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  • Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry

    Sens. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) authored a bill (with 11 co-sponsors, including Sen. Barack Obama) that was incorporated into a housing bill passed by the Senate Banking Committee 19-2 before the Memorial Day recess — a bill that creates a national fingerprint registry.

    According to a Martinez press release, the language merely “create[s] national licensing and oversight standards for residential mortgage originators.”

    One of the standards, John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute says, may “require thousands of individuals working even tangentially in the mortgage and real estate industries — and not suspected of anything — to send their prints to the feds.

    This is a step in the wrong direction — at least for a nation that preserves freedom.

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    402 Responses to Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry

    1. . says:

      more proof that Obama is an Evil evil man who will destroy the country.

    2. Jay (Michigan) says:

      Ron Paul for President! End the "lesser of two evils" philosophy!

    3. Jack G, MD says:

      This man is insane. He wants to control every bit of our lives. I believe everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He has two faces.

      When are the citizens of this country going to wake up and realize that their rights are slowly being taken away and with Obama as president it will only eccelerate.

    4. Sara, NYC says:

      So then there should not be any issue with moving forward on a US Citizen registry and a voting registry either..correct? Or will that not philander to the corrct group for votes?

    5. David, Georgia says:

      Folks in the securities industry have had to be finger printed for decades. Nobody seems to have any issue with that. And have not many scoundrels migrated from securities to mortgages, to find their victims? In fact, there seems to be a sort of melding or mixing between some parts of these two industries. To be sure, I am no fan of either Obama or Feinstein, but the concept of registering finger prints for anyone involved in any aspect of the banking industry is not out of line. In all three industries in which I have worked — securities, insurance, and alcoholic beverage manufacturing — I have had to supply finger prints.

    6. j says:

      We are on the path to the end of our Democracy! "There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty." – John Adams

    7. vince brusio, sykesv says:

      So how is it the Dems want to bust George Bush for wiretapping, but it's ok for Diane Feinstein to ask me to turn over my fingerprints?

      At what point did we re-define the word "privacy" for our dictionairies?

      Vince Brusio


    8. Rich LA says:


    9. Obamination says:

      And this from a man who is willing to leave our borders wide open to all thugs and all comers. We will fingerprint US citizens and narrow their liberties while 30million people are here illegally and enjoying a free ride in healthcare, schools and even owning property, while illegal.

      Are we ^*&(_(_)_^ nuts?????

    10. mark t davies ft wor says:

      we should end our democracy and reofrm our government as a repubic, and make military service plus a similar organizaton to do national infastucture as an option both with miserable pay to be a mamber of the republic, there by ending the vote of the worst generation that has helped fuel and propel our problems with their me 1st attitudes

    11. Mark, NC says:

      Liberals have the audacity to accuse George W. Bush and Republicans of eroding our rights, when in fact it is liberals who seek to federally regulate us into a tyranny without rights.

      THX1138 here we come!

    12. matt, new jersey says:


      You forgot to mention National Gun Registry and based on your comment, you probably wanted to include that one too. As an aside, the word you meant to use was "pander," not "philander." Pandering is what Obama does to MoveOn.org and philander is what Bill Clinton does was interns.

    13. James, Rhode Island says:

      God help us if he is elected. And McCain is no better. Where are the libertarians?

    14. cece, california says:

      I have news for you. California has required this of Brokers,Real Estate agents, and Notaries for years. I am a broker and have no problems with it, maybe it will eliminate the loan officers that shouldn't be giving financial advice because they don't have a license and force Brokers to hire only those that have gone through a Department of Justice background check.

    15. Bill says:

      Anyone here ever read, _The_Road_to_Serfdom_? All this is the central planning path to the "perfect" society. However, it is THEIR society and not yours that will be implemented. The end justifies the means, just as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and the rest have occasioned in the past.

      Teachers get finger-printed and have a background check and look at the occurences there. Finger-printing and background checks do nothing UNTIL after the culprit is ever caught. None of this will have an effect on anything but making sure the government knows who YOU are.

    16. Brian, Colorado Spri says:

      There is nothing wrong with this. I have been an insurance adjuster for a decade, and there are states that already require a finger print registry. This cuts down on fraud and abusive tacticts towards consumers. This is not a step in the wrong direction. Big brother is not attacking you. How do you think half these mortgage issues began?

      Unless you are being fraudulent or taking place in illegal activities, this should not bother you.

    17. Jake, Oklahoma says:

      This sounds exactly like the type of thing that the Bush authored PATRIOT Act would support. Why do conservatives think this type of action is perfectly fine if it comes from a Republican, but "evil" if it comes from a Democrat?

    18. Brian, Colorado Spri says:

      Wow, do you guys even know the facts?

      Ummm… McCain is an ALIEN! And Cindy is a Transvestite, and they want to rule our planet and take away our "rights"!!!

      That's pretty much how rediculous your posts sound.

      You can't prove what your are asserting any more than you can disprove what I am asserting.

    19. Kody says:

      As an Obama supporter, this truly saddens me. The sole reasoning of my democratic registration is because of the invasion of states rights and personal freedoms imposed by the current wave of Republican thinking. I hate to say it, but this bill aligns itself with every other invasion of privacy the left screams bloody murder about.

      Get on the horn to your reps (either chamber, either side of the ailse) and let them know that this disgusts you and goes against everything that liberals, libertarians, and roots republicans stand for. What a crock!

    20. JD Houston says:

      He so far to the left, he is a Marxist.

    21. charles says:

      I have mixed feelings about this. What David, Georgia stated makes sense to me. In some areas of the free market, fingerprinting is prudent to control white collar criminal activity. But this step that Obama supports is a political statement trying to point all the blame on the housing crisis to lenders and not allowing much of the blame to go to the borrowers who bought more house than what they could afford. I fear that the Democrats will pass more laws to limit the free market. Today's Democrats are international socialists at heart.

    22. mark edward marchiaf says:

      David in Georgia is a prime example of what is wrong with this country. He has NO problem with MY rights being violated. Geez.

    23. Bill, Texas says:

      Why mortgage lenders need to be finger printed, or any other profession for that matter is beyond me. My licensed profession also has had to be fingerprinted, but after that, no one asks for my fingerprints. What is the rationale? Someone is amassing a data base of finger prints, why?

    24. paul, maryland says:

      What I find hard to believe is that everyone wants the government to be there for them when they need it, but yet want to remain anonymous. You can't have it both ways. We need a national ID.

    25. John says:

      I see it's not O.K. to require people seeking licenses to provide their fingerprints but it's perfectly fine for the feds to listen in on Domestic telephone calls. You people are idiots.

    26. Greg, N.W. Indiana says:

      To David of Georgia,

      I am just a Sales Guy, selling Industrial Equipment, go ahead take my prints, it doesn't mean anything,

      take my driving rights, I can use public transport,

      take my house, the government can use it better…

      take my ….., OH CRAP! I am out of everything now..

      When will it stop! When will the government QUIT TAKING OUR RIGHTS!.

      Does not matter which side! Dems or Repubs, they both want our Rights so they can tell us what to do and pay them the privilege to do it.

      As Sara says, the Voting Registry and the US Citizen Registry should NOT be a problem. Don't worry Dave, nobody should have issues with it.


    27. Sarah says:

      Obama is an OBAMINATION to this country.

    28. peter says:



    29. Ryan, NYC says:

      Dear Heritage Foundation,

      As a member of the Foundation, please used any scorched-earth tactics necessary to stop this foolishness dead in its tracks.



    30. RCA, Dallas says:


      … "Osama Obama" is frightening, and totally without any qualifications for the job (compare Romney's resume to see a person who is really quallified – perhaps more than anyone who's ever run for the office). "Osama Obama" can't even spell the word "economics," let alone understand it. And… "The McCainiac" is no better!

      Though… I guess… If we're going to "fingerprint" anyone, it would be "the bankers," "the lawyers," and "the policitians" – they're all corrupt, and likely to end up in prison anyway!

      God… I love… writing "kooky comments."

    31. Jan Walsh says:

      This is just a warning sign of things to come if Obama is elected. It worries me that people don't understand that being this far to the left is one step away from socialism, and a lack of freedom for all us, regardless of race. Wake up, Amereica! Obama is anti-American, and this means more government, less freedom, and a steady decline of the prosperity our forefathers have died for.

    32. Doug, Maryland says:


      The wiretapping was done to catch terrorists, while this is done to, well, uh, hell, I don't know.

      I'm not thrilled with the wiretapping, but is worse, in my opinion. This is definately not federal jurisdiction.

    33. frank, USA says:

      Say no to finger printing mortgage lenders! These are the truest most hunky Americans of all! Vote McCain

      What next? finger prints for police officers! This is an outrage #1 big time! I will contact my local mayor and vote no on this bill!

    34. DK, Chicago says:

      In certain states, like Illinois, you already have to do this anyway.

    35. Ron, Tennessee says:

      For Mark T Davies in Fort Worth, the United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy. Check out the constitution, it might surprise you.

    36. jc, Las Vegas, NV says:

      This will make it easier to keep track of criminals, pedophiles and illegal immigrants.

      In a lot of states you have to give up a thumb print to get a driver's license. Lots of companies do background checks and for security purposes you give up your fingerprints.

      All this bill is doing is putting that information into 1 database for easy access, nothing more nothing less.

      Leave it to the pundits to point fingers and wave the 'scary' flag behind nothing.

    37. Volt says:

      Communism is on the way, thanks to Obama.

    38. robertv says:

      More proof that Liberalism and Fascism are related. Liberalism with all its good intentions morphs into fascism. Restricting liberty, enforcing re-distribution of wealth is what liberals think is "fair". What you wind up with is a minority dictating to the majority, regardless of what that majority demands.

    39. RobertG, Arizona says:

      Fascism is coming at us from all sides isn't it? Don't think so? Take John's comment

      "John writes:

      I see it’s not O.K. to require people seeking licenses to provide their fingerprints but it’s perfectly fine for the feds to listen in on Domestic telephone calls. You people are idiots."

      John, These are both Fascist ideas. You give people power over you and they WILL abuse it. The more power the more abuse. Patriot Act, Gun Registration, DNA data base, self-written warrants, warrantless entries are indeed Fascist and I do not care if the person doing so calls himself Progressive, Liberal or Conservative. If they have that power over you they are indeed Fascist.

      Hitler, Mussolini, Lennin and Stalin were more alike than different. And every one of those murderous thugs believed they were making their country and the world a better place. And people gave them that power to make the world a better place. Be careful and trust you.

    40. frank mack, boston says:

      Nothing to see here, …. move along.

    41. Brian, Philadelphia says:

      It should come as no surprise to anyone that the government is becoming increasingly capable of collecting information and exploiting it using modern technology. It is inevitable. The technology is relatively inexpensive, and even life-long bureaucrats can figure out how to use it. It is only getting easier and cheaper, and takes less and less permission to use. Resisting it is a losing battle, like trying to hold back a flood.

      The right way to maintain cherished liberties is to make sure the government is strictly limited in it's ability to affect peoples lives. Government is increasingly the problem, and almost never an effective or efficient problem solver. I suggest we stop letting the government handle our money, and make it do whatever it can manage with money collected from permitting international trade, as it was not so long ago, before the income tax.

      If congress had to choose between a salary and collecting fingerprints of mortgage processing clerks, I think our patriotic legislators would have a whole different set of priorities.

      Let's keep the monster under control by starving it…

    42. David, Westminster, says:

      OOH! OOH! And I hear his middle name is some kind of Muslim thing! He's clearly trying to take over the country with his cleverly disguised Marxist Muslim extremism!

      Get over yourselves! Obama is so much better than the idiot son of the aristocracy who currently disgraces this country on a daily basis. You talk about curtailing freedom because Obama wants a fingerprint registry for Mortgage originators? PUHLEEZ. I work in the financial services industry and had to be printed to work at my job. It's a security measure. We don't want crooks handling people's retirment money nor, presumably, do we want them involved in loan origination. Do some reading–NOT on this site, since it's clearly run by wingnuts–and get a clue.

      Incidentally, I'll take a fingerprint registry for mortgage loan originators ANY day over the suspension of habeas corpus…which has already happened under Bush.

      And, finally, I love how y'all right-wingers talk of socialism when it comes to anything you disagree with. What about the socialised costs of business? I mean, who cleans up the superfund sites? And with whose money? If you don't know the answer to that, then you don't know what the hell you're talking about.


    43. Ed from Kansas says:

      He wants to do what? But the Democtats don't want to require I.D. to vote? God help us all!

    44. Carl...Victoria, Tx says:

      NOW do you understand why Ron Paul is so important? Paul is the only one who understand the Constitution and its protections of liberty.

    45. Jamie, CO says:

      Way to post all of the information about the bill. Your spin on the issue is very clear. I am not in support of the bill but you have to include all of information not just the facts that help your case. Its called fair journalism.

    46. Todd, Idaho says:


      Supporting documentation: "The Communist Manifesto."

      10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto

      1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.

      2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

      3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.

      4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

      5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

      6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

      7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

      8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

      9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

      10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c., &c.[4]

    47. Khali, Maine says:

      When was Obama in the Senate long enough to vote for anything. Hey! Can he get Direct-Tv with those ears??

    48. ChaCha, Tennessee says:

      Ugh, Obama encourages people to do nothing and promises BIG government will do everything for them. Ridiculous. It's all about his power and he can't have any unless people give up theirs. There are some very sad, pathetic and uniformed people in this country. It's a shame a socialist like Obama is so close to becoming POTUS. Be afraid, be very afraid…

    49. RP Foster, Franklin says:

      Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

      Benjamin Franklin

      Too much of our Freedoms are being consumed by Government. A Freedon easily given away, usaully is never returned.

      R.P. Foster

    50. Merridiane, Mississi says:

      Gee, what is the big problem? We already have a national registry. It is called a Social Security Number. Why would we need a fingerprint registry too? Big Brother watching maybe?

    51. Mike C says:

      The problem is that reps from both parties voted for this, look at the vote, 19-2 with only two Republicans voting against it. This is part of the blame game that the media and our politicians are using in this "crisis." A crisis that a monkey could have predicted had you seen the credit scores of a subprime borrower. As a broker I used to ahake my head and tell people that you or I wouldn't lend these borrowers the money to buy a cup of coffee, they never paid anything on time in their life and now everyone else is being asked to pay the price. You can't even refi most of these borrowers out of trouble because when you look at their credti report they've gone and fiananced a new car, or my favorite, the Harley Davidson loan. Why should I be fingerprinted because of that? And just because others in the financial and insurance industies have already been fingerprinted doesn't make this or that right either. This is supposed to be a FREE country, but day by day it's being stolen from us by both sides of the isle.

    52. James, Milwaukee, WI says:

      Yes, the article is right. Fingerprinting these is wrong. What we should do is get a BUCCAL Swab of their DNA. Fingerprints are SO 19th century!!

    53. mary right says:

      Let's see now, we take footprints of all babies born in the U.S. then give them a Social Security number.

      We take fingerprints from all those arrested. We also take DNA from all felons.

      We install X Ray scanners at airports to do full body scans so see inside your rectum and "other places".

      We have wiretaps on your phone. We can to a warrent less search on your home. We call in the dogs when you are stopped for, speeding?, rear light out?, crossing the center line without signal?, whatever else an officer can think up??? Any money found while traveling with it on vacation becomes property of the state!

      And they had to cause 9/11 so we could go under lock down?

      Home of the free!!!

    54. DumbedDownByNCLB says:

      OK, lets avoid the facts that The Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act of 2008 was a bipartisan bill that was passed overwhelmingly in committee 19-2.

      The truth is that:

      Obama wrote the whole thing.

      Obama is black

      Obama hates freedom

      Obama is a muslim

      Obama has a Che poster in his office

      Obama rhymes with Osama, and Barack rhymes with Iraq

      Obama convinced the Banking Committe (which he isn't a part of) to pass this

      Obama is actually all of these people

      Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) Richard C. Shelby (R-AL)

      Tim Johnson (D-SD) Robert F. Bennett (R-UT)

      Jack Reed (D-RI) Wayne Allard (R-CO)

      Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) Michael B. Enzi (R-WY)

      Evan Bayh (D-IN) Chuck Hagel (R-NE)

      Tom Carper (D-DE) Jim Bunning (R-KY)

      Robert Menendez (D-NJ) Mike Crapo (R-ID)

      Daniel K. Akaka (D-HI) Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)

      Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Mel Martinez (R-FL)

      Robert P. Casey (D-PA) Bob Corker (R-TN)

      Jon Tester (D-MT)


    55. dbdenver says:

      Each small incremental loss of freedom all add up in the long run and become the end of this country as we know it if we let it continue. Only criminals should have their fingerprints taken. Pretty soon, we'll need to submit to buy food. My daughter needs to have her's taken so she can volunteer with the children at church??? Wake up America. Shut off the sit com's and see what is happening.

