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  • Morning Bell: The Emerging Consensus for Energy Production

    The fight over the mortgage bailout bill still being debated by Congress has helped expose one of the best-kept secrets in Washington. Despite the fact that the median price of a home is $218,000, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is threatening to kill the bill unless the cap on the size of mortgages the federal government can guarantee is raised to $730,000. So why would Pelosi stand in the way of legislation she believes could help poorer homeowners unless wealthy homeowners are bailed out too? Because the wealthy are her core constituency. The Democrats have become the party of the rich.

    As good conservatives, we have nothing against the rich per se. Except when they begin to try to use the power of the federal government to prevent other Americans from achieving their dreams. And that is exactly what the left is doing on energy policy. For a generation, the left has been placing its own environmental priorities over energy production. First it was an end to hydro-power projects because of the effect on fish and recreation. Then it was bans on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf because of one oil spill in California almost 40 years ago. Since then the left has put an end to the nuclear industry in the 1970s. And now liberals are systematically fighting coal and natural gas power plants across the country over fears of global warming.

    As long as energy costs remained low, the rest of the country didn’t pay these policies much attention. But with energy prices rising, people are beginning to notice — especially in more rural areas. Folks in rural America have to drive farther to reach work, the grocery store and medical care.

    They also tend to be less wealthy than suburbanites and many city dwellers, which means energy costs eat up more of their budgets. The Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) found that folks in rural areas spend as much as 16.02 percent of monthly family income on gas, while those in urban areas of New York and New Jersey spend as little as 2.05 percent of monthly income.

    Americans have a choice. Despite the fact that decreased U.S. consumption will do nothing to curb overall world demand for oil, demonstrating to the world that we are serious about developing our own domestic energy supplies can significantly reduce energy prices today. More and more Americans are getting the message. According to the Pew Research Center,  support for more “exploration, mining/drilling, construction of new power plants” rose 12 points to 47 percent since February. Support for more “energy conservation/regulation” fell 10 points to 45 percent. In February, Americans opposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by 50 percent to 42 percent. Today they support it, 50 percent to 43 percent.

    Quick Hits:

    • The Colombian military freed three American hostages held for five years by the Hugo Chavez-supported FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).
    • After a national backlash threatened his plans to run for governor, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom yesterday reversed his position and said his  city would begin handing over for deportation any juvenile illegal immigrants with drug convictions.
    • Rush Limbaugh signed a new, $400 million deal with Clear Channel Communications that will keep him on the radio though 2016.
    • Assisted suicide activists in Germany said they helped euthanize a perfectly healthy 79-year-old woman who did not want to move into a nursing home.
    • A federal judge in San Francisco yesterday  dismissed a lawsuit by an Islamic charity that sought to prove President Bush acted illegally in 2001 when he ordered the wiretapping of phone calls between Americans and suspected foreign terrorists without court approval.
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    9 Responses to Morning Bell: The Emerging Consensus for Energy Production

    1. Danny Grimes Central says:

      My comment on to drill for oil or not is this: I believe it is a nessesity to drill, but for short term use only. This can give tecnology to emerge into use- and that tecnology already exists. It isn't the norm that some can afford the higher gas / energy prices, but it is the overall big picture, we all will be paying in food,- and businesses- not to mention keeping the country on it's feet.Decisions should not be waited on while big interest take their money ,and run. People come first! Try to do with out them.

    2. albert cullins 240 w says:

      I have been on this earth for 64 years + and I have never seen anything like it is we need to drill any and everywhere airplanes will not run jet engines without jet fuel ask the ex vice president al gore. if it will let him try it first. my two cars need gas to run.even though they get 30 miles to the gallon. the dem. and rep. or going have call a stop to this fight and drill now drill here .

    3. Paul K Alaska says:

      Find It! Drill IT! Pipe It! Pump It! Refine It ! NOW! We need a National Emergency! Energy Bill Passed NOW! These Idiots In Washington are turning the Greatest Nation on Earth into a third World Country! They say we! cant! drill our way out of this problem! that They! have created! They! cant ! but we! can! The real American Spirit that Built this Country! It will take a Manhattan Style Project to do this! We need OIL!! Coal! and Nuclear Power Projects started NOW! We will reduce our cost of Oil! Immediately when we announce to the Arabs that we have had enough of thier control of our Imports! And we will provide our own! And to the World Market as well!

    4. Paul K Newnam Ala says:

      ENERGY!! Lets look at what our Lack of Common SENCE! LEADERS IN Washington! have accomplished with the ETHENAL PROGRAM! Corn into Fuel! WHAT AN ENVIROMENTAL SCAM! Corn went from $2.50 per bushel to $8.50 per bushel! Couldn't they see what would happen to our food costs? Look what has happened! Bread $4.00+ per loaf!! Milk $4.00+ per gallon! The cost of feed UP! UP! UP! CORN! is a necessary staple of our food intake! Our cost of food products have increased accordingly as the cost of Corn and Grains have increased! A COMPLETE LACK! OF COMMON SENCE! HEY!! How about $300,000,000 for a CAR BATTERY? I suggest they use that money to develop AN (INVISABLE EXTENSION CORD)!!Go to the polls and VOTE!USE YOUR! COMMON SENCE! OR! Vote for the one's who is! Less Likely! to make our lives WORSE!!

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    6. Bob Wilis, Middlebu says:

      I've got a suggestion to the fuel crisis and that is to sell the oil producers, who are selling us oil at $140.00 PLUS per barrel, our grain that we produce in great abundance for $140.00 PLUS per buchel. This way our farmers will be able to afford the fuel they need to produce the grain. At least this way if the oil producers don't want our grain we'll still have something to eat, even if we can't drive our vehicles and have to resort to animal power to pull the plows to produce the grain like we did in the past.

    7. Ginger V., Bethany, says:

      Between the media and our uninspiring men and women in Washington we are up against a wall. Eveytime I write, email, or call representatives I get the same response. They understand my concerns, but disagree with me. Washington's response to gas prices has been to reduce the speed limit, carpool, take the train, stay close to home, limit vacations, and the list goes on. It is time to take back our government – for the people, by the people. Our country has overcome many obstacles in the past and we all certainly know what needs to be done now. Drill here – Drill now. We must utilize our resources and create new ones. Please spread the word. Something the media and our elected officials fail todo. There certainly seems to be an effort to undermine this country at every turn.

    8. daniel says:

      We need energy NOW!! This is an outrage,Congress has become a joke,our people suffer.The Dems must be thrown out and never allowed to come back.Our country has become a laughing stock amongst the nations.

    9. Johnny,Richmond,TX says:

      Paul is absolutely correct. Drill all over the US. I don't give a rats backside about the environment. The sky ain't fallin' "Chicken Little". Be responsible, be a good steward and all will be fine. We need to get rid of these Libs. They want you to have only "pre-approved" choices. If you don't choose one of them then you are some explative to be decided later.

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