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  • How Dangerous Is the Light Bulb?

    This video of Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tex.) speaking about compact fluorescent light bulbs is approaching 3 million views on YouTube. Poe outlines the dangers of using compact fluorescent bulbs, which will replace the reliable incandescent light bulb beginning in 2012.

    As Heritage’s own Dani Doane knows, when one of these CFL bulbs breaks, it takes some serious work to clean up the mess. Because the bulbs contain mercury, you better be prepared by reading the Environmental Protection Agency’s lengthy clean-up process.


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    13 Responses to How Dangerous Is the Light Bulb?

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    3. Vicki Eilenberger, L says:

      Some informed people think that the amount of Mercury in one of these light bulbs is equivalent to less than what is contained in a thermometer.

    4. Diane, Tehachapi, CA says:

      It's not the mercury itself but mercury vapor which is harmful when inhaled. Hence the extensive warnings and EPA instructions for disposal. Funny they didn't tell us any of this, including how they are made exclusively in China, before they decided to require us to use them. They complain about jobs going overseas on the one hand, then put an entire American industry out of business and give China a monopoly with the stroke of a pen. Morons.

    5. Greg, DC says:

      Regardless of the dangers of breaking one of these light bulbs, which seem ridiculous, the federal government does not have the power to ban harmless products. Thomas Edison's light bulb is cheaper, not potentially dangerous, and brighter. If some Americans prefer them, as the vast majority today do, how can we say we are a free country when they are BANNED. How can we allow any kind of pornography and snuff film in the name of freedom while banning light bulbs? It's absurd.

      One of the great things about America is that, in general, we do not ban things. Video games and movies are banned regularly in most modern democratic countries. I'm talking about countries like Australia, Great Britain, and Germany. Americans really do have among the most freedom in the world and we need to keep it that way.

    6. Nan, Iowa says:

      Supposedly one company is including boxes to mail them back through the US Postal Service. One glitch with that: The USPS has restrictions on hazardous materials.

    7. Sarah, PA says:

      Thanks for posting this video. I'd heard about the problem with the compact fluorescent bulbs if they break but never got around to researching its truth.

    8. Dave McDuffie, Lagun says:

      Just like the poor Jews in Germany, we are being led down the path of destruction, without even a whimper. So the left wants us to be more like Europe. Lets see, would that be like the Stalin/Lenin Communists? Or would you prefer the Nazis under Hitler? Or Fascists? Pick one. And I believe Europe is finally realizing the error of their ways after so many years of socialism…but its too late! They are about to be taken over but before that their entire system will crumble. Ever hear of the USSR? Are we next?

    9. Sumbunny, Missouri says:

      Something to think about when considering using cfls in your home…

      How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw The American Public With A Light Bulb?


    10. Liposuction says:

      How is that relevant?

    11. Wrongful Death Lawye says:

      that last comment was awful…come on man!

    12. Kitty O, Ponderay, I says:

      The business I work at publishes a bi-monthly news letter in which we included an article about this subject. It is truly astonishing, and scary, how many people blindly follow Congress down these absurd paths and NEVER question them! "If the government says it is a good thing…then it must be a good thing." My hat is off to Representative Poe and I hope he is successful in leading this challenge to Congressional Absurdity.

    13. Frank, Oklahoma says:

      This is just a bunch of hype. If it breaks, clean it up and throw it in the trash. Done. People do it everyday and there's no hidden, secret, long term or deadly toxin that's going to come out and turn all your babies into monsters. People also throw batteries in trash. There are and will be no problems. The earth is only going to last a finite amount of time, regardless of human activity.

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