    56. Memphis TN says:

      I dont support Obama. However, isn't it interesting that the people complaining about this topic never once complain about fingerprinting in the securities industry or if you work for the government. So what makes the mortgage industry different than the securities industry? They deal directly with money and have alot of shady deals we read about everyday. Just look at the high risk prime & variable lending practices have directly on our economy. We are now in a recession due in part because of them. I have worked in the securities industry for several years and had to get fingerprinted in order to practice in the financial business. The residential industry is now realing from the effects of their disasterous practice. The Federal Reserve & Government are having to bail them out. Top management gets to keep their jobs, salaries, and golden parachutes while we "the people" pay for their mistakes. So if the government who is bailing out the residential industry now wants to regulate them-They deserve it!

    57. ItsGonna Get-WORSE, says:

      Big brother is watching.

      Orwellian times approaching.

      WHERE are the cries about 'our rights'???

      Evil man? as in AntiChrist? maybe…

      "show me your friends and I'll show you your future"

      God BLESS America!!!

    58. Mary-Beth, Whitney T says:

      "Jake, Oklahoma writes:

      This sounds exactly like the type of thing that the Bush authored PATRIOT Act would support. Why do conservatives think this type of action is perfectly fine if it comes from a Republican, but “evil” if it comes from a Democrat?"

      Why do you think most conservatives don't want the PATRIOT ACT? Ron Paul is the only candidate not "controlled" by Bildebergers. Now – you get it.

    59. Fred, Maryland says:

      Teh big issue I have with this is that it is the FEDERAL government requiring and estabishing this database. I can understand why a STATE government in its regulatory process might wnat such a database, but I can see no reason for the feds to have one – unless, of course, it si a test project to develop a FEDERAL ID and fingerprint and DNA sample us all – As far as the Democrats go, one only has to look at the state of Maryland to see how even "little brother" cna take away rights, our governor, Martin O'Mallwy, wants to take DNA samples from every person charged for any crime, regardless of guilt or innocence. Now, hwat do you think the government is going to do with that information?

    60. Thinking Person says:

      Get a grip people – you have a problem with registering your fingerprints – have something to hide, huh? I need you to tell all those families whose kids are kidnapped and murdered each year and all those victims of crimes who became (or are going to become) victims in the first place because these criminals can't get caught – i need you to tell these victims and their families why you're against this.

    61. James Bond says:

      Obama is not a Marxist. Stop spreading fear or should I ask, How much is Karl Rove paying you? I have no problem hassling bankers and mortgage people, because the don't mind hassling you when it comes to your money and theirs. Think of all the hoops they make you jump through to get a mortgage, or all the people the ripped off with the "INTEREST ONLY LOANS". I say what goes around comes around.

    62. LOL says:


      Wouldn't we all prefer to have the MARX BROTHERS come back and skip all this ugliness??? LOL.

    63. GW says:

      Seig Hiel! Hussein!

    64. Dan, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Some of you blogger need to get a grip. Finger printing is use for medical record technology.

    65. MG Brown Fort Worth, says:

      I've never once seen a set of fingerprints stop a criminal from committing a crime! Criminals are just that, criminals. They flaunt the rules and harm people. They care not one bit that Big Brother (which keeps getting bigger) has a set of their prints.. Just another feel good measure brought to you by our friendly neighborhood Socialist!

    66. SEW says:

      But let the terrorists communicate freely with each other! Barry08

    67. GB says:

      To all of you that are still delusional:

      This country stopped being a traditional democracy a long time ago. We live in a different age. This is an age when exercising common decency and being morally upright are viewed as a weakness. I live in NYC and I see evidence of this everyday.

      And besides, being fingerprinted does not mean that our liberties are being taken away either. It is simply a safeguard; it will keep those morally bankrupt citizens in check and prevent their virus from spreading. Every teacher, every social worker that deals with children, and many others must be fingerprinted. Do you hear them crying "FOUL". You already have a number that the government uses to identify you no matter where you go. Whats the difference?

    68. Graham Chicago says:

      David Georgia, I am a Financial Analyst and I agree with you about figer printing in our industry. Industry however, is not government. That is the scary part!

    69. Walter- USA says:

      What is on her arm?

      Looks like lizard skin.

    70. GW says:

      It will all be ok Obama knows best…He'll take care of you. "_______(fill in the blank with your favorite oppressed group) shouldn't have to suffer any more because of the failed Bush policies" And "________(fill in your favorite cause) is something I believe should be cured/solved/ or irradicated"

      I could right his speeches in my sleep. The sad fact of the matter is we US Americans are going to elect Barack HUSSEIN Obama president BECAUSE he is black. Not because of any experience or because of any plans he may have (hasn't explained any ways of acheiving his goals). Well hopefully the next Next Liberal, Socialist leaning, Elitist, Racist, that runs for high office will be run out of town, even if he is black. BTW for all you "hate America First" types. the olympics is coming, check the opening cerimonies for all the "diversity" of all those "free thinking" countries you love so much.

    71. Jason, Fort Lauderda says:

      As with gun control legislation, only law-abiding citizens obey laws. Those wishing to circumvent the law will find the ways and means to do so. In the process, law-abiding citizens will be required to relinquish their right-to-privacy in order to do business. And the old mantra will be used once again; "If you're not doing anything wrong, why would you have a problem with it?"

    72. Spencer says:

      You people are all insane, chicken littles. Get a grip, get a clue and everyone just relax. Put down the copy of 1984 take a look at the facts about what we already do in this country and the good has brought. Wow, I have never visited this site before and now I know why. You are all insane.

    73. Dave, Longwood FL says:

      Get rid of Martinez NOW! What An A$$. Dan from Phoenix needs to learn about the US Constitution and freedom that he is happy to give to the govt. Dude, wake up.

    74. FATBOB says:

      Yeah we need to fingerprint the "mortgage lenders" but not the "illegal voters"… to liberal Marxists like Obama, that makes perfect sense! Another fine example of moonbat moral relativism!

    75. GW says:

      Perhaps if we just had a camera inserted directly in our Arse's, the world would be a safer place. and just think no more colon cancer as a bonus!! woo woo !

    76. OilForAMerica says:

      Can you say COmmie?

    77. Dave, NJ says:

      Hmmmm……….first Obama states that he couldn't leave his church because it would be like dis-owning the black community…or his 'white' Grandma……….

      Of course he now leaves……dis-owning the black community and his 'white' Grandma…….

      Now he wants even more Government and more intrusion into everyones lives…..the mortgage brokers are found out AFTER the crime has already been commited. What justification can there possibly be?

      Where does 'required' finger-printing end???

    78. P-Low says:

      It's Gonna Get Worst, only if people like you are allowed to blog. Some people don't even deserve the right especially the ones who go around dropping statments to stir up trouble. It's strange how these people never do their own dirty work but always inject hatred and fear into the equation. Why don't you and othere like you just shut the %$%##$@ up! You had your chance and look where it has gotten us.

    79. Wayne B says:

      Marxist! He passes the tests, walks like a Marxist, Talks like a Marxist, votes like a Marxist….. IS a MARXIST.

    80. P-Low says:


    81. Brian - Wisconsin says:

      Based on the many patriotic sentiments expressed here, I believe the American People have realized that we've lost the Republic and must fight to get it back. Sad that it took this long but promising in that it appears many of us still love and understand what it means and what it takes to be a free people.

    82. Kody says:

      When I watch those games I will be amazed by how a country that has such little diversity can think so freely, yet in a country like ours that is the most diverse anywhere we still can't get past the thinking of generations past. I think America's best years are still in front of her. Once all you washed up, inverted thinking, self serving, blind faith loving, hypocrite, faux-patriots die off a new generation will be able to looking forward because they won't have the lifetime of hate that we have had to suffer through and look back on with regret and resentment.

    83. Jack, New York says:

      JP Morgan Chase as of 6/7 requires fingerprints on payroll checks to cash the check in the branch. My employees had to do this last Fri. Inkpads at the teller windows. These checks are then scanned into (fill in the blank). Any other banks do this?? God help us all

    84. Jean-Ohio says:

      Nurses and nurses aids all must submit their fingerprints to get their licenses.

      To those who try to spread rumors to scare people about Obama, I must say I voted for JFK. He was a Catholic and no President had been a Catholic.

      We had the same scare tactics then. All I heard was what a "scary man" he was. The Pope would run the country. Birth control ( which was quite new) would be outlawed. Women would be forced to have a dozen children to increase the number of Catholics in this country. JFK would not be able to anything with out the Pope's approval. If people cherished their freedom they needed to "wake up" and be sure he was not elected.

      Yup- been there heard that!

    85. Paul says:

      The Anti-Christ is among us. The mark of the beast.

    86. Schratboy, Boulder C says:

      These self-important idiots just create more and more laws to justify their existence and think NOTHING of the consequences. The idea of any group being required, mortgage or otherwise, is repugnant.

    87. Kody says:

      Commie? You hacks really need to read up before you insult. Communism is branch off from socialism that aims to create a classless society. Educate yourself please. Spewing O'Reillyisms really does nothing to prove a point. Its just spreads the hate.

      And for the Ron Paul lovers. That whack jobs wants to throw into a state of extreme nationalism that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence. His ideas makes sense in theory, and if you used any one or two of his ideas the results would most likely be positive in the short term. You can't just take one of two ideas, you have to look at the whole way of thinking. The guy is a loon!

    88. ColonelLeftTard says:

      Commie? You hacks really need to read up before you insult. Communism is branch off from socialism that aims to create a classless society. Educate yourself please. Spewing O'Reillyisms really does nothing to prove a point. Its just spreads the hate.

      And for the Ron Paul lovers. That whack jobs wants to throw into a state of extreme nationalism that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence. His ideas makes sense in theory, and if you used any one or two of his ideas the results would most likely be positive in the short term. You can't just take one of two ideas, you have to look at the whole way of thinking. The guy is a loon!

    89. Brian, CA says:

      Some of you are the exact reason we have these issues. Comments like "wow, I can't believe it is coming from the Left." Do any of you even know what the "Left" and "Leftism" stands for?

      left-?wing adjective

      (having opinions which are) radical, socialist or communist

      Obama is a Marxist, if you can't see that then you are truly a moron.

    90. T.S. Atlanta says:

      I happened on this article by chance and after reading a few posts, I decided to reply. I am a fingerprint examiner and compare fingerprints from crime scenes to fingerprint cards. For the life of me, I cannot see how this is infringing on someone's privacy or liberties. The mortgage industry created half of the problems in the economy we are facing today, as Americans. In fact, it affects the entire world financial institutions. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and permanent. It is used as means of identification throughout the world. You have to give fingerprints to cash a check in banking institutions. There are biometric scanners being tested in grocery stores to speed check out. Frankly, with all of the identity theft I see in my line of work, I would gladly opt in to being identified by my fingerprint. Why? Because it is mine and nobody else has one that looks exacly the same. I don't feel that my "civil liberties" are being violated by having my prints taken. Need I remind everyone, unless you go around all day wearing gloves, your prints are being left everywhere you touch without you even knowing it. So, who cares if they create a national registry for the mortgage industry. If you are on the up and up, then there is nothing to worry about. Just another measure I feel, is being put in place to help protect us all, as Americans.

    91. Brian, CA says:

      Some of you are the exact reason we have these issues. Comments like "wow, I can't believe it is coming from the Left." Do any of you even know what the "Left" and "Leftism" stands for?

      left-wing adjective

      (having opinions which are) radical, socialist or communist

      Obama is a Marxist, if you can't see that then you are truly a moron.

    92. Mike M, Boston says:

      And these are the SAME people that carp about monitoring FOREIGN phone calls to and from the USA that can help prevent another 9/11? Next they'll want a chip implanted under the skin of every newborn infa …. er wait, they're already talking about that too aren't they? Where Hillary is just another vanilla Marxist wannabe, Obama IS the real deal comrade!

    93. Kev says:

      Do I have to register my fingerprint if I already have a biochip implanted in my forehead? There is no real differance between the Dems and Rep. They both want to control you, it's just a matter of how to do it

    94. Gordito Mojito says:

      I like the micro-chip in the wrist idea. This will cut down on fraud and protect us from ourselves.

      Equality at the Expense of Liberty is Communism.

    95. BlueMax372, Florida says:

      I'm all for starting a recall petition for Mellow Mel Martinez. With Republicans like him, who needs socialists?

    96. ED-OHIO says:

      Checked with all my Democratic friends and relatives and can`t find one who says they are going to vote for Obama. Are they lying or is he in big trouble? How about our Democratic Congress, who said if we elected them they would fix high gas prices when it was $2.25/gallon. They are making a Bush`s third term and a Republican Congress looking better and better. Too bad Bush isn`t running again.

    97. kelly, tx says:

      you people are retarded. they want to fingerprint individuals who WORK for the mortgage industry – not fingerprint every American. And as an individual who works for the mortgage industry, someone who handles people's financial information daily, I don't see it as a bad thing. This is no different then employers drug-testing their employees.

    98. Jim In NY says:

      What are you so worried about? If your a law abiding person give it up..your already controlled. Stop crying. If I were you i would be more worried about what your government is up to.Life as we knew it is over.. Its poor and rich..Fall in line..

    99. Jason, Fort Lauderda says:

      T.S. Atlanta; First, just because the mortgage industry created the problem doesn't warrant the government infringing on law-abiding citizen's right-to-privacy. Second, if you want to voluntarily offer your fingerprints to the government agency of your choosing, that's your right, it's also my right to refuse to do so. Third, I may go around touching things and in the process leave my fingerprints behind, but I have committed no crime in the past and therefore, the government should have no way of tracking those prints back to me. Ever seen the Minority Report? eerily similar.

      I guess you would also agree that if you've done nothing wrong than what's the harm in the government taking your DNA while they're searching for a murder/rape suspect. Or how about them coming into your home just to take a look around? Or stopping your car to rummage through your trunk? If you've done nothing wrong, you should have no problem with that.

    100. Sean, Houston, Tx says:

      The end times as stated by the bible. Earthquakes will happen in places that have not seen them before, a one world currency will come about, we will all be required to have an identification to purchase or trade anything, great famine will come over the world. Falling dollar, global catastrophies, high fuel prices and food shortages have all been predicted in the bible. Should any of this suprise you?

    101. Jimmy - Coppell, TX says:

      If we are going to require fingerprints and drug tests to apply for and and in some cases keep a job, why not require fingerprints and drug tests for those people drawing unemployment and welfare checks? Or for that matter people seeking free health care? We have too many people taking advantage of a liberal system and most of them are politicians (both sides of the room). They are pandering to people who are desperate for help just to get their vote. I think Texas should once again be a Republic. No state income tax and a right to work.

    102. Brian, Colorado Spri says:

      "Paul writes:

      The Anti-Christ is among us. The mark of the beast."

      So that is what McCain's skin graph was for? WOW!

    103. Randolph Phillips, says:

      Of course, Obama supports fingerprint registry. It's the collectivist way. He's a marxist, he believes in government control. Remember Lenin, Stalin, Mao? He's their political descendant.

    104. Chris, Michigan says:

      As most of you should know, anyone who works in (or even marginally for) the Securities industry has their fingerprints nationally registered. Expanding the registry to include the Mortgage industry is not that big of a deal.

    105. Phillip J Hubbell - says:

      First of all, the people of the United States are not going to wake up. The parasite class has exceeded the host class and they can now vote themselves access to your assets. It mob rule and Obama will be doing the bidding of the mob as they will have put him into power. To bad really…this was once a nice country.

    106. Jim, WV says:

      Legislation yields inflammatory CEI analysis yields misleading blog post yields conspiracy theorist responses. The bill doesn't create a national fingerprint registry.

      Here's another way of looking at the bill:

      "Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) on Wednesday introduced a bill that would create national licensing standards for mortgage brokers and lenders, and a national database for consumers to check credentials of brokers and lenders.

      "'Today, there are no national standards for mortgage brokers and lenders,' Feinstein said in the release. 'And there is only a thin patchwork of regulation by the states. This has allowed unsavory lenders and brokers to take advantage of borrowers, and contributed to the subprime mortgage crisis. This legislation would reverse that. It would ensure that every mortgage broker and lender in the United States is trained, licensed, and has no record of impropriety. This will help boost confidence in our lending system and protect consumers.'"

      Argue against regulation if you choose, but leave out the histrionics about chip implants and communist conspiracies — they insult actual policy analysis and informed debate.

    107. Kenny Eden Prairie M says:

      This is just another one of many examples of anti-americanism. Obama is for fingerprinting us, but against all of Bush's ideas on how to fight terrorism, even though both violate our freedoms of privacy.

