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  • Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Great new video from reason.tv out today defending NAFTA by making the argument that the threat to American jobs from trade is no different than the threat from better technology. Host Drew Carey quips:”How are we supposed to compete against something that doesn’t get paid, doesn’t get health insurance, and never goes on breaks? No job is safe from the robot threat!”

    Reason’s editors add: “Like technology, trade gives us more good stuff than bad—yet Americans are likely to cheer technology and fear trade. No doubt TV talkers and White House wannabes will keep stoking our fears of foreigners until voters and viewers stop buying it—or until robots snag their jobs, too.”

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    6 Responses to Free Trade Fact of the Day

    1. Betty Gercken Jack says:

      Darvin Dowdy has it right! Ditto his comments.

      I am a Conservative first….My party, Republican,

      has abandoned me and I belive most conservative

      Republicans. We must make our voices be heard.

      I too wonder if the "in group" in the party is

      trying to become an extreme minorty party.

      McCain sounds like he is trying to lose. God

      help us if he does. Betty Gercken

    2. LVKen7, LVegas says:

      Which side would YOU be on?


      SIDE A


      Record National Debt

      Record Gasoline Prices


      Spying on US Citizens

      NO HOPE


      Side B


    3. Darvin Dowdy says:

      Laugh it up all you want but to pretend that there is no problem is irresponsible. Few are against free trade. But if Mexican truckers (who get paid about .18 per mile as opposed to U.S. truckers that are paid about .40pm) are allowed to continue to bring their loads in and return w/another load, within 5 years the U.S. trucking industry will be a shadow of what it is today. All trucking will be run out of Mexico. After the loss of high paying manufacturing jobs over the past decade, where do you think these displaced workers went? Many climbed into an 8X8 sleeper truck cab, left their homes and families and went out on the road for 5-6 weeks at a time. In order to keep their present living standard. And now thats being threatened.
      The GOP Hierarchy continues to shoot itself squarely in the foot on these issues. Many in the GOP Hierarchy are firmly convinced that the U.S. can no longer sustain a middle class. This stance causes independents/Reagan democrats to view them now as the opposition. And vote against them.
      Nafta must be “re-visited”. Mexican truckers need to drop their loads on the U.S. side in a designated drop-off zones. For security purposes these loads should be inspected. And then U.S. truckers pick up the loads, taking them to their destinations.
      No non-U.S. citizen should be allowed to drive “professionally” on U.S. taxpayer funded highways unless they have a legal work visa. And the issuance of work visas must be tied directly to U.S. employment numbers.
      The GOP had best come to grips with this problem and stop pretending that it doesn’t exist. Unless they want to become the extreme minority party. [maybe thats what they "do" want?]
      There are “conservative” solutions that will make all parties happy and keep the GOP on top. Darvin Dowdy

    4. Harry in Chicago says:

      I agree with most if what you said Darvin. But I will say that it bothers me when I hear people complain about losing American jobs, specifically manufacturing jobs, but never talk about the lower price of goods for consumers as a result of the goods being made at cheaper prices. What has made this country great hsa been its ability to see a shift in markets and then begin training our citizens to fit that certain job's new criteria. Job markets change constantly and we need to better train and educate our citzens to fill the void. Darvin, what about the job these former manufacture's picked up? They roled with the punches and moved on to another job. I have lost jobs in the past. But I went out and applied for jobs in which I was qualified for and got one. No one complains when they are buying the cheap goods at Wal-Mart.

      And LVKen, you are a fool. If you cannot contribute something intellectually honest to the discussion, go back to your adult sites.

    5. Terry San Jose says:


      You probably go into the casino's hoping to hit the big one. Is that the one idea that characterizes your life? You left out a few bullets for side B:


      Re-distribution of wealth (who's? yours and mine assuming you have a job)

      Lowering of our standard of living thru higher taxes

      An increase in the capital gains tax ( I'm sure you can afford to pay more taxes when you sell your house, stocks etc) I don't want to!

      Higher income taxes to the tune of about $3500 out of your pocket each year starting in 2011 (thank you Nancy Pelosi)

      Oh yea you have higher gas prices on the wrong side: check out who has been controlling the drilling rights in this country since 1980 – the Polar Bear BS restricts any and all drilling in ANWR where we could find enough oil to last us 200 years. I would think we'd find alternative energy by then.

    6. Darvin Dowdy says:

      HarrynChicago: We play by the rules here. All U.S. workers want is an even playing field. The "rules" followed. If someone in Mexico wants to drive trucks in the U.S., they should apply for a work visa. Come in legally. Illegal workers have an edge that U.S. workers or Legal Immigrant Workers don't have. All I'm saying is put a stop to it. And for the sake of national security, check loads coming across our borders!

      We want higher pay here and we're willing to work harder and more efficiently to get it. As a result we'll produce higher and better quality. And folks will pay more for that quality – Worldwide. Thats our edge and advantage. But, again, we can't compete fairly under unfair trade practices like GATT. Its skewed against us. It was designed that way! After WWII to give struggling nations a leg up. But that circumstance has changed. We have an even playing field now ie global trade. No need for these special advantages to remain for former 3rd world nations.

      Betty Gercken: High "5" back at ya'! McCain = trying to lose. Ha! You're right. Seems like it. A head scratcher, huh?

      Terry/San Jose: Perfect. Also,ask him how much was the average cost of fuel was on 11/7/06? When the dem's took over both houses of congress? Ha?

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