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  • Free Trade Fact of the Day

    When the Miami Herald‘s Andres Oppenheimer interviewed Mexican President Felipe Calderon last week, he was surprised to hear Calderon defend NAFTA by stressing how abandoning the treaty would hurt the U.S.:

    Contrary to Obama’s claim that NAFTA has hurt American workers by moving U.S. jobs to Mexico, Calderón said that the free-trade deal has brought about more investment, and better-quality products and lower prices for consumers both in the United States and Mexico. He immediately addressed the possible consequences of a renegotiation of NAFTA for the United States.

    Big U.S. companies such as General Motors, which have plants in Mexico from where they export car parts to the United States duty-free under the NAFTA deal, would have to pay import duties for their supplies if the trade agreement were revised. That would not only increase car prices in the United States but make it harder for U.S. automakers to sell their vehicles in Europe and Asia, Mexican officials say.

    A new report by the World Economic Forum, titled The Enabling Trade Index 2008, is already showing some signs of alarm about U.S. export competitiveness. The United States is ranked 14th among 118 countries, behind Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada and Germany, among other countries that benefit from preferential trade deals with their respective neighbors.

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    One Response to Free Trade Fact of the Day

    1. Brittanicus, Indiana says:

      Before North American free trade, CAFTA and the rest of poorly negotiated free trade treaties, I do not ever remember the ominous issues we now have with imported goods?

      Yes! Perhaps, we are today getting cheaper goods, but most are shoddily manufactured. Our nation has been inundated with toxic drugs, lead-laced toys and fruit and vegetables of unknown origin with toxic repercussions. McCain is a hard-core globalist, who is unlikely to renegotiate the unfair, one-sided Trade pacts, that is crippling our industrial nation. He doesn't seem to be interested in fighting for America's jobs, but then nor did his mentor President Bush who sold us out across the world. Obama has vowed to re-negotiate the NAFTA policy with Mexico and Canada, a deal critics say is responsible for the disappearance of American employment.

      Tomatoes have become the latest disaster that has spread quickly throughout the states. It seems strange that the source of the contamination has zeroed in on Florida and Mexico. Yet the safety net supposedly in place, has failed to determine the origin. The source would have been immediately pin-pointed if our politicians had not been corrupted by the special interest lobby. American should demand that every item, no matter what it is must show country of origin. Pharmaceutical giants have found it enormously profitable to produce their products overseas.

      We have unknowingly committed economic suicide, because everything we use everyday made or grown somewhere else. Our industrial base has been whittled down and even some of our national security has been outsourced. Most clothing labels indicate its made in another land, and we we have stupidly walked into a carefully engineered trap that the globalist agenda has implemented. Our businesses have attracted cheap illegal labor, while many of the corporate cartels have outsourced jobs to third world countries, We already know the implications of the progressive invasion of illegal foreign workers. As the United states have been flooded with poor illiterate people who have no business even being here. They have broken our laws and the majority of our politicians stay in the the shadows, frightened of causing ripples. Foreign traders send us goods that should be manufactured in America. The American worker both skilled and low skilled have become pawns in this vicious circle, where the only winners are the wealthy elite. America the greatest nation in the world, must now borrow it's own money from Communist China, while foreign governments and commercial enterprises try to buy or lease our infrastructure. NUMBERSUSA.

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