      I would compare this to the ACLU way of protecting atheism, illegals, criminals, pedophiles, the list goes on and on, but then they dont protect regular americans

    108. F. Reedom says:

      Hello People: time for a lesson. Mortgage brokers do not set policy on who gets a loan. Suprised? yeah, well, shock number 2. it's not the Banker who tells them how to write the paper and does the due dillegence either. Wow? who could it be? Hmmm. THINK! It's the Fed! So who gets the blame for not dropping rates in April '07 when there was time to stop this? Gee, could it be the FED? And so now you demonize the messenger who lent you the money you couldn't wait to get, and not the politcians who refused to drop the rates when there was still time? (Check MSNB archives)

      More Regulation will result in your loans being denied; credit elitists and arrogant fellow travelers will find soon enough their own soup line in this Depression ( yes, sorry to break it, but it IS a Depression ) If you don't lend to the masses you're home won't be worth a burrow's assets. Politicians aren't lenders, and loans don't fly outta monkeys butts. You people who want regulations are gonna get the banking sector you deserve,and suprise, banks have an insitutional aversion to long term loans. When John Doe can't get a loan, you, Mr. High and Mighty,won't be able to sell your home and will face foreclosure and the bread line. That's called Economics, folks.

    109. L.M. says:

      I don't necessarily agree with it, but the SEC already requires all brokers, exchange members, etc. to be fingerprinted. Why should mortgage brokers be any different?

    110. Brian - Wisconsin says:

      Jason from Fort Lauderdale – Thank you. Well stated.

      Benjamin Franklin:

      "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins."

    111. Irishspacemonk, Port says:

      Perhaps when you have an industry that attracts a lot of unsavory schemes that prey on the uniformed, it's not such a bad idea. When you get ripped off by a mortgage company, and you have no way of tracking down who sold you a bad bill of goods, you'll probably be glad there was some accountability and oversight.

    112. Tom in Mohnton PA says:

      Just EXACTLY what is it going to take to wake-up Americans understanding our very FREEDOM is at a high risk of being LOST with ANY form of LIBERAL LEADERSHIP in our blessed country? We're going to lose American GREATNESS along with American EXCEPTIONALISM!

    113. A. Lendel says:

      You'll take my fingerprints over my dead body!

    114. Brian, CT says:

      proof that Dems are the ones that believe in big government. And to think Liberals where complaining about the patriot act…which is actually usuful and meant to protect us and fight terrorism.

      God help us if that marxist in democrats' clothing is elected is elected.

    115. Jennifer, SC says:

      Well, I work in the securities industry and upon applying for my licensing to sell investments, had to submit my fingerprints to the SEC. Now, whether they have kept those in a database or not, I have no clue. I can see where the government is coming from in requiring people involved in real estate (which is an investment) to be fingerprinted and have a background check in order to maintain consistency with the investment industry, BUT I feel there is absolutely no need to maintain them in a registry after the initial check. I only hope that the government doesn't overstep its bounds by requiring everyone register their fingerprints. You have a choice right now about whether you want to sacrifice your fingerprint data to work in a certain industry, but when the day comes where everyone is required to submit fingerprint data simply to be databased, THAT will be when the government will have completely overstepped its bounds.

    116. Liz, Tennessee says:

      Fingerprinting all the teachers worked well didn't it? Not a day goes by without a teacher being caught trying to molest a student and then what happens? They move to another state and do it again. The fingerprinting stopped NOTHING.

      This isn't about the mortgage industry, it is about a national database. They have no way to track the fingerprints of all these people anymore than they have been able to track teachers.

      If they want to protect consumers as they claim, they should ALL resign and let us get a Congress in there which will close our borders and drill for oil in our country. We have foreign countries drilling 50 miles off our coasts and STILL the CLUELESS Congress tries to appease the enviro-wackos……..

    117. Liz, Tennessee says:

      In just one year Remember the election in 2006?

      Thought you might like to read the following. A little over one year ago:

      1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;

      2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;

      3) The unemployment rate was 4.5%.

      Since voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006 we have seen:

      1) Consumer confidence plummet;

      2) The cost of regular gasoline soar to over $3.50 a gallon;

      3) Unemployment is up to 5% (a 10% increase);

      4) American households have seen $2.3 trillion in equity value evaporate (stock

      And mutual fund losses);

      5) Americans have seen their home equity drop by $1.2 trillion dollars;

      6) 7% of American homes are in foreclosure.

      America voted for change in 2006, and we got it! A change for the worse and they are adding new bills everyday to take our money and our freedoms.

      Remember it's Congress that makes law not the President. He has to work with what's handed to him.

      Quote of the Day……..'My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it.' — Barack Obama

      AND ON TAXES>>>>>>>

      Taxes…Whether Democrat or a Republican you will find these statistics enlightening and amazing.


      Taxes under Clinton 1999 Taxes under Bush 2008

      Single making 30K – tax $8,400 Single making 30K – tax $4,500

      Single making 50K – tax $14,000 Single making 50K – tax $12,500

      Single making 75K – tax $23,250 Single making 75 K – tax $18,750

      Married making 60K – tax $16,800 Married making 60K- tax $9,000

      Married making 75K – tax $21,000 Married making 75K – tax $18,750

      Married making 125K – tax $38,750 Married making 125K – tax $31,250

      Both democratic candidates will return to the higher tax rates.

      It is amazing how many people that fall into the categories above think Bush is screwing them and Bill Clinton was the greatest President ever. If Obama or Hillary are elected, they both say they will repeal the Bush tax cuts and a good portion of the people that fall into the categories above can't wait for it to happen. This is like the movie The Sting with Paul Newman; you scam somebody out of some money and they don't even know what happened.

    118. George Kastanza, NYC says:

      I don't know what all the hub-bub is about here. You clowns seem to think that one of these people is any different than the other. That "electing" one over the other is going to change anything. I've got news for you, it will not. Obama, Hillary, MCSame (or 4 more years of Bush for that matter) – nothing will change. A giant toilette has been flushed and we are the turd. We've left the side of the bowl and our rate of revolution is increasing. It’s only a matter of time before we’re so dizzy that it won’t matter anymore.

      If you think fingerprinting is bad, wait till they start chipping people. It's coming – MARK my words, pardon the pun.

      Hey, how about them gas prices?

      George Kastanza

      Vandelay Industries, INC.

    119. Matt from Texas says:

      Just read the Audacity of Hope… Then tell me if you think this guy should run the greatest Democracy on the planet.

    120. Faye Las Vegas says:

      Elect Obama and we get four years of DARKNESS!!! Is that what we want????

    121. TWO WAR VET, NY says:

      Why stop with fingerprints? How about a DNA registry?


    122. Sam, Boston MA says:

      And so it begins. Next it will be bankers, bus drivers, police, and soon we'll all be either chipped, or fingerprinted or our DNA will be on file for, "the protection" of people. This well-intentioned program will in the end be evil. We need to starve government and get them out of our lives. Vote McCain for a tiny bit better candidate (but not that much)!

    123. Andrew says:

      Heck, 90% of Obama's supporters have already been finger printed for one reason or another – of course he would support it.

    124. Bill, FL says:

      Lets see if he's interested in fingerprinting of all residents of public housing?!? THEN the howling of injustice will begin!

    125. Manny Ramirez, ID says:

      I don't like the looks of this Obama fellow.

      Brian Darling, on the other hand. I like the way that guy thinks. I'd vote for him.

    126. John Florida says:

      There is a rumor afoot that Mbombo is the antichrist.

    127. Dan says:

      And today Hussein Obama stated he wanted to BAIL OUT everyone who irresponsibly bought a house that they could NOT afford or were too stupid to not read the terms while people like myself who bought a house they could afford and make their payments should PAY FOR THE losers who cannot! Screw this communist pig. I really hope people aren't stupid enough to vote for him. We will be plunged into a depression like you've never known if his plans are put into place. You think Bush has us in debt? It will look like pocket change when this guy (who Hamas supports) is done.

    128. Derek, Austin says:

      it passed 19-2 in committee. So all those who are yelling about how evil Obama is because of this, why don't you mention the others? Besides, as many have listed here, fingerprinting is not a new thing for industries like this. Those in securities have had to, this is a similiar business

    129. GW says:

      Kody said "Once all you washed up, inverted thinking, self serving, blind faith loving, hypocrite, faux-patriots die off " Spoken like a true peace loving genius. ( a mirror would be handy Kody)

    130. vloxy, dallas says:

      suicide is an out

    131. Roy Dallas says:


      you comment about ending a democracy is a bit off the mark. We are and have always been a republic. Democracy is where the citizen vote on every issue; a republic elect representatives to vote for them. Look at the mess or representatives have made of the republic!

    132. Alfalfa says:

      The capitalist system of democracy is devouring itself. The short-run experiment is on the precipice of failure as it's peoples silently proclaim that God is dead.

    133. Matthew, Delaware says:

      How is this ruining our freedoms? You can't get a 'real job' almost anywhere without getting fingerprinted.

    134. MJ in California says:

      I am a licensed real estate broker who specializes in mortgage origination, and I also happen to have a California notary commission (license)…a requirement to be a licensed notary in California is that you be fingerprinted (the license is granted through the office of the California Secretary of State), and I received my commission 6 years ago, so this fingerprinting thing is nothing new to me.

      That being said, I do have issue with the so-called 'mortgage meltdown/subprime crisis' being blamed on people like myself (brokers).

      It is the investors on Wall Street who created the loan programs that got some homeowners in trouble, they then marketed said programs to brokers and lenders, who used the programs to get people into the properties they wanted or the cash out of their equity they wanted/needed.

      Albeit there were some brokers and/or loan officers who did not make sure that their client fully understood that the pay option ARM or other adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is something they should keep a close eye on and/or have a game plan to get out of when it becomes adjustable should the index it was tied to rise sharply (in particular the subprime ones that had really high margins), not all people in this business are shady and/or have no consideration of the long-term for the borrower (well over 50% of my business is repeat customers and their referrals, so a well taken care of customer is a must).

      I guess what I'm trying to say is; don't just place blame on the brokers… the investors, banks/lenders, and customers had a hand in this stuff as well.

      Just my .02

    135. NYKevin, Boston says:

      Employees of Banks and Broker/Dealers are already printed, as are Lawyers, Doctors, teachers, cops and firemen and many other professions, so is that a big deal? I think not.

      The Term "National Registry" is designed to cause concern. Isn't there alredy some central place where prints are kept and processed?

      I'm not seeing any injury if they do this. If someone can tell me what the harm is I'll reconsider

    136. Diane says:

      Eff it. I will never agree to this. Idiots.

    137. GW says:

      hmmmnnn…National ID? Chips in your hand? National fingerprint registree? Too bad they couldn't convice everyone to carry a chip in thier pockets, one that might monitor thier where-abouts within a few meters, one that might even tell them who and how often we communicate with. Maybe even et us to pay for the privalage? We'ed never stand for it! Never! Not Here in the US!! (unless we got "free roll over" minits) Can You Hear Me Now?

    138. KB, Virginia says:

      Those who say "my state is already doing it, so what's the big deal?" are missing the point. The big deal is that States have the right to decide when, if ever, fingerprints should be collected. The Federal government has no such right. And for Obama and the Dems to scream about Bush and his "cronies" invading our privacy should make you realize the liberal "saviors" aren't all they'd like you to think they are.

    139. GW says:

      Alfalfa, this "short lived experiment" happens to be the oldest standing system in the world, all have fallen yet we, alone, remain. God has Blessed the USA.

    140. Dan says:

      Let's see, Obama believes that the Government owns everything you earn and should be spent as they see fit. He feels more welfare programs should be developed for the lazy and more of my money should go to these people. Who the hell does he think he is? Punishing people who earn a living and work hard and make their mortgage payments on time? What a COMMUNIST. Talk about the biggest dreg and loser people could have ever come up with for a candidate.

      And don't even get me going on Black Liberation theology..

      Healthcare: Lazy pigs who don't work will have the same healthcare that I do but I should pay for it because I do work? Again that is Communism. If you are for him that is what you are for.

    141. Matt says:

      Holy Crap!!!!!!!!

      And some Paul supporters are pushing this guy? Bad confused sheeple!

    142. Nermin, Chicago says:

      I worked for Investment bank last year. First day I started there I was required to take a fingerprint as a part of the "Criminal Background Check" – no one accused of fraud is allowed to work for an Investment Bank. I am told that the regular Banks do the same. Could this real-estate fingerprinting be a part of the same thing – an effort to protect consumer from fraudulent "Mortgage Originators" – by comparing records to the FBI criminal DB?

    143. munge, San Francisco says:

      I never thought I'd see the day where the unelectable, geriatric Republican candidate would be elevated to the presidency — again. We Democrats have got to finally understand that electoral history clearly states that it takes empathy with *all* voters who – identify – as – Democrats in order to be elected president. Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, Truman….whether by accident, or design, or merely a part of 'fortunate but clueless' majority, it's just the way it is. If Obama is the logical heir of Kennedy, remember that Kennedy won by ballot-box stuffing in Chicago (and yes, Bush Florida etc) — only Clinton, Carter and Johnson won in clear by reassuring the 'fortunate but clueless' majority that the White House and the Administration would 'reflect' their concerns, for lack of a more tactful way to put it. Those of you who "Believe" that we are beyond that hegemony are sadly misguided.

    144. Irishspacemonk, Port says:

      Most of the conservative, right-wing comments here are pretty hilarious. Isn't it Bush and his cohorts that insist that wiretaps don't need warrants? talk about invasion of privacy. Getting finger printed for a job in a particular sector is hardly a big deal … you have the freedom to choose a profession with less privacy intrusion, but no one deserves private conversations recorded with justification.

    145. Dennis , moncure, nc says:

      All I can say people is take advantage of your 2nd amendment rights while you can!…………we are going to need them!

    146. MarkD, Orange CA says:

      Real Estate appraisers have to be fingerprinted, why not lenders? Appraisers cannot be convicted felons, maybe if the same applied to lenders some things would be different.

    147. Javier, Tamarac says:

      Ok guys, did you actually read the release? How is requiring mortgage brokers to submit fingerprints creating a National Registry? Are there really THAT many people working in the industry. I agree about Obama being a control freak that will socialize our government, but I don't think this is a springboard to sweeping identification reforms.

    148. Josh Taber, Palmer L says:

      OH GREAT! :/ What's next? Electronic chip in everyone? Scary!

    149. Concerned Citizen, D says:

      This is no different than any person who works in an industry critical to the well-being of the nation and other citizens to be thoroughly vetted and checked for criminal pasts. Either way a case can be made for regular folk to be similarly vetted as well. Do you REALLY know who that contractor working on your home is? How about the power company employee? Your babysitter? I say fingerprint them all and weed out the known crooks! And if any turn into crooks later you've already got their prints.

      Of course, that brings up the old question: who will watch the watchers???

    150. Tal Farlow Milledgev says:


    151. ricardo maxwell, Ora says:

      It won't be enough to reject the Marxist/socialist O'bama (the Irish Candidate, LOL) because you will still the get the socialist lite, McCain. America must also reject any and all liberals, Democrats, and "moderate", Country club, spend happy RINO's (Republicans In Name Only).

    152. Jane, Florida says:

      Get your facts straight John. The only domestic calls the government listens too are those that come from out of country terrorists, you have a problem with that? I don't. But I do have a problem with being cataloged.

    153. Roy Dallas says:

      Munge, For your information Clinton never won a majority; he won a pularity. Also remember that it was Gore who took the case to the Supreme Court and even the "liberal" justices voted against him. The constitution says that the electorial college selects a president, not the number of votes cast. The DNC decided that certain votes don't count. If they did count HRC would be the democratice nominee. Obama makes the case the it would not be fair to count Michigan since he took his name off the ballot. He also states that he has good judgement. Had he good judgement he would not have taken his name off the ballot.

    154. 1round says:

      Who ever said Bush was a conservative?

    155. Roy Dallas says:

      Irishspacemonk, Portland, OR

      Why should a warrant be obtained to listen to a terrorist in another country; or in this country?

      For you taht blame Bush for the Patriot Act please remember he was against it; the dems were the ones who insisted on creating it. Luckily Bush threatened to veto it unless they toned it down. What we have is the toned down version.

    156. Smart American Woma says:

      All of your anti-Obama posts are a bunch of bull. Run scared people, because the criminals will be caught!

      In the banking industry it is common practice to be fingerprinted. In certain industries it is required and the right thing to do.

      Sen. Obama above all people protect civil rights, it's his whole passion.

      Why are you all so afraid to be protected from those who escape penalty and who steal money from the little people? The banking industry and realestate industry has caused our markets and our dollar to be worthless. Someone needs to be held responsible.

      You're acting like babies. Grow up, no one is taking away your right to freedon – just your right to be crooked and get away with it.

    157. ricardo maxwell says:

      Sara NYC: First, get a dictionary. Second, learn English.

      I am making a guess here that your point is a fingerprint registry can be equated with a citizen registry that can be equated with a voter registry. Well, Sara, they are 3 different things. A fingerprint (or set of prints) should only be mandatory for criminals or suspected criminals. Other fingerprint registries are used for missing children or for voluntary background checks. This requiring fingerprints for mortgage brokers in just bs. It is part of the smoke and mirrors the left wing is using to place the blame for the mortgage crisis on lenders. If the liberals weren't crying to "Give EVERYBODY a home loan or you are discriminating", we wouldn't be in this mess. So they got what they asked for. Relaxed rules made it easier for deadbeats and speculators with little or no capital or credit to purchase homes.

