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  • The Socialists Are Coming

    It is not rare for conservatives to use a bit of hyperbole when describing the policies of liberals and progressives. Often when words like “socialist” are bandied about, they are used for dramatic effect. This is not the case when it comes to liberals and energy policy. As this video of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) (posted by the American Conservative Union) shows,  the ideal liberal policy on energy is socialism:


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    6 Responses to The Socialists Are Coming

    1. CanadianInAnmerica, says:

      I think it is even worse. The "second to go" member of Obama selection committee has traceable link to Mark Rich, e.g.-to GLENCORE, which is one of the World's top 3 oil traders. The last thing oil speculators need is energy independent USA. Oil drilled and processed in Rockies or in Alaska simply reduces the total volume of trade, and narrows the field for international commodity traders. So if one assumes that selection of the Committee was based on representation of the core backers of Obama, it is very natural for him (and "his" group in the Democratic Party) to oppose drilling. Curiously enough, first really big oil transactions of Mark Rich were with Ayatollah Iran. Which may be alternative explanation for Iran-friendly remarks of Obama. Quite possible that if elected he will start buying Iranian oil, letting his friends to make their dime as traders.

      Somewhat unrelated now: here we have a "Change": the representative of the political dynasty of the 50th-60th (with all due respect), the guy, linked to the Real Estate bubble, and the guy, linked to oil speculators, who benefit from high gas prices, all working as a team to pick the VP candidate.

    2. Mark, CA says:

      Unfortunately for Maxine, she said what we all know about liberals. They want to control everything from industry to what type of light bulb we can use in our homes. America better wake up and get over this notion about getting "free" this and "free" that by voting for someone who is willing to steal from one to give to another. Every day we lose a little more of our liberty because of liberals like Maxine and her liberal ilk. Basic economics tells us that increase in supply will put forth a reduction in price. But, then again, why should we expect the liberals to understand basic economics because common sense also lacks in areas related to healthcare, ever-growing health care, and enviromentalcaseism. Liberalism is the philosphy of the stupid and that is why our founders rejected it by putting forth the US constitution that limits the Federal Government.

      The Federal Government running our oil companies? There isn't one thing the Federal Government has done efficiently, other than increase in size and put its big iron foot on the throat of liberty. Liberty and Freedom, or death! That is the motto that pushed this country forward. Our brave men and women in our armed forces understand this. Freedom is not free. The idea that man, created by God, was created to be free. The founders understood this, why can't the Liberals own up to our American history? Because it destroys every effort they make…that's why.

    3. Dave McDuffie, Lagun says:

      Maxine Waters and those like her should be thrown out of office immediately! How dare she threaten an American company, especially a company that sells a product which the government makes more money on than the company that produces it! She is exactly what our forefathers warned us about, she needs to be afraid of US rather than US be afraid of her. A movement needs to be started now to throw this disgraceful person out of office, especially one who does not have the intelligence to know the laws of supply and demand. She and her democrat henchmen and henchwomen REFUSE to do what is right for the American people and the economic stability of this country. They are simply carrying ALGORE's banner, he wanted us to pay through the nose for gas and now we are. Thank you democrats! Guess what, when this country goes down, YOU are going down with it!

    4. Dan, Platteville CO says:

      My God, I just saw this video for the first time. Maxine you are now and you have always been a memeber of the communist party.

      "As gas prices continue to increase, Congress continues to blame others while ignoring practical steps to stop the pain Americans are feeling at the pump. To lower gasoline prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we need real solutions to our energy challenges. "



    5. CanadianInAnmerica, says:

      Folks, it is not even about Maxie (who barely understands what is the crisis about), and not really about irrational fear of drilling or communist ideas of Maxie. It is about speculators, who don't want drilling, and who have Dems "in the tank". Here is the difference: Bush/Cheney/"Big Oil" has to deal with speculators, while Dems are almost on the payroll of the speculators. That's all.

    6. CanadianInAnmerica, says:

      After watching the news I guess I need to provide a little clarification: I am talking about international oil traders, not domestic speculation or price fixing. In particular I mean GLENCORE, but it is the rough idea only. The point is that (if one follows the money and leave aside all the bs about environment) someone is INTERESTED in high prices. Consider that the crisis developed in a matter of months, and on the background of steady production. It cannot be due to the growing demand by China or India. Demand did not grow that fast. It can be only manipulation, and if investigation does not expose any culprit, FBI needs to have a hard look at the investigators. Consider that the 150$ price is not the price at the well. It is the price at the commodity exchange. Consider also that Dems resist additional production, and that Obama can afford to snub $80mln. of campaign financing. Now the question is: where are his money from? Curiously enough, Obama suggested that US shall not kill Bin-Laden, and the next day he become capable to say, that his campaign does not need public money. Heh? It is all sure circumstantial, but still alarming.

      And don't tell be about $10 donations over the Net. Numbers does not match.

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