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  • Monthly Archives: June 2008

    Morning Bell: More Than ANWR

    Skyrocketing gas prices are rapidly changing Americans’ priorities. Voters routinely identify energy costs as either the second or third most important issue. Considering that any economist will tell you that high energy prices are a major cause of recent economic sluggishness, and that the economy has been the No. 1 … More

    Dad Gets Busy Even Off the Clock

    Negative stereotypes of American fathers — that they’re either couch potatoes or workaholics who are “never there” for the wife and kids — don’t hold true for most dads. In a typical year, Dad puts in the equivalent of 100 eight-hour “work days” outside the office on parenting, home maintenance, … More

    Go Bills!

    The Heritage Foundation is greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Tim Russert. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Russerts and the entire NBC News family.

    Nuclear Reactor Withstands Tornado

    The tornadoes that blew through the Midwest yesterday damaged homes and buildings including a research nuclear reactor facility at Kansas State University. The reactor, a TRIGA Mark II model, has been operating since 1962, making it one of the oldest operating models of its design in America. One might think … More

    The Left Does Not Understand What Free Markets Are

    Late yesterday Portfolio.com reported that a bunch of powerful Washington politicians were given below market loans by Countrywide Financial. Among those receiving “special” loans that saved them thousands of dollars were former HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson and Senate Banking chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT). Rounding up the morning’s news for his … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Since the United States abandoned the protectionist policies that helped cause the Great Depression it has been the world leader in bringing free trade to the rest of the world. Since the end of World War II, free trade has lifted billions out of poverty and decreased hunger worldwide But … More

    The Countrywide Bailout Explained

    We have been calling Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) housing bailout bill “The Wall Street Bailout Enhancement Act” for over a month now. In particular, we have singled out Countrywide Financial as the bank with most to gain from the federal government’s generosity. Countrywide is the largest loan servicer in the … More

    The Trojan Dragon Comes to Congress

    In their efforts to gain confidential information about Congressional deliberations on China, Chinese intelligence agencies have stuck their fingers in a hornet’s nest that will leave big welts on Congressional attitudes toward Asia’s new superpower for years to come. Yesterday, an audibly angry Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced a resolution … More

    Morning Bell: The Five Generals

    In the 2006 case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, four members of the Supreme Court joined a concurring opinion by Justice Stephen Breyer that said: Nothing prevents the President from returning to Congress to seek the authority [for trial by military commission] he believes necessary. … The Constitution places its faith in … More

    This Isn't Brain Surgery

    Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Tex.) worked as a doctor for 21 years before coming to Congress. But performing surgery might be easier than the task ahead of him. Burgess has made it his mission to educate House Republicans about health care reform so they feel comfortable talking about it in Washington … More