      We already have a citizen registry of sorts, Social Security! And your number is everywhere by now.

      Voter registration rolls are kept by county, I believe, and contain the names and addresses of the legally registered voters. They require an official ID to register and one should be required to produce an official ID to vote.

    158. Rancho Del Valkyrie, says:

      Can You spell G-E-O-R-G-E S-O-R-O-S?

    159. Shawna, Austin says:

      Last time I cashed a check at Bank of America, they collected my fingerprint. So it's OK for the financial industry to fingerprint customers, but not for the people to have access to the financial industry's info? Hmmm. Oh, and government wiretapping – that's still OK, right?

    160. The Outlander says:

      Democrat and presidential candidate Barack Obama supports this proposal and in doing so demonstrates his utter contempt for Freedom. As the presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party his actions speak for them as well.

      Thank you for your time.


    161. kirk says:

      Why mortgage lending and real estate workers?

      Anyway, everyone should buy a gun now for protection. If this guy is harmed in office, there'll be riots like we've never seen. No one is thinking about that. That possible terror event will be the greatest we face. Thanks media for pushing this guy on the American people.

    162. Teresa, Mpls says:

      HA.. you think that is bad – this is just the beginning…

      And please, if you will, come and visit Minneapolis where our Mayor RT Rybak has issued a new ordinance that we cannot leave our vehicles idling for more than 3 minutes unless we are in traffic!

      LOL – Try that when its zero degrees F. and the ice is so thick on your windshield it takes 20 minutes to unthaw.

      It's just unbelievable, all of it.

      We in trouble people – unless we stand up. Big Brother Cometh!

    163. Tawine, delaware says:

      Someone mentioned that police officers will have to be finger printed next? Is this a joke b/c they are already in the database. Also, there are many brokers and lenders that prey on those that aren't knowledgeable of the home buying process. Had a friend who was told she could use land inherited as collateral but later found out that it could possibly have a lien (old records) and the deposit she made was gone, gone, gone… Now the broker that she paid all her fees to is MIA and now she has to come up with the money to do this all over again. That person is probably robbing someone else right now.

    164. Fed Up Senior -- Jer says:

      And here all this time, I thought that "Big Brother" was white!

    165. Bob, Chicago, IL says:

      Why shouldn't they get the same Big Brother treatment the rest of us get? I had to give full hand prints to the FBI to adopt a child. I later found that my hand prints had been added to a national database of terrorists and criminals, later to become an international database. No good deed should go unpunished, eh?

      Soon they will be building DNA databases just like the UK. If there is a rape or murder in the UK they collect DNA from everyone in the city. They say it's "voluntary", but if you refuse then you instantly become a suspect, because "why wouldn't an innocent person want their DNA collected and permanently added to a national database?" Yeah, what possible reason would there be for that?

      And to those who spout "I'm innocent, what do I have to hide?", don't forget that DNA has also gotten hundreds of innocent people off death row. Most people, police and politicians included, could not withstand minute scrutiny. As free people we shouldn't be expected to.

    166. Paul R. Bear says:

      Fingerprinting free people not involved in sensitive and classified work or incarcerated in the prison system is un-American and evil. It's one more attempt to control and condition us to Big Brother. Look at England. That's where our big government liberals want to take us. It wills start with the housing people, who are unpopular right now. Then it will expand and creep til' we're all under it. Fingerprints don't stop crime and wouldn't prevent the LEGAL manipulation of the housing market that led to the problems we're suffering from now. Don't support this insanity.

      Enjoy-Paul R. Bear

    167. Hans, Charlotte says:

      This is about a specific industry which has grown fat with the greed of culprits and fraud, not general liberty infringement. As far as that goes, do you think it's not an infringement to have your picture taken for a driver's license or have to be stripped at airport security? A lot of people on this site are quite paranoid. If this is infringement, at least it will be based on transparent law, not secreted behind closed doors or a rendition locations as perpetrated by You Know Who!!

    168. Ralph Cavolo says:

      Said the officer to the citizen," Where are your papters?, Where are your stars?" Circa 1939, any Ghetto in Eastern Europe. Didn't work then, Mr. Obama, It won't work now.

    169. Matthew, Florida says:

      What's the fuss? Fingerprint registration has been required of employees in all industries that handle financial transactions EXCEPT mortgages since 1934. See 1934 SEC ACT.

      This includes bankers, brokers, financial planners etc. The mortgage industry, because of the real estate lobby, has kept itself exempt for too long. If the mortgage industry had their own SEC, people would not have been sold the junk mortgages they now own.

      Fingerprint registry is not new. It is many, many decades old. Don't let the Real Estate lobby package this as something it isn't. They should have never been exempt from this practice in the first place. They are using your niavity to make a good solution look bad.

    170. Stormin Norman in Ph says:

      Assuming these sky-is-falling posts are on the level as opposed to being trolls, my question is, Could y'all be any more paranoid? Do you wear aluminum foil hats to keep out the laser beams? Did you all get dropped on your heads — repeatedly — as children? My God, stop embarrassing yourselves.

    171. Aaron, Texas says:

      James Bond,

      So it is the mortgagee's industries fault for people taking loans they can't afford??? These people are in a bind because they are greedy and trying to keep up with the Jones'. Take responsibility for your own actions and don't borrow more than you can afford to pay back. I for one wonder why Obama says he is black when he is as much white as he is black???? Now that sounds racist.

    172. Leslie, Madison says:

      Investment advisors, stock brokers and other financial professionals have been required to provide fingerprints and submit to background checks for decades. Mortgage industry personnel should be subject to the same standards, as well as more rigorous licensing requirements and continuing education.

    173. JEFF, Lisle, IL says:

      just more government that will do nothing except spend more of our money. I hope Obama wins so I can quit my job & get a job that pays cash, since we'll be getting free healthcare.

    174. Matt, Philadelphia says:

      Even if the mortgage and real estate industries are bursting with villains and scoundrels how is it going to help to have their finger prints on file with the government?

      Why not food workers? That way they could lift the print off of your 1/4 pounder to find out who gave you hepatitis. Or the cashier at the coffee shop? Just in case she doesn't give you the right amount of change back.

      Why is this necessary? What is the objective? how will it improve the industry?

    175. Barack Hussien Obama says:

      Hey, I think this is a pretty good idea!

    176. TL, CA says:

      Read Carefully, It applies to the real-estate and mortgage worders, Not home buyers. If you can't read then don't post! Perfectly fair, kind of like security clearance. If you are charged to handle hundred of thousand of dollars you should be held accountable!

    177. TL, CA says:

      Read Carefully, It applies to the real-estate and mortgage workers, Not home buyers. If you can't read then don't post! Perfectly fair, kind of like security clearance. If you are charged to handle hundred of thousand of dollars you should be held accountable!

    178. Susan, Kansas City says:

      Am I living in the USSR now?

    179. fil says:

      OBAMA is an a$$. The news should quit focusing on him so much. He is not God!

    180. SirBillington says:

      This is mild compared to what the simpletons on the Supreme Court have done to our rights in recent years.

    181. Dennis,nc says:

      What David from Maryland misses and the other pro obama posters miss is this; Taken by itself the registration of mortgage industry workers is fairly innocuous in itself but if it's put in the context of all his other programs and proposals it's just more proof of increasing government control ie socialism. Let's see he just called for a windfalls profit tax on the oil companies. Socialized medicine. He and his party are for the most massive tax hike in the history of the country but a factor of 3, "the fairness" doctrine to stifle free speech they don't agree with…does anyone see a pattern here? Like I said before take advantage of your 2nd amendment rights while you still have them….and maybe you obamites should read ayn rand ….in particular, Atlas Shrugged because that's where were heading.

    182. LIBERTARIAN USA says:

      OMG people please vote Libertarian. I am so sick of these wishy washy wannabe politicians playing with our rights. People getting fired for wizardy in Florida? A man in California sentenced for laws that don't even really exist and his peers are no where near him? Obscene? Who's right is it to say what is and isn't obscene? I think people who try to squelch the rights of others are obscene. When will they be arrested?

      Vote Libertarian and stop getting your rights taken away from you. Stop making them police what you say or do with consenting adults. It's no one else's business what you do or what you buy. They're probably the biggest offenders. LOL

    183. Annie P. Phoenix, AZ says:

      If the republicans were behind this liberals would be rioting in the streets, but when a liberal suggests an impingement on freedom it's a good idea and much needed. The extremes of both parties will be the ruination of this country. Hey guys! Wake up! This isn't baseball. This is our country. Let's do the right thing, not root for our team. Our liberties are more important than that, and each party wants to nick away at them in their own way.

    184. mike c says:

      Those of you arguing about how this is a attack on our rights from democrats, or viewing this as a reason to vote one party or the other are missing the point. The people in power whether they be democrat or republican want you to have as little freedom and privacy as possible. Whether it is out of a concern for the security of our country or it is an evil secret govt plot, it is not in the interest of these people that you retain any of the rights promised in the constitution or inheriated through the courts. Most all of our elected leaders fit the classical definition of "fascist", a person who believes the needs of the state come before the needs of the populace. This is not a partisan issue. The longer we contiue to arbitrarily choose sides and take part in this "left vs right" battle the more we all will lose when looking at the big picture.

    185. Moses says:

      Life, liberty, and Property now known as the Pursuit of Happiness.

      Those on the Left whine and cry incessantly about the erosion of our liberty yet it's liberal fascists that have and do the following on a consistent basis.

      1) They attack our 1st amendment rights with PC hate speech legislation. They want to silence opposing views, conservative talk radio, USING the power of govt and their so called Fairness Doctrine.

      2) They attack our 2nd amendment rights non stop whenever they get the change implying that it was intended for hunting or for militia's only. Yeah right!

      3) Liberal activist judges of the Supreme Court just ERASED our right to private property ownership. Now the govt can seize a private citizens property and give it to another citizen simply if they'd like to increase their tax revenue!

      4) Liberals propose that "the right to privacy" includes the right to kill an unborn child in the womb. According to them privacy trumps life I'm sure this is what the founding father's intended as inalienable rights from our Creator. The right to kill the Creator's children.

      National gun registration, national fingerprint registries, all under the guise of what? Making us safer? Nonsense, this is all about control and an out of control government wishing to seize more power.

      Thomas Jefferson said, "The beauty of the 2nd amendment is the only time it will be needed is when the govt tries and take it away from you." In other words, a non oppressive govt has nothing to fear from an armed electorate. Why is it the Left that's always trying to disarm our nation?

      Without the 1st amendment there is no freedom, without the 2nd amendment there will eventually be no 1st, without private property there can be no liberty, and without life there can be none of the above. Liberal fascists attack the very foundation of our freedom and the useful idiots are too stupid to comprehend it. All they want is more govt control and "free" stuff.

      Socialism (free stuff) is the slow road to tyranny. Democrats promise you everything just vote for us and we'll give you everything you need. Benjamin Franklin said, "Any govt powerful to provide you with everything you need is powerful enough to take everything you have." Makes me sick to see these idiot fools cheering Marxists like Barack Obama and the democrats on.

      History will repeat itself and we will all wind up in chains again because the Left keeps turning more and more of our lives over to the tyrannical entity called government! Idiots and fools all of them.

    186. Gary Mialocq (Sedona says:

      With all the crooked mortgage brokers running around, I'm all for fingerprinting them BEFORE they rip us off.

    187. What's the big says:

      Who cares? I'm a real estate agent and couldn't care less if my fingerpints are on file. If you don't have something to hide then why worry?

    188. Adam Lee says:

      Because the Patriot act wiretaps terrorists' friends and does not establish a fingerprint registry for law abiding Americans? thats the difference.

    189. Ryan, MI says:

      THis is another example of the Fed's taking over a State issue. Bottom line is finger printing is not needed for any job! Why do they think it will solve the problem? It was the Feds who pushed to make it easy for people to get into homes they couldn't afford. If a person can understand the loan they are getting than they shouldn't be a homeowner. It's another example of our elected officals protecting us from all those bad people. Finger printing a loan officer will do nothing to protect the poor home buyer. Maybe if you had to have a downpayment and a decent credit score we wouldn't be in the mess we are. As for Obama and the rest of his party will be the death of our great nation.

    190. Rocky / Washington says:

      The point of it being harmless if you have nothing hide just does not fly. A person is innocent until proven guilty and by no means is a person required to testify against themselves in court. This action is clearly asking each of us to provide a genetic marker to the government so that they can track our lives and our kids lives. What next should we all just go ahead and get the 666 tatoo put on our foreheads right now or wait until Obama says it is OK to proceed with that little task.

    191. Mark Sixsixtysix (Pi says:

      Obama, thy name is APOLLYON!

    192. JT(SLC,Utah) says:

      Great! Here is my fingerprints, DL, SS#, DNA whatever you need to make sure I am not a crook. If you have nothing to hide, why worry?

      If we can protect the whole by requiring those who get to control our lives (banks, government, authorities, teachers etc.) by making them fingerprint themselves and enter that in a national registry, I say go for it! The only thing it could do is keep those who do nothing illegal safe and punish those who are criminals. If it is found that someone uses the information inappropriately then that should be take up by my guess is that would be rare compared to those who currently commit crime unabated.

    193. worddust says:

      Democrats are Communists Totalitarians pure and simple. Redistribution of wealth, the siezure of "windfall profits" the take over of the entire health care industry and "Hate Crime" Laws that will allow them to jail anyone for anything THEY decide to define as HATE SPEECH or CRIME is definative in this regard. There is no other definition. Senator McCarthy was right and it may be that the only way to protect freedom and property is to physically remove the Communists from government. Of course the fact that Democrats are allowing Iran to arm itself with nukes may result in the destruction of Washington by Al Qeda thereby saving Patriots the hassle of doing it themselves.

    194. mike, boston says:

      Ron Paul has ben right all along about this federal government. Most politicians, from both parties are corrupt and care nothing for our freedoms. In the name of convenience they would pool all sorts of data and allow law enforcement access to it without a warrant. This is just a small example of the kind of junk that gets stuffed into legislation all the time.

      Are we sheep or are we americans?

      I say its time we took our government to task for all the legislation it has enacted that contradicts the constitution.

    195. Ryan, MI says:

      This is another example of how extreme Obama really is. He is the most left wing candate we have ever seen and he will take our nation in the same direction Carter did. God help us.

    196. SEW says:

      Barry O wants to fingerprint American citizens. He doesn't want IDs at the voting booth. And he wants terrorists to easily communicate with each other. He will keep America safe, unlike the Evil Bush, even though he can't even monitor his own website. Friends with Rezko, Wright, Chavez and Ajmadman. Barry 08

    197. Matthew, IL says:

      the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves right now. the current path of this country is not what they had in mind.

    198. Pingback: Obama Supports Earmark to Housing Bill that Creates National Fingerprint Registry

    199. Curtis Wisconsin says:

      That figures.

    200. saintknowitall, okla says:

      A government powerful enough to give you everything you need, is powerful enough to take everything you have.

      Barry Goldwater

    201. FLOYD CHANDLER AZ. says:


    202. MEF, Pittsburgh says:

      So, some people who work in the financial industry, etc., are currently required to submit fingerprints, correct? And the entities doing the requiring are, for the most part, state agencies, etc.? This bill would make it a Federal requirement—this is a crucial difference! McCain is bad enough in some of his pronouncements, but at least he's had some real experience in government AND he's a war hero, no matter what. Obama is a completely inexperienced neophyte who apparently is trying to mix the Constitution with the ideas of Situational Ethics. I say again, do what you can right now to protect your portfolios (oops, only "rich Republicans" have those) and hunker down. God help us.

    203. John L., Chicago says:

      Well, now we see the real truth…Feinstein, Martinez and Obama are nothing but Liberal Socialists Pigs. It figures ALL Liberals want Government to control us. Screw these Bastards, especially the three above, this is marxism not freedom. These three fools got to go NOW. They are bad for our Country.

    204. BLC, Boston, MA says:

      I can now envision the day when we will face a government that must be removed by the people by other than electoral means.

      There IS a reason for the 2nd Amendment!

    205. Kwango, Vermont says:

      And the freedom loving leftists, who oppose FISA, wiretaps of terrorists, and wide open borders, can rationalize the finger-printing of American citizens? And why is this a reasonable proposal???

    206. joe blow says:

      NOW all the righties get all worked up about civil rights!


    207. chris, philly says:

      It amazes me the amount of people that say

      "it's already being done in this state or that state"

      That doesn't mean it should be done.


      All it does is have a print to match to a name.

      What will a fingerprint prevent in the mortgage lending business.

      Will the fact that they have this guys fingerprint prevent him from lying to me or committing fraud or taking me for a whole 2 points on my Rate??

      The Answer NO

      All it does is create another program which needs bodies to operate and money to operate so Barrack can give his buddy on unemployment a job paper pushing so we can KEEP TRACK OF EVERYONE.

      Can someone answer me what a FREE SOCIETY IS??

      last time I checked it had something to do with me being able to do as I PLEASE WITHOUT INFRINGING ON OTHERS RIGHTS.

