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  • Monthly Archives: June 2008

    More Alarmism And Incompetence Coming To Capitol Hill

    Tomorrow British academic Nicholas Stern will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on “Climate Change: Costs of Inaction.” Stern is the author of the highly alarmist Stern Review that urged Britain to sharply curtail their carbon emissions today to avoid possible damage to their economy in the future. … More

    Déjà Vu All Over Again: The AMT 'Patch' Is Back

    It’s that time of year again. Congress is facing its annual AMT predicament, and once again Americans must suffer through the same worn out debate thanks to House Democrats. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is a classic example of a broken Congress. The AMT, created in 1969 to prevent the … More

    Water Vapor, Nukes and the EPA

    Something strange is afoot at the Environmental Protection Agency. It is no secret that EPA bureaucrats have been chomping at the bit to start regulating carbon dioxide ever since courts ruled that the naturally occurring plant food which is exhaled by every human being (even Al Gore) is a pollutant. … More

    Morning Bell: Two Steps Back

    The fight to rein in exploding Medicare spending through exposure to market forces took two giant steps back this week. First, the House voted early this week to set aside regulations that would have allowed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to buy medical equipment through competitive bidding. … More

    Hypocrisy on Education

    Today the Washington Post continues its strong reporting on the left’s efforts to kill 1,900 scholarships for low-income students in the District of Columbia. The editors write: Among the most maddening arguments used against the D.C. school voucher program is that it hurts the public schools. Any money set aside … More

    Declaration of Dependence

    Disaster management is over-federalized. This chart from a recent Heritage Backgrounder, The Local Role in Disaster Response: Lessons from Katrina and the California Wildfires, makes it abundantly clear. With the exception of the Johnson and Reagan administrations, the number of federal disaster declarations has steadily and dramatically grown. By the end … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Among those least amused by Barack Obama’s threats to unilaterally pull out of NAFTA are the Canadians. And being our next-door neighbors, they know exactly where to hit us should the U.S. turn protectionist under a President Obama: If Mr. Obama wins in November and brings his issues — labour … More

    The Psychology of War

    Guns, boots, helmets and…social science? It’s not been used much since the Cold War, but the Department of Defense believes an increase in cultural understanding could play an important role in national security. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Minerva as a new approach. Minerva will award $50 million over five … More

    Future Black If Greens Get Their Way

    NASA’s James Hansen is a hero on the left. He was among the first people to ask Congress to step up its control of the economy to decrease carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Hansen’s first Capitol Hill testimony and he is on a media … More

    What's Wrong with This Picture?

    As tornadoes and flooding torment the Midwest, citizens are working together to protect the cities and towns they call home. But that’s no average Joe in this photo — it’s Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. So with five states under federal disaster declarations since the beginning of June alone, what’s wrong with this picture? … More