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  • ACLU Has All the Border Answers

    After I ran a series of posts on my visit to the Arizona border, the ACLU took me to task for making the case that better border security is a good idea. In the last ACLU post they were particularly irate that I found anything worthy in the technology demonstration project called “P-28″ which looked at integrating sensors to provide Border Patrol officers a “common operating picture.” The goal was to get the right information to the right person at the right time to do the right thing; identifying smuggler routes and then directing officers to interdict illegal border crossers and use the information gleaned from analyzing what is going on to disrupt smuggler operations.

    Adding technology is suppossed to offer an alternative to the way interdiction is done now–officers scour the desert in 100 plus degree heat looking for footprints and trash left behind so they can track down people through miles of open, often dangerous terrain. They often do not know if they are on the trail of human traffickers or drug smugglers that may take a shot at them or a platoon of illegals who might require urgent medical attention from exposure.

    The ACLU finds all this objectionable arguing, P-28 is little more than a cash-cow for contractors. Apparently, the expertise of the ACLU now extends beyond civil rights issues to cover experimentation, technology integration, acquisition, and border law enforcement techniques.

    In contrast, my conclusions were based on talking to Border Patrol officers that have actually used the technology and have helped explain to the contractors how to make it better serve the agency’s needs. Now, this is not a defense to how efficiently and effectively the Department of Homeland Security got to the point where it is today. The point is these technologies are needed and useful.

    Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security agrees. A recent Reuters piece noted that the Border Patrol has asked for enough technology to cover about 50 miles of the Tucson-border area, some of the most hostile and heavily trafficked terrain on the border. If the technology is implemented in the manner the Border Patrol requires and is employed appropriately it will help make the border safer and more secure in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

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    4 Responses to ACLU Has All the Border Answers

    1. Bill, N. Dakota says:

      You gotta me kidding me! When has the ACLU ever EVER shown any knowledge about anything?? When the crappola hits the fan, and it will soon, the ACLU shylocks will be in the sights of many rifles. By the way where can a fella get a list of these treasonists?

    2. Sudie says:

      As a nurse, my main concern is the number of diseases that are being brought across the border daily. Some of these diseases are very serious and are easily spread because they are highly contagious and often resistant to the only drugs that are available at this time to treat such a


      There have been no required health checks of any kind included in any of the recent immigration bills which, to date, have not become law.

      I consider this a very serious problem and a health check should be included in any immigration bill that is adopted by Congress!

    3. OneifbyLand-Los Ange says:

      I stopped being a member of the ACLU long ago,

      when they became "American" in name only!

      They are blind to the fact that is now

      impossible to deny! That Mexico is doing everything it can to continue its agenda to create an Illegal Mexican Nation within the borders of the USA, helped by criminal employers

      and La Raza politicians!

      In Los Angeles congressional districts,since

      the 1986 amnesty the East L.A. districts have

      seen their population up 400% while the number

      of registered voters has dropped by 50%




    4. zeezil says:

      The ACLU is part of the "axis of open borders" along with the Chamber of Commerce, La Raza and Big Business.

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