      Why don't they just put a chip in us all when we are born that can track our movement among other things?? That would do more to protect us than having all of our fingerprints.

      If they have fingerprints that doesn't mean they will find the person they belong to; but with a RFID CHIP the possibilities are limitless. Thats protection for you

    208. Ignorant People says:

      90% of you failed to even read the article. He's not calling for you regular people to supply fingerprints at all. And I find it funny that you are worried about privacy and rights when your President…President Bush has allowed illegals to cross the border and has authorized illegal wiretapping. He allows raids on state authorized medical marijuana dispensaries. Gotta love how you all pick and choose what control is OKAY and what isn't.

    209. Jeff,Kansas says:

      People fingerprinting is only the beginning. I have traveled to many countries. America is completly broke. The goverment is selling treasury bonds to foriegn goverments with no intention of honoring the loans. Then the goverment auctions this paper credit to the banks 435 billion this year so far. Then the banks loan the money from credit to the American people. The goverment knows the capitol gains tax changes to 35% Jan 2011. This traps the american citzen in a loan the now cannot sell without losing to the goverment. This is real look up capitol gains tax on google and see for yourself. WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IS THIS. THE UNITED STATES HAS UNDERESTIMATED THE REST OF THE WORLD FINACIALLY. THE UNITED STATES WILL DECLARE A BANKRUPTCY OF OUR FINANCIAL GOVERMENT SOON PROPBABLY 2010 RIGHT BEFORE THE CAPITOL GAINS LAWS GO INTO EFFECT. THEY WILL BEGIN A COMPLETLY NEW CURRENCY CALLED THE AMERO. IT IS A COIN CURRENCY. LAST MONTH A FEDERAL JUDGE RULLED THE AMERICAN DOLLAR ILLEGAL, BECAUSE THE BLIND CANNOT TELL THE DIFFRENCE IN ITS DESIGN AND SHAPE. THE AMERO IS DIFFFRENT WEIGHT,SIZE,FORMS,SHAPE. THE BLIND CAN FEEL THE DIFFRENCE. WAKE UP PEOPLE , BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO NO LONGER BE A COUNTRY OF PROSPERITY. WE ARE A COUNTRY OF SOCIOLISM AND OBAMA IS THE DEVIL.

    210. Steve, Louisiana says:

      This is very common with many professions dealing with the public. Example . . .

      Insurance adjusters are fingerprinted in most states now.

    211. Cheryl says:

      What will the next thing be? ARM BAND to I.D. US? HAVE TO SHOW PAPERS TO GO ACROSS TOWN? THINK ABOUT IT!

    212. Brimp, Philadelphia says:

      I'll give them a rectal print.

    213. Cheryl, OHIO says:


    214. wade wyoming says:

      The reason for fingerprinting: Becouse they think we are as crooked as they are. "it takes a thief to know a thief".

    215. Pingback: Ron Paul Blog - Obama Co-Sponsors Bill to Create National Fingerprint Registry

    216. Realetybytes says:

      In his book, obama says if his country came to "ugliness" with them, he would have to side with the muslims.

      'nuff said.

    217. Tim says:

      This is all about control, so typical of Bolsheviks like the Feinsteins in this world. Instead of presumed guilt, why not just give each convicted swindler 500 lashes with a cane.

    218. Betty Mack, Tullahom says:

      Isn't Diane the Senator who attempted to debate the description of an "assault" weapon was embarassed so that she ordered her travelling staff to never let her be "caught" that way again. Yes, she wants your fingerprints, along with Hussein, Jr., so they can effect more control over your life. If he is elected, we will see the most massive tax increase that our country has ever seen just to give it to folks here and overseas who will not work and support themselves. My gracious!!

    219. LJ Miller, Mississip says:

      If the problem is that mortgage brokers and real estate agencies are full of crooks who rob customers blind, maybe the problem is with the government-granted monopoly powers that force all property buyers to go through a real estate agent and the associated high prices that force everybody to go through a mortgage lender who is not required to reveal terms to customers ahead of time. In other words, as usual the cause of corruption in a corrupt industry is government interference in the market to prevent the market from functioning.

    220. C CROW, TEXAS says:

      Here in Texas, our state legislature has already passed a law that all Realtors must be fingerprinted and have an FBI background check to renew their licenses. As a Realtor myself, I objected but with no results from my state representative. If I want to sell real estate, my occupation for the past 17 years, I must submit to this insanity. So much for freedom. I have commited no crime and never have been accused of committing a crime.

    221. Michael, Tennessee says:

      Folks let me give you some names; Lolo Soetoro, Abonbo Hussein Obama, Kezia Obama, Sara Hussein all close realtives to Obama Hussein, Jr., and all MUSLIMS. Hussein Jr., was a supporer of Opposition Luo Raila Odinga, Muslim who is an admirer of Fidel and last but not last his mother who was a radical Marxist. These will be our leaders if you vote of the Obimination.

    222. Joseph, Obamaville says:

      I support everything that Barack Obama believes in–even the things I don't know about yet.

    223. Boner says:

      Ask yourself why the government fears law abiding citizenry.

    224. Jason Morehouse Tusa says:

      Obama is the Antichrist…just educate yourself on him and the biblical guidelines of the antichrist. No one, not hitler, no one has EVER fit the bill more then this evil man. Came from no where, rode in on a white horse (hillary) from the middle east..guys he was taught in a Radical muslim school that denounced America. He has a sliver tounge. I REALLY thought americans were much smarter then this. Copy this and print it, put it next to your computer and when we all get the tracking chip and when you see him for what he is, email me back and let me know how right I was. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS EVIL EVIL MAN!! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!!!

    225. D. Reylan says:

      Let's see if I have this right. Obama wants my prints and finacial info. Then he wants to take away my firearms, increase my taxes so that I have to work just to pay the government, wants to keep my info in a "National Registry" for homeowners. Hmmmmm, I think I remember Jews having to do all of this in Germany in the late 1930's.

    226. Ken says:

      Thanks to everyone out there who was too stupid – yes, too stupid – to vote for Ron Paul, M.D.

      I'm moving to Brazil. The rest of you can all get yer jollies letting the complete imbeciles who would "otherwise fail at everything else at life so why not vote Democrat" take all of your freedoms away, because you certainly do not deserve them. The democrats can't save you from Iraq, let alone the local brotherhood of toilet installers, #551, and if you're too stupid to understand that, then you don't deserve to be free.

      For the democrats out there who are the products of public schools (and thus not capable of understanding the toilet joke above), it was a jab at the fact that the Democrats are in unions' pockets.

    227. jozap Arizona says:

      In Arizona all real estate agents are licensed and are finger printed. It is standard in most states and has been that way for over 30 years.

      We have no felons as agents. We have no scammers. And if an agent goes bad the department of real estate can press charges, revoke the license and keep crimminals out of our state.

      I think anyone who handles peoples money should be subject to a background check.

    228. STL and DC says:

      i agree with the Las Vegas comment we do this anyway. NWO is not Obamma's fault. Look around you it is the Learned Elders of Zion- Protocol, duh

    229. Bob Texas says:

      Obama must be stopped by whatever means necessary. He must never be allowed to become president of this nation. If we want to remain free we better stop the democrats from taking over America. It's time for a new Revolution. We must start getting organized immediately for what the government has in store for us in the near future.

    230. Dan, Missouri says:

      Here you go Barry. Take a print of this finger!

    231. Dave, TX says:

      It's not about (insert item here Guns, Safety, Environment) it's about CONTROL.

      GW ain't MY president any more. I don't WANT McPain.

      But Obama is NOT the answer!

      I FEAR for my gun rights if he gets elected, but I fear only slightly less if McCain does!

      Where am I going? And what am I doing in this hand basket???

    232. Pingback: Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    233. Ken, WI. says:

      Sara, NYC query was liberal & well meaning but has little to do with the topic.

      The Citizen ID is intended to ensure that you're entitled to services you desire which we offer to our people, as many people not here legally are causing border states much expense.

      The Voter ID is intended to ensure that some sneaky political group doesn't amass thousands of votes from people who have no right to vote in our elections, changing the outcome in dishonest fashion.

      Fingerprinting is already done to everyone who serves, or is arrested, or … you get my point, it's pretty common.

    234. patrick wilson says:

      news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-9951420-38.html – 90k

      Fingerprint Registry in Housing Bill, Starts here where does it end. This is like the beginning of the Real ID act. Next you will probably have to fingerprint your customers, definitely hurting the market overall. A lot of people will be affected such as Realtors, and any one who works on mortgages. This is an invasion of privacy and will be given to the FBI to form an FBI database, which according to many groups, it's information can be stolen by terrorists groups. Your fingerprints will be taken and this It is simply just too much government intervention. This was put into the Housing Bill the last minute, secretly, behind closed doors, and not disclosed properly. It has been preapproved in the Senate and will be going for a full vote shortly. Hardworking, honest, average citizens should not be fingerprinted unnecessarily.

      **This large bailout will collapse the lending market and will dry up financing for new , responsible customers who want to do new home purchases. It will make the lending guidelines more strict and do more harm than good because of the liability of the bailed out homeowners will affect the whole market for new financing.

      It is okay if the states individually do this, but not when information is pooled in between several different federal agencies which they say will be done. The federal government definitely knows how to confuse and mess things up/loose information. For example, they lost nuclear data in Los Alamos and veterans information at the VA. A recent article stated that fingerprints are hard to protect and secure and terrorists can easily get hold of these and use people's fingerprints.

      This is like a form of the Real ID act and next they will ask for customers to provide their fingerprints. *** This is just the beginning, if this Bill is allowed through and approved other industries and organizations will start Fingerprinting. This bill will pass if people don't act and call the Senators below and any others they can think of immediately.

      ****Tell everyone you know to email their friends, family,etc. and send an email and phone calls to as many Senators and Congressmen as possible. First, call the White House hotline and tell the President (he is thinking about Vetoing this) NO , you are against the Fingerprint Registry which the Housing Bill secretly and dishonestly included 202-456-1111 comments@whitehouse.gov *****

      Preferably, the Senate Leader Harry Reid and Senator Dick Durbin and the following Senators (and any others you can think of) on the Senate Banking Committee and tell them No, and they must take the Fingerprint Registry out of the Housing Bill, which was included without telling the public before it passes the Senate next week. It will hurt privacy and rights, but also possibly prevent future customers from getting mortgages due to fear of fingerprints as well.

      you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard to ask for the following Senators below at (202) 224-3121 -following in the order posted:

      *****Harry Reid Majority Leader (utah) http://reid.senate.gov***** Can take out of the Bill Singlehandedly

      Republican Minortiy Leader Mitch Mcconnell (Kentucky) mcconnell.senate.gov

      Richard C. Shelby Ranking Member (R-AL)

      Christopher J. Dodd Chairman (D-CT)

      Republican Jon Kyl (AZ) kyl.senate.gov

      Dick Durbin (Illinois) http://durbin.senate.gov/


      James Inhofe (Oklahoma)

      John Sunnunu (NH)

      Wayne Allard (R-CO)

      Michael B. Enzi (R-WY)Jeff Sessions(Alabama)

      Chuck Hagel (R-NE)

      Jim Bunning (R-KY)Johnny Isakson, Saxby Chambliss (Ga)

      Mike Crapo (R-ID)

      Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)Charles Grassley(Iowa)Tom CoburnJohn Barrasso

      Mel Martinez (R-FL)


      Evan Bayh (D-IN)

      Tom Carper (D-DE)

      Congressman Tom Allen (Maine)

      Robert Menendez (D-NJ)Bernie Sanders (VT)Claire McCaskill(MO)

      Senator Daniel Akaka (DHawaii)

      John Sunnunu (NH)

      Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

      Robert P. Casey (D-PA)

      Tim Johnson (D-SD)Robert Byrd ( W VA)Jay Rockefeller(WVA)

      Jack Reed (D-RI)

      Charles E. Schumer (D-NY)Robert F. Bennett

    235. Mitch, Nashville says:

      I love all these posts about how Obama will destroy our liberties if voted into office. There is a recent article circulating on how McCain and Obama's political beliefs are similar and lists many of their overlapping opinions. I suggest to every poster (and viewer) here, Left or Right, that if you are truly concerned for your country and the liberties you have left (and those you would like returned to you) that come this November you STOP with this rediculous 2 party voting and choose a leader that wants to put the CONSTITUTION first again in our once great nation, that man is Bob Barr, he's running under the Libertarian ticket.

      We complain about our leaders Left and Right, time and again, but both sides put corporations, special interests, and foreign interests above American citizens interests, our freedoms, and our republic. And as good little tools time and again we fall for the line that any vote other than for the democrats or republicans is a wasted vote… but the facts is, America wouldnt be here now if our ancestors didnt stand up, go against the flow, pick up their arms and deal with their corrupt british rulers. Here now in America we will never see the change so many of us desire, unless we finally decide to stop being tools, go against the flow, and vote for a third party that desires to restore us back into the strong constitutional republic we once were.

      talk of anything else, dem/rep, obama/macain, is nothing but comparing head and tails on the same coin.

    236. Pingback: » Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry NoisyRoom.net: Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace. Amelia Earhart

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    238. Peter, W-S, NC says:

      Type: "cbs news fingerprints" into google search engine. Top link will be to story they did a few months back on "Sunday Morning" about the Myth of Fingerprints.

      For all of you idiots wanting to plow ahead with this fascist idea, please reconsider after viewing this and reading some of the other links.

      You are putting way too much faith into this technic.

    239. Lou from Colorado says:

      If this country is ever defeated it will be from within! If one were to compare the promises Hitler made to the German people in 1937 they would be identical to the promises made by Mr. Obama…[promises made to the lower end of society.

    240. Walt, central NY sta says:

      To those of you who refuse to acknowledge the slippery slope that this fingerprinting is part of, will you still feel the same way when the Left & the Federal government wants to do away with cash money and make citizens just use an ATM type card?

      They will reason that by doing away with cash there will be no reason for anybody to mug or rob you, the illegal street drug sales will stop, under-the-table work will stop, etc., etc. It will all be done under the reasoning of the new religion "For the good of the People". Will it matter to you since "if you haven't done any thing wrong then you have nothing to fear"?

      Of course ALL your transactions will be recorded, even how much alcohol, guns or ANYTHING else you buy.

      "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.":George Washington

    241. Walt, central NY sta says:

      By the way, don't think that your fingerprints would be safe in the Federal governments hands. Once the are in digital form the technology already exists to superimpose them on obgects. Talk about being able to get framed!

    242. Dutch.Washington sta says:

      What is your problem people, I am in construction and everytime I go to a new job I have to urinate in a bottle.

      for drug testing

      In essence they have my DNA.

      And my finger print is already on file with Immigration when I became a citizen.

      And the DMV has my picture and SS number.

      So get over it.

    243. Pingback: Let me get this straight « The Old Right Daily

    244. The Janitor says:

      Yeah Jay, CA I guess we just don't get it. Go ahead and explain how would fingerprinting everyone in the Mortgage industry would have prevented the crash?

      Would a finger print have kept them from making loans to people who cannot afford them? The same as it keeps a crack dealer from selling crack? Get real!!! Its your individual rights your giving away…..Fool

      The facts are there are laws in place, best practices to follow but you and your kind chose to ignore them because of greed. We don't need a Government bail out and we damn sure don't need a National Database. Let the mortgage companies crash and burn.

      Oh well its going to be fun watching this country go to hell the next 4 years……it all has to end sometime.

    245. Rick A Hyatt, Sarato says:

      Why don't they ever check Gary Condit's DNA against all the crimes he's linked to, then?

    246. john says:

      How long ago was it that if you were to work at or near a school in any capacity you were required not only to supply finger prints, but undergo a background check…How long before your profession is required to give up civil rights….

      Obama's true colors are becoming so clear.

    247. Bud Dwyer says:

      In a few years it'll become apparent to the world that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Many already know this. It's all within the Bible for everyone to read.

    248. Randy says:

      In Georgia you are required to submit to an electronic fingerprint scan to get a Ga drivers license. Moreover, when I applied for a nurses license in Florida I was required to submit a complete fingerprint card along with my application (RNs are dangerous apparently).

      The government has been on a path to registering and tracking its citizens since World War II. If you do not believe this just remember the promises that Social Security numbers would not be a citizen ID number. Anyone still buy that one? Obama's ideas are just the latest sad chapter.

    249. feathara says:

      ron paul would have been more viable if he had shut his mouth on the events of 9/11. That was a line he dared to cross with me and I refused to support him. So, we are now left with a socialist marxist and a democrat running this year. I don't think this election scares me as much as the 2012 one does. If we slid this far left in this short of time, the future is not going to get better.

      How anyone can compare the wiretapping bill that listens to convos between suspected terrorists to this bill is just beyond stupid.

