children receiving birthright citizenship, raises hard questions about whether assimilation can work is such an environment.

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    8 Responses to Women and the Illegal Workforce

    1. dave, laguna niguel, says:

      Our environment is exactly what we as Americans make it to be. Our immigration policy needs only one thing, "ENFORCEMENT"! This is our country, we set the rules, it worked for years until our government started to ignore our laws. When the hard times come, as now, we have millions of illegals sponging off our welfare system, our social security system, our workers comp system, our disability system, etc, all there bought and paid for by American taxpayers who suddenly discover that every system they paid for is depleted of funds by people who never paid a dime into them! People who were actually taught how to take money out of our bank without making any deposits! Thank you liberals! As Americans all we have ever wanted was fairness.Put money in and take it out if needed. But not the liberals who say lets just give it all away! And then the liberals accuse the government of printing more money to pay for all the social programs! DUH!? The American taxpayer is already over-burdened with federal, state, local, sales, fica, state disability,property taxes already! Where the heck else is the money going to com from? Our children of course!They will pay for all the excess spending, the absolute give away of our country by the renegade government we have and have had for years, a government which shows nothing but disdain for American taxpayers. Liberal George Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy?! Pulleeze!

    2. Luis, Houston says:


      "Illegal immigrants put 20% of what lies in our current social security system, and 15% of what the government spends on public institutions."

      Don't blame the immigrants, blame the republicans who need to satisfy their big business campaign funders, and liberals who don't care about anything that they can't bash Bush with.

      Enforcement, I agree. But the only thing to do with over 12 million immigrants now, is to fix the system to where they put that much more into our government's budget.

    3. zeezil, NC says:

      There is no longer any need for immigrants to assimilate because of the 'PC mandated diversity/multiculturalism' mindset that has been instilled by pressure on our government and institutions by liberal demagogues and advocates. We can't even get our spineless government to declare English as our national language because that could offend some 'minority', nationality or culture. I would argue that though the individual immigrant may not be so much different than those of the past, the difference between then and now is the massive welfare programs we have set up that they can access and the huge network of facilitators that keep them comfortable within the culture of the nation from which they departed.

      Illegal aliens are very aware of the smorgasbord of benefits awaiting them in America. That’s why they come. They are also aware of what companies hire illegal aliens in the areas they decide to locate. Advance knowledge is provided ala the multitude of ‘Invader Advocate Groups’ and is an ongoing process once the illegal arrives. The illegal alien advocate network is a coordinated amalgam of groups that aid illegals in getting jobs, assist them in housing, direct them in enrolling their children into our schools, advise them on utilizing our hospitals for their medical care, advise them and aid them in filling out the paperwork to access public benefits such as welfare and food stamp programs. Do you actually think that 20 million plus illegal aliens could come here, blend almost seamlessly into our society and operate effectively and with impunity without a massive network of family ties, ethnic allegiances and a multitude of support groups including foreign consulates on American soil? Think I’m off base? Then think of just this one example: When have you ever heard of a raid on illegal employment locations without an immigration lawyer or a multitude of lawyers (including those from the ACLU) and “immigrant aid” groups showing up so fast to represent the illegals that the raid is not even over before they are demanding rights for, compassion for and access to their “clients”? The latest advice they have been dispensing to illegals is to not cooperate at all (say nothing) to ICE. That way, the advocate groups can coach the illegals during their “client” access period in what they should to say to the feds.

    4. Mark,houston says:

      Mr.Carafono , what the houston chronicle(or "barnicle, as we call it in houston) dosn't go into is the several hospitals in houston that have gone bankrupt , or the several inner city schools that are not making the grade . these examples have been proven results of the illegal immigration issue . I'm a skilled laboror and i've spent alot of time talking with illegals(the ones that can speak english) and let me tell you , they have no desire to be a part of the american dream . they are here strictly for the benefits that our coountry has bestowed on them , that's it . you speak of assimilation , how can they assimilate when our own schools are teaching classes in spanish . how can they assimilate when the local media promotes this type of behavior? how can they assimilate when they are not asked to by the local governments ? Houston has a very diverse population and the vast majority assimilate into the color and culter of houston and texas exept our latin guests , and for the ones that do assimilate , why don't you ask them how they feel about illegal immigration . face it , our local , state and federal governments have sold us out !

    5. Mark,houston says:

      Mr. Carafano , have you ever wondered why the"houston chronicle" has never done a story on how Mexico treats it's illegal immigrents on it's southern borders ?

    6. julie2008 says:

      now a days women are doing a illegal work in their owner place.this act was extending in large number.it will affect the public.the enforcement is very essential.

    7. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

      The Republican Party under G.W. Bush has allowed our Nations sovereignty to be violated in a very serious way. And they will pay a dear price for that come 11/4/08. The globalist mindset has severely damaged the GOP and it will be difficult for them to recover from this self inflicted wound.

      Our Nation may never recover as a result of this massive breach of our southern border.

      The one chance we have is that the I-9 process be ruthlessly enforced with millions of ss mismatch letters sent to employers with a demand of resolution within 30 days – or face possible jail time. Millions of jobs (for illegals) would evaporate and most illegals would simply pack up and head back to their mother country. A huge portion of this problem would be solved in a relative short period of time.

      But I don't see either McCain or Obama implementing such a program. Our best chance for that has passed us by – should have been done over the past 7 years. Instead "W"/K.Rove spent their time pandering for the "way over rated" Hispanic vote, selling off our sovereignty for a pathetic few votes. Did a lot of good on 11/7/06 didn't it?

    8. dpolar, southern cal says:

      My mother was an immigrant from a South American country and it completely floors her that of all the people immigrating to this country, legal or not, only the Latin and South Americans refuse to assimilate. She once told me, "This is not your country of origin, this is your gracious host, so you'd better speak the host's language. If you moved to France, I expect you to learn to speak French." You can bet that were Americans moving to other non-English speaking places, those countries would not be nearly as accomodating as we are.

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