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  • Monthly Archives: June 2008

    McCain Follows Energy Speech With Call for New Nuclear Plants

    Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain followed his speech on energy and climate in Houston, Texas with an emphatic call for new nuclear plants to reduce dependence on foreign energy. McCain announced, If I am elected president, I will set this nation on a course to building 45 new reactors by … More

    A Sound Investment

    Senate Banking Committee chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) may not know what interest rates currently are, but the Wall Street Journal has crunched the numbers and estimates that the discount loan Countrywide Financial gave him will save him $75,000 in mortgage payments. The WSJ also looked into how much of the … More

    Video: Condoleezza Rice's Speech on U.S. Policy Toward Asia

    Clips from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speech at Heritage are below followed by the complete text of her remarks. Click here to watch the full speech and question-and-answer discussion.     Here is the text of Rice’s speech: The rise of Asia is a profound geopolitical trend that is … More

    America’s Wake-Up Call

    Last week, I was in New York City participating in the filming of The Heritage Foundation documentary on missile defense due-out early next year. The purpose of these scenes is to share with Americans the magnitude of the threat and the fragility of the peace and prosperity that we take … More

    Morning Bell: Encouraging Fraud and Waste Is No Way to Stop Rising Health Care Costs

    Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) writes in The Nation, “As healthcare costs rise at double-digit rates, fewer and fewer manufacturers and small businesses can offer comprehensive coverage to their employees.” This is undoubtedly true. Stark’s solution? Medicare for All: “With Medicare as a model, we can fill the growing gaps in … More

    Rice Says North Korea's Nuclear Declaration Is Coming Soon

    In a speech this afternoon at Heritage, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said North Korea “will soon give its declaration of nuclear programs to China,” a long-awaited report that would allow the Bush administration to recommend the nation’s removal from the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list. In the … More

    Female Workers Will Pay Price for Federal Parental Leave Act

    Federal employees receive up to 12 weeks a year of unpaid parental leave for the birth of a new child, adoption or foster child care, and they can take paid sick or vacation leave during that time. The House is set to vote on H.R. 5781, the Federal Employees Paid … More

    House Approps Right on Nuclear

    The House Appropriations subcommittee on Energy and Water approved an increase in Energy Department spending to continue work on Yucca Mountain. The $494.7 million budget request was approved for the fiscal year 2009 despite much talk that Yucca Mountain will never be opened. As Heritage scholar Jack Spencer stresses, Yucca … More

    Surviving To Learn Another Day

    Yesterday a House Appropriations subcommittee voted to save 1,900 scholarships for low-income D.C. children from teachers unions intent on killing school choice. The chairman of the subcommittee, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY), warned that this was the last year he would allow low income DC students and their families to choose … More

    Don't Forget the Fraud and Extortion

    As bad as the incestuous relationship between Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-Conn.) and Countrywide Financial is, it probably is not even the worst part of the housing bailout compromise in Congress. At least the Countrywide bailout would be a one-time theft of taxpayer money (although this bailout would increase risky behavior … More