    250. Just a Thought says:

      Do people screaming about wiretapping think someone is actually listening to their conversation? Do you really think our worthless corrupt Barney Fife of a government could have the millions of people required for such an act in place in working? Computers scan the data stream for certain "hit words" and flags it. Earn enough flags and maybe someone will give it a listen. Hey, I say if we don't want to allow this, lets all toughen up and realize we must exterminate most of the middle east to defeat terrorism. Most of them support it. Don't take my word on this, do some homework on madrazas. When we get serious about doing that, we can afford to not have communications monitored in the search for a few terrorist planning their next great attack.

    251. Robbie O'Rourke says:

      Heads up. The bill isn't sponsored by Obama, but by a New World Order ass whore named Mel Martinez (R, Florida), who was the Bush/Rove pick to lead the RNC. Also cosponsor, along with Ted Kennedy, of the '07 amnesty for 30 million illegal alien welfare parasites.

      Hey Bud Dwyer;

      No one has done more to feed the BEAST of Revelation than the liberal's liberal, the loser's loser named George W. Bush.

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    253. Walt, central NY sta says:

      I love the USA but I'm old and am almost glad I won't be around to see the whole county go to Hell in the hand of the socialists and the minions holding thier hands out. We had a good run, and I was able to live & enjoy some of its best years (the 40's thru the 80's). With liberals like Obama it won't be long now till the countrys in the crapper. I just feel sorry for my children & grandchildren who will have to live through the messy end.

    254. Pingback: Barack Obama Co-Sponsored a Bill to Create a National Fingerprint Registry « Wake Up America

    255. Robert Lee Appamatto says:

      This fingerprinting for all licensed occupations is becoming more and more demanded of all Americans for different "safety" and public security reasons. We are treated increasingly like criminals The USA is turning into a police state, yet the borders are wide open and the illegals are encouraged to leach off the middle class with no real interior jobs enforcement, getting free medical care, free education, instate college tuition rates, cutting our wages, taking our jobs, refusing to assimilate. In some cities like Miami, English is a second language.

      The middle class is starting turn against the faux Republicans, wanting to bolt for a third political party. These pro-police state anti-privacy and pro-illegal pandering has got to stop, or America is finished.

    256. R says:

      It won't take any more freedoms away than will imprisoning innocent people on guantanamo bay will or wiretapping people without a warrant. I would say you have no standing to question having your freedoms taken away if you don't oppose the President's right to imprison anyone he wants by calling them enemy combatants or by wiretapping anyone he wants. I think this bill creates more oversight to protect consumers. However if ya'll like getting ripped off keep up your fight!

    257. Dr Carl, Seattle says:

      Ron Paul…write-in…the ONLY one that answers ALL the issues correctly

    258. Pingback: In which Obama changes his stripes to remain true to himself « Femina Dextra

    259. Steve Wiliams says:

      Obama is a big phoney..period! It’s nauseating to see the Leftie press fawning all over this guy and his racist wife. He can literally do no wrong to those Reds in the media. If elected he will become another Robert Mugabe..Watch Out Whitey! If the American people are stupid enough to elect this clown President, we are indeed all doomed.
      Obama is simply Huey P. Newton reincarnated into a Harvard educated, articulate, form.

    260. deroy w.palm, FL says:

      let's start with obama's fingerprints and turn them over to interpol.

      let's see if he's who he claims to be.

      was he born in hawaii or is he actually from indonesia?

      is stanley dunham his mother or maybe not?

      this guy is a sfake as they come.

      i doubt when fingerprinted if he is really an american.

    261. Jay, CA says:

      Y O U J U S T D O N T G E T I T

      As someone who worked in the mortgage industry for several years AND strongly opposes these types of National Identification schemes, I can tell you that this is actually a great idea and very much needed.

      A big part of the reason home-owners are upside in mortgages they can’t afford (and never should have had in the first place) is because many/most people within the mortgage industry (most of us not requiring licensing or any sort of paper trail to document who we were… as we made in excess of $10K per month in commissions buying and selling your most valuable asset) committed massive fraud, document forging and consistently, systematically lied to people.

      The mortgage industry is slimy, immoral and not nearly regulated enough. When you watch a building full of high-school dropout scumbags who happen to be good at lying over the phone cheat the system in every way possible and then put their Broker of Record’s name on the official paperwork because they are “just” salespeople, it changes your perspective on this.

      I worked for several major mortgage companies in Orange County, where about 85% of lenders are headquartered. You have no idea what went on in these places.

      A national fingerprinting program in the mortgage could have averted this entire tragedy.

    262. sikofdbs Florida says:

      Republicruds / democruds – no difference folks. They are both having their strings pulled by the same masters. We need a Constitutionalist, like Ron Paul in the white house and we need to fill Congress with his clones !!!! Then once again we could have a Constitutional gov. with a very limited role for the fedgov. Otherwise we will keep getting more of the same – big powerful, intrusive gov. while the rights of the ppl shrivel up and disappear.

    263. bill g. says:

      If Obama picks

      Hillary for V.P., Obama want be President long.

      Read a bumper sticker the other day, REJECT Osoma, Obama and Chelsea's moma.

    264. Pingback: Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry | The Voice

    265. obama will be the du says:

      Barrack Osama is stunningly stupid, without a teleprompter he cannot complete a coherent sentence. We are all in for 8 years of ridicule and shame. Well, at least those who choose to support this buffoon are. LOL. I personally love it, Punish the country for its stupidity, where I live in Michigan, the idiots reelected a Socialist from Canada to be our governer. And now these "Sheep" are crying that there union jobs are gone.

    266. Bobbie, Ky. says:

      Obama is a very dangerous man, he and his far leaning leftists, will usher in socialism, and take more freedoms away…after all he's already stated that we can no longer drive what we want, no longer eat what we want and keep our homes at 72 deg…all because foreign countries won't put up with us doing that!

      The man knows nothing! I never keep my home at 72 deg.

      It's amazing how many leftists yell and scream about ID's for all, in order to prevent illegals' from obtaining jobs or vote…yet they pick certain businesses to ID!

      Do they ever remember what they said in the past?

    267. John Debose says:

      The U.S.A. deserves exeactly what it gets. We are too stupid to throw out ALL incumbents and instead focus just on the same old Republican/Democrat feuds that have been going on for years. You've ridiculed all of us who were out demonstrating and protesting this tyranny for years, calling us kooks and conspiracy theorists. Well, grab a six-pack and watch American Idol you idiots, you've lost your country.

    268. Bryan says:

      I really hate the argument "If they're not doing anything wrong then why should they have a problem with it?" Using the same logic, If you're not doing anything wrong then you should have no problem with anyone reading your emails, searching your house for no reason (just to make sure you're on the up and up), monitoring your movements and so on. Heck, they might even put microphones in your house just to play it safe. If you're doing nothing wrong then it should be ok. Only the bad guys would have a problem with that.

      Yep those are extreme examples but the principle is the same.

    269. Mike Hickey, New Smy says:

      Did I read correctly? Republican Senator Mel Matinez of Florida and Diane Feinstein, Democrat Senator of California want mortgage originators to submit finger prints for a national registry. Senator Obama is one of eleven co-sponsors. The legislation was approved 19-2 by the Senate banking committee which is half republican.

      The purpose of the registry is to get as many felons as possible out of the mortgage origination business so as to avoid another mortgage meltdown.

      Your commentors seem to think registration of mortgage originators threatens the republic.

      I think the Heritage foundation's commentors on this proposal have lost their minds. The republic will not fall. It isn't even threatened, wing nuts?

    270. Kevin, Jacksonville, says:

      Further proof that not only are the Democrats wrong, but so many Republicans are too. Mel Martinez is FINISHED in 2010. He's got to go. I certainly hope other Floridians agree with me as well.

    271. Dennis New Jersey says:

      NJ state workers are required to be finger printed before they are highered. Never the less it's a Freedom issue. We are no longer a free nation. If we were we wouldn't have to name buildings after Freedom and airports after Liberty. You are either with or against us. Remember!!

    272. Greg, Gettysburg says:

      We already have a fingerprint registry……Can you say FBI? This is just another way to bring EVERY piece of information into one location. We can't catch some murderers, rapists, terrorists and other nare-do-gooders but we gotta catch those crafty mortagage people that sell homes to people that bought too much house and didn't get them interpreters to read the contracts. Hey, here's an idea. Stop all of the illegals, stop and kill all terrorists and stop all child molesting for 12 months and then you can gladly have my fingerprints.

    273. rmiers says:

      Lets see, we fingerprint anyone who is arrested, holds a security type job, enters the armed forces (for identification is case of death) works in sensitive jobs (except for Clinton's 100+). These actions are common sense and needed more in this age of mass murder (from islamic terrorists ) and other threats to national security.

      But for this unexperienced twit to try to group the majority of law abiding citizens into the above shows his distain for personal privacy, and basic freedom.

      I hold a professional license in texas and would not mind being fingerprinted, however to pre book young adults or little old ladies duplicates the indignaty they suffer going through an airport check while letting terrorist profiles sail pass the expanded examination.

      This "twit" has set up a internet war room to dispel any unpleasant rumors and probably spread more of his phoney "change" mantra but I'll be damned if he's going to tattoo or mark me in any way. History has taught us that little game, ask the Jews.

      I would not appose the process to anyone taking city, state, or federal aid to prevent multiple benefits…..but boy, you would never hear the end of that from Reid, Polosi, Kennedy, Jackson, Feinstein, Boxer and the no voter identification group.

      The "Twit" messed up on this one and it will not be the last. He is a lightweight ruled by some smart, rich folks with an anti-American agenda.

      This is just my humble opinion protected by the first amendment of The United States of America

    274. Marty says:

      Fingerprints on record? Check mine at USN. I guess this clown wasn't printed by some Muslim entity. He has no concept of the military. My Commander in Chief"? I'd desert.

    275. Martha says:

      I say, "Get rid of ALL legislators! Get rid of all Government!" All they are doing is making rules that infringe on our rights and we all KNOW that is oppresive and goes against our individual freedoms!

      Take away all taxes! They are unconstitutional! We don't need all these "services" that taxes pay for. We can take care of ourselves.

      And, PULEESE, don't try to make me accountable to anyone other than myself.

      And, as far as our national debt…. what the heck, they borrowed it…. let "THEM" pay it back.

    276. nunya, nunya UNA says:

      Obama attended a Madrassa as a kid. He sat in a black militant church for 20 years. Listen to Reverend Wright's so called sermons and decide for yourself.

    277. Gregory, Casselberry says:

      are residential mortgage holders the people causing crimes? invading our country illegally? plotting terror?

    278. Mark, Arkansas says:

      Ever wonder why the word RAT is found in democRAT? Now you know!

    279. Rick T.,Missouri says:

      For the people that think it is ok to take finger prints….maybe we should take the finger prints of all blacke people because they are 4x as likely to commit a violent crime and we should take the prints of all child care workers because they are in a position to molest children and all health care workers because they could give us the wrong treatment and all transportation workers because they might hurt us in a wreck….etc.etc.etc Do you morons get the picture? does evrybody in this messed up country have a room temperature IQ?What we really need is an IQ registry and tattoos on your forheads so we can dismiss you without having to listen to your moronic, wading pool deep thoughts.

    280. Lar says:

      Look at the pathetic Bush cult members who were thrilled over Bush's spying on citizens and burning the constitution whining now. Hey traitors, Obama works for the same globalists that the Bush crime family serves. Washington is part of the 'Beast system' but AmeriKans are to dumbed down to know it. Praise Yahweh for the coming judgement on this wicked land.

    281. Frank H. Texas says:

      "If you aren't doing anything wrong, this shouldn't bother you."

      Sadly, many of you think this way. Like those creative folks at "CSI" say. "We want a DNA sample. It will clear you if you've done nothing wrong."

      Sorry, but if you have the evidence to hold me, then charge me. Otherwise, you'll need a court order to get my DNA.

      Innocent until proven guilty means YOU have to show evidence proving guilt. I do NOT have to show evidence proving innocence.

      Similarly, if you provide fingerprints, before you commit a crime, and you are arrested based on those fingerprints, you have given up your Fifth Amendment rights.

      If the gov't wants my fingerprints, they'll need to taser my ass first. Those that are willing to become sheep to the gov't, are welcome to give up everything, but I'm fighting to keep my privacy.

    282. Pete, jacksonville, says:

      Beware of Change for the sake of Change. Obama's ideas are either outright Marxist or tried and true failures. Too bad people can't remember (or report on) the last time a windfall tax was imposed on oil companies. It didn't work out too well. And, keep in mind that when someone tells you they will raise taxes on higher income earners without defining the term "higher", it probably means YOU!

    283. Frank, Texas says:

      One more thing. Since congress has been guilty of robbing the American people blind for sometime, can we get all them to submit fingerprints?

    284. Ghost, New York City says:

      Any job in the Federal or local state governments require finger printing. Real Estate licenses in NY, NJ & CT require finger printing as a proof of identification. Many other jobs such as security personnel require finger printing. It makes sense to expand and regulate this particularly in industries such as banking & finance industries. Industries that in recent history have caused many citizens so much harm (remember ENRON, TYCO, COUNTRY WIDE, Standard Savings & Loans, etc) I would consider this far less intrusive than reading my email and listening to my mobile phone calls.

      There has to be a balance between our freedom & safety. I want to keep my guns, but I also want to make sure my kids are safe and that crimes are not being committed with any of my guns. Common sense has to prevail for the common good.

    285. Silly dummies says:

      I read about 15 posts before my head began to hurt. First, for those ranting against the democrats… Mel Martinez used to be chair of the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. You people hardly have the high ground. That includes Mark from Arkansas and the rest of you GOP talking point repeaters.

      As for vince brusio, sykesville, maryland, the difference in wiretapping was no act of congress. Congress is the lawmaking body, not the executive body. Ever hear a phrase that says calls American "a nation of laws"? Simple civics you could have learned in middle school.

      There should be a test for voting rights. I mean, honestly.

    286. Pingback: Obama Sponsors Fingerprint Registry Bill

    287. Babyloon now - Denve says:

      The American people do not know better! They do not have what it takes as our founding fathers did when dealing with the true National interest. The American people are going to pay for their sins….with a man such as Obama. The American people are Blind, and will continue to do so. As in the days of Noah, so will be the end days of man. Its coming folks…prepared yourselves….this is not funnie.

      The American people do not have what it takes to deal with the likes of those in DC as the Isreal people dealt with Bal.

    288. Iggy Ohio says:

      I wonder if all the executives of the Enron scandal were finger printed as well? And did it matter?

    289. David King, Huntsvil says:

      The Government can only take what we allow….not everyone in this country has become complacent, and willing to sacrifice personal liberty for an illusion of safety, as long as the 2nd amendment stands…no-one will be coming to take my fingerprints, or my freedoms without a fight.

    290. S, from Oklahoma says:

      would this legislation have prevented Obama from purchasing his home for 300k UNDER market value like he did with Resko? Nope. Shady deals are still possible especially if you're a crooked politican.

    291. Erik M says:

      First, gotta say this. P-Low, you are a total moron. Won't bother explaining why, any decent person will feel the same way

      Second, does this shock anyone about Obamanation? He is a walking accessory to mass murder. You people complain about the lives lost in Iraq? How about the 300,000+ babies murdered in Partial Birth Abortions. Your half racial bastard (that terms applies for he was born outside of wedlock), upholds this. (www.votesmart.org check it out for yourselves)

      So, how does this surprise anyone? Some call him Carter 2.0 At least Carter was not a mass murderer. And for all you Obamazombies out there wanting to bad mouth the Iraq war, check the blood on your own hands, sheets, loins for each baby that you murder after the 6month mark.

      God, forgive them, for they know not what they do, say, or think.

    292. Greg Neubeck, Lynn says:

      The Manchurian Candidate Becomes A Reality. God Help Us.

      Obama, whose father was a practicing Muslim and whose mother was a radical Marxist, has stated that his mother: "Was the dominant figure in my formative years; and, the values she taught me continue to be my touchstone in the world of politics". Common sense deductive reasoning suggests that Obama's rearing as a child, and his extended 20yr relationships, and obvious conformity, with anti-American fanatics such as Rev. Wright ( the Pastor of his church that promoted the doctrine of Louis Farrakhan ) , and Frank Davis and William Ayers, etc., etc., are in fact reflective of Obama's true psychological makeup. A conclusion rigidly re-enforced by Obama's San Francisco commentary denigrating folks from small-town America. Obama's affinity for questionable associates such as Tony Rezco, a convicted felon, raises a myriad of questions. Further, his increasingly frequent petulant responses to legitimate criticism is troubling. This man's refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin and to place his hand over his heart on the singing of our National Anthem are conditioned reflexes from his protracted association with disaffected elements in our society; visual images that Obama is certain to attempt to obfuscate in future campaign appearances; even though, he has openly admitted: "I didn't want to offend Muslims and others who don't like America.". Obama is our "home-grown" version of Hugo Chavez. Further, Michelle Obama's angry commentary directed at our country is telling. Fifty-seven (57) State Obama's comments that he would use U.S. Military Forces against Pakistan, a Nation with a sizable nuclear arsenal, and an ally in the war on terror, even without President Musharraf's permission; a Nation that he mistakenly believed to be Arab; his indecision/confusion as to whether Iran poses a serious regional threat; while in other commentary, stating that he would halt the U.S. military's development of advanced weapons systems demonstrates a profound ignorance of the geopolitical threat environment confronting America. His long-term subversive associations, and his immersion in seditious anti-American diatribe have indeed revealed Obama as the real-life Manchurian Candidate. Greg Neubeck

    293. Seranus says:

      There are many here who think it is all right because of other finger print data bases. This is the typical Liberal approach, to nibble a little here, a little there, until you realize the cracker is completely gone.

