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  • Monthly Archives: June 2008

    You, Too, Can Spot Bogus Catastrophes

    Here’s a quiz to see if you qualify to be a catastrophe-spotting climate economist: Part I: The cheapest way for John Doe to get to work is to take the Metro. The commute costs him $6 per day. He works 20 days per month. John would be richer by $120 … More

    More Energy Off Limits

    Members of Congress have been right on at supporting bad energy policies while dismissing the good ones. For all their rhetoric about supporting the development of natural resources, energy independence and the creation of jobs, in practice policymakers oppose American energy independence because they persistently oppose tapping American natural resources—oil, … More

    The Baddest Seed

    The latest news out of Capitol Hill is that the Senate will take up legislation enacting a much needed update of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), pushing final passage of the mortgage bailout bill back until after the July 4th break. This should give Senators some much needed time … More

    As the Price of Gas Goes Up, Washington’s Energy Policy Silliness Does Too

    The laundry list of excuses not to expand access to American oil was never convincing even when gas was $2.00 and gets less so as the price at the pump continues to rise. But the latest round of reasons is downright irrational, with some directly contradicting others. Here’s a rundown … More

    Choice Survives (For Now)

    Yesterday the Appropriations Committee approved funding for the 1,900 District of Columbia low income school children who receive scholarships to attend the school of their choice. Heritage Director of Domestic Policy Studies Jennifer Marshall highlights some of the voices of the families benefiting from this program: Ayesha McKinney is just … More

    Morning Bell: Where Does the Left Expect Our Energy to Come From?

    There were no fewer than 12 events relating to energy costs on Capitol Hill yesterday: six news conferences and six hearings. Today another nine hearings and news events are scheduled. Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Prize” and chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, assured one Senate panel that … More

    Obama Pulls Back on Nuclear

    A few days after Senator Barack Obama welcomed the idea of building new commercial nuclear reactors in the United States, he criticized Senator John McCain for proposing to build 45 new reactors by 2030 without a solution for nuclear waste. Speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada he disparaged McCain for offshore … More

    Trading Temporary Relief for Permanent Pain

    The House is set to vote today on H.R. 6275, a bill that trades temporary relief for permanent pain. According to a Republican Study Committee report, without a patch, the AMT will impose a $61.52 billion tax bill on middle-class Americans over the next 11 years. This is a tax … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Great new video from reason.tv out today defending NAFTA by making the argument that the threat to American jobs from trade is no different than the threat from better technology. Host Drew Carey quips:”How are we supposed to compete against something that doesn’t get paid, doesn’t get health insurance, and … More

    Is Common Sense Coming To The New York Times?

    Last week the New York Times finally reported the fact that Europe’s carbon capping scheme is a complete disaster causing higher energy prices, weakening industries, and forcing jobs overseas … jobs … all while failing to reduce carbon emissions. Today the New York Times continues their streak of decent economic … More