      Fingerprint databases should be abolished, as should DNA DBs, because of the obvious government control it gives. These things, coupled with global banking controls, will be the final nail in the slavery coffin the government has, with US, you and me, inside of the coffin. Anything we want will need to be allowed by the government.

      What a lot of slave mentalities we have here…

    294. C. J. Hunter, Texas says:

      As a real estate agent, I have already had to have my fingerprints taken in order to renew my license. This program is marching right along.

    295. ricardo maxwell, ora says:

      Mike Kevin my fellow Floridians,

      Not only does Mel Martinez need to go but also Charley "I'm not really a Republican" Crist! Conservatives only from here and after!

    296. Frank, Boston Massac says:

      Don't be fooled there is a National Gun Registry. In Mass. when I applied for my Class A permit the police took 3 sets of prints. One for them one for the Mass State Police and one for the FBI. Does anyone really think they just throw out all that data??? The implement these things slowly. They start in liberal states like Mass where nobody cares about gun owners rights and then spread it like a cancer until all the states are on board. Once they have a majority the put into a place a program to force the other states to comply….just like the DWI laws. Meet our requirements or we cut off all Federal funding to your state.

    297. Cassity ALABAMA says:

      Continue ROn Paul's REVOLUTION by voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party. American faster growing third part. VOTE BALDWIN2008.com

    298. CharlesM, USA says:

      First fingerprints, later GPS chips. The Socialists infesting our Congress (including Barack Obummer) are showing their true colors… And the color is RED.

    299. earl sr., united sta says:

      they already know where 20 million illegals are. why would they possibly want my fingerprints.

    300. Paul says:

      I am not a criminal, I am an American citizen, and I will NEVER SUBMIT TO BEING FINGERPRINTED. And to Mr. Obama and all the rest of the wannabe Stalinist thugs out there, I will only say this:

      "You want some? Come get some!"

      Just try it, you left wing jackasses.


      Uncle Paulie

    301. chester arthur says:

      I really don't care if someone has'no problem' with being fingerprinted without being accused of a crime,I refuse,and have turned down every job offer that requires fingerprinting,drug test,or medical testing.Anyone else is free to stupidly give up any personal freedom they want,but they will not be giving up mine.A local company that practices all of the above intrusiveness wanted to work on the heating system of my home,they lost the job.The same with the national carpet cleaning company that proudly proclaims how much they violate the privacy of their employees.Live by what you know is right,refuse to participate in what is wrong,and these idiots lose.

    302. Gene says:

      This is not a republican or democrat thing. It is a liberty issue. I am against the patriot act as well as this fingerprinting registry. The question for Obama the communist is why is it ok for the government to have a fingerprint registry, but not ok for states to ask for proof of US CITIZENSHIP to vote for president? When did the priorities of this country get so screwed up and how stupid are all of us as a population to allow it to keep happening. I don't care which party you belong to. Americans are asleep at the wheel. We seem to be more interested in when Paris Hilton is drunk then we are about what is truly happening to our country. Stop electing "world" citizens for government office be they republican or democrat and start electing people that will keep the interests of the United States first. Stop electing people that want to "give" you something. Everything given to you by government will come at a steep price. You are a fool to believe otherwise and politicians from both parties are involved in this "giveaway". A nation that realizes it can vote itself unlimited benefits and then does so can not survive very long. WAKE UP!!!

    303. Grumpy, Atlanta says:

      Is Mel Martinez a "liberal"? How about the other Republican co-sponsors of this stupid bill? Is this an exclusively Obama bill, or just another ill-conceived bill signed off on by a bunch of idiot Democrats and Republicans?

    304. rene ford 1885 s que says:

      They are nuts

    305. Nathan, Maine says:

      There are some pretty valid points expressed here, in terms of the so-called "Liberty" we have in America today; but it seems to me that all of the hostility is sadly misplaced. Talk about Orwellian—-I had no fear being spied on by my very own country before Bush; nor did I ever have to take my stupid shoes off at the airport before him either. Nor am I surprised that there are countries out there which despise us for our foreign policies either, with Bush's brilliant idea of democracy-at-gunpoint and all. If that ain't totalitarian, then I don't know what is. Then doesn't make the Democrats "right" though; it just makes the Republicans every bit as guilty of betraying the good faith of the American people.

      If you hate government, then don't participate in it. In this country a vote IS one person's participation in the government [supposedly]…

      …As for all the conservative/liberal nonsense that you hear on the street—-Republicans create Democrats; Democrats create Republicans. Democrats are rats and Republicans are publicans. But they are only different sides of the very same coin. We need a third party in this country to force them both to be more honest—-but HEY that's just one "liberal" point of view.

    306. Flyfisher says:

      1.Getting finger printed is no big deal. US military folks are, the police are, many others are (including the criminals). If your not up to no good, no need to worry, eh?

      2.Mortgage woes …if you took out an interest only loan …what were you thinking? Accept responsibility for your own decisions and learn from it. Is someone criminally responsible for suppling such a loan? Why? You're the one that signed YOUR name to that huge stack of documents.

      3."Wire tapping" phone calls going out of the USA or coming into the USA should be no worry either, unless you happen to be paranoid about some illegal or deviant activity you're involved in.

    307. Pingback: » Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry

    308. Brad Stephens says:

      Obama is a Muslim! Even his Christian pastor is a Muslim! Muslims are our enemies and should all be turned to glass! Look at me! I sound just like the rest of you ignorent Republicans!

    309. Bryan, Ohio says:

      Gene, I agree with you. This isn't a matter of what party these politicians belong to, but whether they are in Washington to uphold the Constitution of The United States. I fear for my wife, my children and myself when I see this kind of legislation go through. Now I understand that Social Security and Supplemental Security Income people will be getting a debit card instead of a check. Who has and where are the debit accounts that these debit cards draw from? The government is smart enough to not resort to one avenue of getting their claws into the citizens.

      I guess all of us must face the fact that ever since the foundation of our great nation there have been those who have been attempting to whittle slowly at it's foundation. Now, where seeing politicians brazenly come in with bulldozers, wrecking balls and all manner of heavy construction equipment demanding that the Constitution of The United States be dismantled.

    310. bg, maryland says:

      It's not a matter of being a criminal or engaging in illegal activity…it's about maintaining freedom without the oversight of Big Brother. How much are you willing to give up? The more you give up today, the less you have tomorrow–and do you think you're going to get it back? Do any of the sheep even realize your freedoms are being chipped away on a daily basis? This is how you create a nation of peasants. Then, you implement STRICT gun control laws (or outlaw them altogether), and you've taken away all means for an enslaved people to fight back. Bottom line is, if any of you morons are supporting anyone other than RON PAUL, you know nothing of the Constitution and freedom. You should therefore take your sorry socialist butts to China or North Korea. Get the hell out of my free country!


      See ya there!

    311. GG, San Antonio says:

      As a federal employee, I had to undergo a background check and be finger printed in order to achieve my security clearance. Now I wonder…..has Obama submitted his fingerprints or been subjected to a vigorous background check of his finances, affiliations, legal activities and acquaintences like I was…..?????

    312. Bob Boise says:

      Thomas Jefferson once Said:

      "Banks and Bankers are more dangerous than standing Armies" to the safety of a nations freedoms. The fact of the matter is, the Banking industry has brought this on themselves with their predatory and irresponsible practices. The housing industry in today's environment is part of the banking industry and there is no over-sight; which puts us where we are today. We have to make a decision as a Republic. Is the economy (which the banking/housing industry is a major driver) to benefit the people as a whole, or people are to benefit the economy and greedy few? All this bill does is ensure we do not have a whole bunch of criminals making financial decisions which can continue rock our economy into the future by ensuring they play by the rules as set out by law.

    313. matt, dallas says:

      In Texas, real estate professionals must be fingerprinted.

      One company got the exclusive contract, you have to pay to put your own fingerprints in the database, you cannot practice your own profession legally until you do, and it is MANDATORY that you also provide:

      Your sex, race, skin tone, gender, name, address, phone number, date of birth, social security number, drivers license number, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

    314. John says:

      Hell Illinois is already a socialist state on it's way to communist. They are leading the way for the rest of the US states. I know, I lived there and managed to escape to another state wide open to follow in Illinois footsteps.

      What surprises you that Obama would be for more government control of everything as a senator of that state.

    315. Nathan McDowell, In says:

      I used to have a problem with giving up my finger prints, but being that I have nothing to hide and the fact that I don't plan on committing a crime that would warrant forensics to lift prints, I have no problem with it. I have no problem letting the government know which guns I have, either. If this law stops grand-ma from getting her savings bilked from some thief then I am all for it.

    316. Jenny Bea says:

      Government is NOT your mommy!!!

      For those of you that have no problem with it- you go ahead ans submit. But it's not okay to expect others to, just because you're willing to be steamrolled.

      The loss of liberty won't come in one fell swoop, overnight. It comes slowly, as like a leak of sorts…it trickles in little by little, so that you don't remember when you ever had that liberty and it isn't a big shock to loose it.

    317. pat, philadelphia pa says:

      Obama = Socialism

      Learn it now or you will be living it. They want to take anything/everything they can get out of you. National ID!!!! Damn!!! Could the mark of the devil be far behind????

    318. Dave, Atlanta, GA says:

      Typical stuff from the left…

      and to mark t davies ft worth tx and all the other intellectual midgets here: WE DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY. IT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. I challenge anyone to even find the word “democracy” in the Constitution, or even in a Presidential speech before Woodrow Wilson. C’mon people.

    319. Placerville says:

      Not one person who freaks about the supposed constitutional infringement of fingerprint registries offers a single substantiative reason or argument to what is the problem with it, just because serves them just fine. Yet these same people don't have any problem with conceding Bush administration abuses such as jailing someone for illegally obtained allegations of wrongdoing. There is a quiet little government regime that can police up anybody and lock them away where they are not heard from for many years. It is too much power to give any administration to allow them to make anyone who is a threat to their interests to disappear, who watches the lines they cross? Fingerprints are only going to enable past criminals to be policed and eliminated from a financially sensitive industry. The same person objecting to this is the same person suing the government when they get burned by a criminal being in such a sensitive position that the government should have policed better in order to protect them. They want protection from themselves but won't give the government the tools to do it.

      It's getting hard to find sensible posts here, it seems that this is a haven for people who still believe Obama is a muslim, Bush didn't go AWOL from his National Guard stint, and the Democrats are going to immediately start destroying this country when they try to fix the mess that was created over an eight year period.

      I actually saw a post the other day where some clown responded to the first quarter foreclosure numbers and said it was the first evidence of the first few months of a Democratic house control and how well the Dems are doing. They will believe over the next term that every bit of larceny from the past regime is the current doing of the administration currently sorting out messes. We are in trouble folks between that and an obstructive body of past administration who's job will be undermining and obstructing for the sake of creating chaos in the senate and house.

    320. Tom, Florida says:
    321. Placerville says:

      I like the people that say no one will come get their fingerprints without a fight.

      Just make a registry for those on welfare and they will give them up in a heartbeat, no prints no check.

      It would be amazing how much welfare fraud could be eliminated with fingerprint cross correlation. Mainly we would be identifying those who don't have a valid identity in the first place and are operating in the system with false documentation.

    322. Brace Beemer, Out We says:

      Its all about change. Change and hope. Hope for change. Changing in a hopefull way. Hopefully changing. Chant it. You'll feel better

      YEAH, right!

      Where are the leftists of this country that went completely goofy talking about Bush invading our privacy and chipping away at our rights? Oh, they are chanting with the masses about change.

      Oh I forgot. Its a Democrat, doing it for our own good. We should thank them. Elimination of rights and individuality is just fine when they do it. They HAVE to. We're too stoopid to figger it out otherwise.

      Change. Change. Change. Barack has all the answers. Oprah told me so.

    323. Chris, Palm Springs says:

      Once this data gets out there you cannot get it back. If a hacker or someone inside the government releases this information (or any biometric data) you cannot get new fingerprints. The incremental destruction of identity is already underway. Credit card companies are already destroying peoples identities using credit cards. They reap profits and when something goes wrong you are held accountable. This is setting up the world for the mark.

    324. Bill, N. Dakota says:

      It's not a matter of being "innocent" of doing or planning to do a crime. It's a slow erosion of rights. We have proven what Phillip the Great said (Alexander's daddy)… "To control the masses we must first control the food. Then we must convince the people we are saviors and not conquerors."

      You folks believe what you will. All these "in the name of security" actions being taken are nothing less than conquerors trying to force the masses to adhere to their ideologies and dogmatism.

      Nathan what will you do when the Gov. wants you to turn in your guns? Demands it? Heard of the Veterans DisarmamenT Act. They want your guns and they want them soon.

    325. Sam Sharp, Californ says:

      I think if all the people wrighting in these negative emails would actually read up on what Obama is supporting here they could get a little less thin-skinned. Our world is changing and clinging to the past isn't going keep it from changing. If you want to talk about a real problem, how about over-population. If we don't limit our numbers, the party is over.

      Sam Sharp

    326. Dave from Davie says:

      Get a grip folks, one post ask if the cops are next to finger printed, the answer is every member of a police or sheriff office is printed, along with the firefighters and EMS personnel, as part of your per-hire screening. If you work at a seaport, if you drive a truck that goes into a seaport or airport your finger printed. If you need a badge to swipe to get to work your most likely finger printed. Being finger printed is no big deal,and in this day of ID theft is the only to prove you are who you say you are, short of DNA. I can use my thumb print to unlock my laptop. I wish I could use it to unlock my bank account at a AMT. Unless you have something to hide it should not brother you.

    327. Pingback: Arena of Ideas » Blog Archive » Senators Fienstein, Martinez and Obama propose to make national finger print database.

    328. winkyeah says:

      Overpopulation? Do you know how much space we have on this planet? Don't you realize that the more people we have the better chance we stand at solving the world's promise? You're probably one of those people that say it's OK to limit how many children you have. are you a Chinese Communist by any chance?

    329. Placerville says:

      All of the Obama haters need to pay attention to that Muslim who just sponsored one of the biggest pieces of legislation ever. This allows us the people to be able to see every funded project and scrutinize what money is being used for. The power of the people was already proved when the two powerful opposing senators who had secretly put the measure on hold were forced to quietly withdraw their opposition due to public scrutiny and pressure. Next is revealing those who author pork riders under currently anonymous conditions, as soon as their names are associated with incorrect spending noone will initiate frivolous and self serving spending. Unfortunately those who think Obama is the antichrist don't have the mental faculties to understand the full ramifications of public visibility.

    330. BOB SCHILLER-OHIO says:

      Obama is a Marxist Socialist who is not qualified to be a dogcatcher. He will ruin our democracy and our Dept. of Defense. He is a Muslim lover in disguise. He wants to tax everything in sight to promote his own power, and has a wife that is power hungry. What a mess.

    331. Barbara, New Jersey says:

      We are about to elect the Antichrist!! Be afraid, be very afraid. This fingerprinting will become the "Mark of the Beast"! Haven't you noticed Obama has an unnatural amount of charisma? It was foretold that the Antichrist would also have this. We are living in the end times, no doubt about it.

    332. SkipM says:

      Look people its no big deal. In many states they finger print, barbers,ice man, child care workers and on and on. Its no big deal, its to stop criminal acts. For you right wing people; don't attack the leftest for good legislation. That's plain stupid and playing into their hands.

      I suggest we have more fingerprinting to prevent voter fraud. Pull together or sink together.

    333. Pingback: Obama supports Orwellian Fingerprint database « DPGI - the return

    334. Ken Howe Clearwater says:

      For all those who want to have physical identity for personal security reasons such as access to ATM, etc. That is fine as long as you volunteer and/or request that service, you should pay for it too. For those who choose to not be fingerprinted, short of committing a crime, there should never be a reason why it would be done.

      Looking at the long list of Obama's positions it seems clear to me that what he is proposing in the legislation is more of his leftist desires to make us all good little automatons with the only determinism in our lives that of the government and eliminating any chance that any of us will be self-determined.

      Being self-determined IS the pursuit of Happiness and it cannot be substituted for but any ideology.

    335. http://californiahom says:

      Throwing around the name "Antichrist" is silly. I've heard it about everyone from Reagan to Bush. It was silly then and it is silly with Obama. Definitely not Christlike.

    336. American, America says:

      I hope that everyone who has an opinion on this matter, for or against, calls their legislative representatives to express their opinions. If you don't call, at least vote and vote often. I can't tell you how many people complain about our rights being taken away, and when I ask, "Did you vote?", the answer is always "No". You have a voice, it is in who YOU elect…from your city council, your mayor, your govenor, your senators, your representatives, to your President. Start asking questions and don't stop. Don't settle for beaurocratic answers. This is OUR right. Use it before it's gone.

      ~American and Proud of It.

    337. Mary, West Virginia says:

      He's a typical leftie!! Power and money for him and his cronies while the rest of us scratch and claw and BEG for crumbs from their elitist tables! They believe in classes alright — them and us!

      He is an abomination. I don't know HOW we ever got to this point. Oh, wait, yes, I do. An ignorant electorate who cared more about eatting and drinking than the high cost of keeping tabs on their elected officials as they slowly withered away our freedoms.Our leaders are a reflection of what we are!

    338. Mary, Baton Rouge says:

      "if possible, he will deceive even the Elect of Christ"

      Sound feasible? Don't take the MARK!

    339. PK, NYC says:

      Do we even know for sure that Obama was born a U.S. citizen? That is a constitutional requirement for the presidency, and he won't release his birth certificate. What's he hiding now?

    340. Chris, Chicago says:

      You guys all sound like the type of idiots that sit at home watching Fox news that will go along with anything if its followed by "terrorism", "patriot", or "9/11 did it". Thanks for the last 8 years douchebags.

    341. Bud Sacramento, CA says:

      Most profession that require a license require fingerprinting so this isn't really unusual. the fact is as usual Congress is a day late and a dollar short. It is also not clear as to the point. I guess if someone is accused of falsifying loan documents they can dust them for prints. Is every loan origninator going to go through a complete background check that includes a fingerprint search?

    342. bg, maryland says:

      The problem with many of the idiots here is that your entire justification is either "if you have nothing to hide, it shouldn't bother you" or something related to bi-partisan representation. This clearly tells me that you are victims of mainstream media propaganda and haven't actually sought additional information to formulate your own opinion.

      The fact is: Republicans SUCK…..Democrats are nothing more than pandering Marxists whose sole purpose is providing free handouts to the sheeple by redistribution of the wealth of those who actually work and contribute.

      Ron Paul is the only real candidate in the race, but because MAINSTREAM MEDIA has marginalized him since day ONE, the sheep chose to follow and classify him as some right-wing nutjob as well. I guess it requires more effort for the lemmings to think for themselves.

    343. nunyac, 46219 says:

      This sort of thing is why I object to the name chosen by the "Democratic" party. It is misleading. It needs to be something more consistent with their actual political actions. Perhaps the "Socialist" party would be a more appt name.


    344. Rick, ME says:

      "Folks in the securities industry have had to be finger printed for decades. Nobody seems to have any issue with that."

      Inch by inch they will take what they want. Your comment will be used over and over.. next anyone in the computer industry, then those in automotive, etc.. and each time someone will say "Folks in the industry have had to be finger printed for decades. Nobody seems to have any issue with that."

      In the end, when things get bad we will need to do as we are required by the constitution and raise arms to protect our rig.. ohh.. wait.. they are already taking our arms.. nevermind. I guess they are thinking ahead too.

    345. Jason says:

      the foundry 06.09.08 reporting bb aka obama doubleplusungood refs freedom fingerprints rewrite fullwise upsub antefiling

    346. Chris, Atlanta, GA says:

      uhhhh so??? I work in the securities business, am licensed and am required to be finger-printed each time I work for a new employer. It's the same story if you work for any bank.

      This is to combat fraud, something the mortgage and real estate industry sorely needs.

    347. Chris, Atlanta, GA says:

      Oh and for those of you who didn't read the whole story, this is ONLY for mortgage and real estate professionals. As I mentioned earlier, this is to combat fraud. FYI, Fingerprinting is standard practice in the securities and banking business.

      Read the whole piece before commenting on it.

    348. Aredee, Wisc. says:

      "more proof that Obama is an Evil evil man who will destroy the country."

      Looks as if Bush has beaten him to that task.

    349. JON, Los Angeles says:

      What the hell does being in the R.E. industry have to do with submitting fingerprints?! Where does it end, folks? Will construction workers be next? Then bus drivers??? These do nothings (for freedom, that is) are dangerous, dangerous people, and need to be run out of DC on a rail….God, I hate them ALL…

    350. Brian, Washington, D says:

      It is true that the legislation is for only mortgage and real estate professionals, yet it is a dangerous precedent. Just because it is standard practice to do so for securities professionals and bankers does not make it ok to extend this privacy violation to another industry. Our nation needs to stop taking innocent business professionals personal information in the name of preventing corruption. If individuals have commmitted fraud, they should be prosecuted. It should not be presumed that the whole real estate and mortage industry is corrupt.

    351. Sundance 44, Atlanta says:

      I'm against government intrusion into our lives, but in this case I see nothing wrong with requiring people taking a mortgage to give their fingerprints. With identity thiefts on the rise, it would be a help to an I.D. Thieft victum to be able to more easily prove it is not his signature on the mortgage document.

    352. CharlesM, USA says:

      You people who keep trying to pin everything on the "Evil Bush Administration" had better figure out DAMN QUICK that George W. Bush was nothing but a patsy for a much larger and much darker authority. Several of you mentioned the SPYING that "never took place before the Bush Administration" — but that's a load of crap, and you need to go back to school. Spying on the citizens is a TRADITION in America, dating back to FDR. The McCarthy Hearings of the 1950s depended on informants (spies) turning over volumes of private info on U.S. citizens. John and Robert Kennedy took it to new levels by not only spying on U.S. citizens, but by illegally PUNISHING U.S. citizens without trial, using the IRS like a weapon. Bill Clinton's administration not only spied on U.S. citizens, but went all the way and MURDERED them (at Ruby Ridge and Waco, for example). So, don't pretend that everything was bright and rosy until George W. Bush came along. That's a lie… In fact, it's The Big Lie. The people who really run America, the ones who are stealing your liberties, those people are in it for the MONEY — they aren't Republicans nor Democrats nor Independents, and they DON'T NEED your votes. This entire dog-and-pony show at every election cycle is a facade for YOUR distraction, to give you the ILLUSION of "choice"… Americans haven't had a "choice" since FDR's Administration. And the lineup of candidates for president are nothing but interchangeable cardboard cut-outs, mere TOKENS of "choice"… Wise up, people. George W. Bush was just a fall guy for much larger and much darker agendas, agendas that existed in America long before your grandparents were born.

    353. CharlesM, USA says:

      You people who keep trying to pin everything on the "Evil Bush Administration" had better figure out that George W. Bush is nothing but a patsy for a much larger and much darker authority.

      Several of you mentioned the SPYING that "never took place before the Bush Administration" — but that's a load of bunk. You need to go back to school.

      Spying on the citizens is a TRADITION in America, dating back to FDR. The McCarthy Hearings of the 1950s depended on informants (spies) turning over volumes of private info on U.S. citizens. John and Robert Kennedy took it to new levels by not only spying on U.S. citizens, but by illegally PUNISHING U.S. citizens without trial, using the IRS like a weapon. Bill Clinton's administration not only spied on U.S. citizens, but went all the way and MURDERED them (at Ruby Ridge and Waco, for example).

      So, don't pretend that everything was bright and rosy until George W. Bush came along. That's a lie… In fact, it's The Big Lie.

      The people who really run America, the ones who are stealing your liberties, those people are in it for the MONEY — they aren't Republicans nor Democrats nor Independents, and they DON'T NEED your votes. This entire dog-and-pony show at every election cycle is a facade for YOUR distraction, to give you the ILLUSION of "choice"… Americans haven't had a "choice" since FDR's Administration. And the lineup of candidates for president are nothing but interchangeable cardboard cut-outs, mere TOKENS of "choice"…

      Wise up, people. George W. Bush was just a fall guy for much larger and much darker agendas, agendas that existed in America long before your grandparents were born.

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    355. Rick78x says:

      We're being duped folks. Again (every 4 years as usual). If Obama is allowed to be in the forefront it is because the NWO recognizes he serves a purpose, and not for us – for them! A national fingerprint for the mortgage industry, after the damage is done? Yeah, right. That's just an excuse (albeit a poor one) to get the national, soon to be global agenda furthered. Why not fingerprint and arrest Bush and his whole administration? After all, they are guilty of more crimes against this country and it's citizens then can be counted. Every day an American soldier or an innocent Iraqi dies, a murder's been perpetrated by Bush and his robot minions. Besides, the fact we let Bush get away with staying in the white house for even 1 term shows where we stand as a nation in judging leadership potential. Wake up, folks. It's almost too late already. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. AMERICA FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. End Corporate/Elite-ist dictatorship, forever.

    356. J--Birmingham says:

      Why is it that the same people who were against the CIA wiretapping are for this bill? At least when the were wiretapping, they were tapping into phone lines of known/suspected terrorists. I guess we're all suspected now

    357. liz oregon says:

      Now that he has the nomination the creepy side emerges..

    358. Pingback: Obama Sponsors Fingerprint Registry Bill « Tyranny Watch

    359. Joe, NYC says:

      another step towards a police state. Pretty soon we'll be England.

    360. Marcy, Chicago,Illin says:

      Let me get this straight…The Democrats oppose wire-tapping terrorists, they oppose an id card for voters, yet they can rationalize a national fingerprinting of innocent Americans. And somehow, fingerprinting people prevents fraud?? Now if I'm not mistaken criminals have been fingerprinted for years and years. I suppose that prevents them from repeating their criminal behavior, right? Do any of you people actual run these ideas through any kind of "thought process"??????

    361. Joey Bullets says:

      Buy ammo now….before it's too late!

    362. johnnyP says:

      buy ammo now….before it's too late!!

    363. Erin, Virginia says:

      As a former Social Studies teacher, I didn't like getting my fingerprints done. I had nothing to hide but it's embarrassing when you have to explain to the Sheriff's department that because of years of playing musical instruments, my fingertips no longer had the ridges necessary to take decent fingerprints. Since becoming a military spouse, I've taught in 3 different states with the same, old tired mandate of "we'll take your fingerprints or you don't teach." We'll also take your money so that you can get those fingerprints done. They do this with anyone who works with children, even substitute teachers who get paid squat, so that regular teachers keep their jobs and can jaunt off to special training sessions, or doctor's appointments and have some one to cover their classes.

      I'm probably one of many to point this out but I will. The National Fingerpint Registry is the height of hypocrisy for the Democrats. They opposed wiretapping terrorist phone calls, but they support this? Come on… this registry is no more than another example of what Dems have mentioned in the past as privacy intrusion.

      If used properly, wiretaps can be a vital tool to nab terrorists. If abused, they can be used as a weapon against any so-called "enemies of the state." When the federal government streamlines so-called "fingerprint registries" so that when you apply for a teaching position (or any job) all you have to do is get your fingerprints done once and that's it. What I see is every state having their say over not only teaching licensure procedures, but testing for teachers, and fingerprinting. When this country fixes the abusive practices of states charging fees for licenses, fingerprinting, testing, every time you move to a new state for a teaching job… then I'll believe that this fingerprint registry makes sense.

      If the federal government is going to make industries require their employees do a background check (which is aready done for those who work for the federal government and those who work in contracting or the military) then lets streamline it for teachers as well. If this is the way we're going, let's go further. To be a country with competitive teaching/education standards, let's have a national teaching registry as well. People complain that they can't find good teachers…. guess where they can go to find them?

      As a military spouse, I've seen how transparent one's life must be to work in high-security industries. The question is: do we need such overzealous practices as fingerprinting for such industries as banking, real estate, mortgage, and teaching? How much will the fee be to get fingerprinting done? Or is this measure just a overprotective response to the people who couldn't read their mortgages and got hosed? Just like the incidences of sexual abuse/molestation by people in positions of authority (such as teachers) that occurred in many school districts all over the country?

      I think the question we all should be examining is: how much accountability do we want in any industry and how much are we willing to give up to satisfy that need?

    364. R. Stuart says:

      Can anybody say 666 !!! Thats coming next !!!

    365. Rodriquez says:

      Some interesting points have been brought up here. Also some amusing points. The bottom line is this: McCain is a left wing liberal, Obama is extreme left wing socialist. Ron Paul does not have the backing of a party no matter how "correct" he may be on an issue. Have you ever considered voting third party. Nothing is going to change until enough people vote that option. Throw both the bums or both partys out. Once the politicians from both major parties see the direction the wind is blowing enough will jump ship and align with a new party to make the necessary changes. Remember what happened to the Whig Party? Ever look at the Constitution Party's web site? http://www.constitutionparty.com
      No pressure from me: BUT

      Start exercising your right to vote or in a few years you can ask your overlords if they will grant you permission to kiss your spouse if they still allow marriage to the slaves.

    366. Guy Incognito, Crawf says:

      There already is a national fingerprint registry, as any criminal will attest.

      When you commit a crime in the U.S., you get fingerprinted. The fingerprint database is international.

    367. Brian Kemple, USA says:

      Obama is a subtle socialist, hiding behind a wall of not-all-that-impressive rhetoric. He wants children to spend more time in school, parents more time at work, more unions, a smaller (enforced) economic disparity, and now to keep track of our fingerprints. What's next? Microchips? Forced staffing? Evil!

      BA Kemple

      Student / Blogger

    368. steve, new york says:

      Funny that people will vilify Obama for signing this and yet completely disregard the Bush Admin's patriot act which completely destroys the core principles of the constitution.

      I suppose large doses of double standards are just another day for partisan politics

    369. Jason, ALABAMA says:

      Calm down everyone…let Mcain and obama get into a debate, town hall meeting or something and watch obama fold like a deck of cards. If someone isn't stealing from other speeches to make one that makes him look so good that smart americans are falling for his silver tounge he will crumble. Obama is the Antichrist, watch, wait and see for yourself. He must be stopped! He will be stopped.

    370. John Doh USALAND says:

      Big deal,…they already have my print's


    371. Monica Lewinsky says:

      I can't wait to service you Obama baby! I'll let you finger print me too! tell Michelle..Hi

    372. Steve Johnson says:

      Obama's primary victory was hailed as a VICTORY by Hamas, Castro, and Bin Laden…..Nuff said.

    373. SEW Texas says:

      Yea Steve, real funny. Hussein Obama wants to fingerprint thousands of American citizens but will allow terrorists to communicate freely with each other. And I didn't realize that the US Constitution applied to terrorists. Funny? Really?

      Fingerprint Americans, but won't show his own birth certificate. To be POTUS according to the Constitution one must be an American citizen. Quite a guy, that Hussein Obama is.

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    376. John Abercrom says:

      Yes, it is sad that, as long as the loss of our freedoms and privacy is gradual and almost unnoticeable on a month-to-month basis, the American people continue to tolerate it. But George Bush was the man who greatly accelerated the transformation of the United States from a true free country and a democracy into a pseudo-free country. A pseudo-free country is one which holds elections, but the election results are questionable, and decided by courts packed with political partisans. Bush's stolen 2000 election was overseen, in the decisive state of Florida, by his own brother as governor and his Florida campaign manager as secretary of state. Then Bush's father's nominee and Reagan's nominees on the court stopped the recount.

      Bush has also put his stamp of approval on the trend toward a police state. A nation crosses the line into becoming a police state when the law abiding citizen can be harassed and even attacked and arrested, despite having committed no crime. And the offending police rarely lose their jobs over it. In many places in America, this is the case.

      Under Bush, volunteer American rescuers after Hurricane Katrina were treated like terrorists and refused entrance to New Orleans. Never before has an American president used a hurricane to increase police control over innocent people trapped by the waters.

      The sad fact is that this trend will continue under either Obama or McCain. If you look at the records of both senators, there is nothing to indicate they will reverse it. I hope, at least, the the slide toward authoritarianism will be slowed down under the new president, until a true patriotic American party can be created in the future. Beside the two parties we have now are not resisting the desruction of our rights or the growing alien influx into America.

    377. Brian, Dallas, Tx says:

      So howcom no one here notes that a Republican also co-sponsored the bill? Martinez is a Republican anti-democratic thug just like the res of the 17 other sentors that sponsored the bill – show some anger at BOTH sides

    378. James Abercrom says:


      Both Obama and McCain have major problems. McCain was born in the Republic of Panama and so he is not constitutionally eligible to become president. Yet the news media feebly discusses this fact, and falsely claims McCain's eligible. The fact is that the 1903 treaty granting the U.S. "use and control" of what was to become the Panama Canal Zone SPECIFICALLY SAID SOVEREIGNTY WAS RETAINED BY PANAMA! Thus it was still Panamanian territory in 1936 when McCain was born there. The zone was LEASED to the U.S., just as Guantanamo Bay is LEASED from Cuba today. Ask any expert and they will tell you that Guantanamo is still Cuban soil, Cuban territory. Its the same with the Canal Zone. True, an act of Congress made children born in the Canal Zone of American parents American citizens at birth. But, by law, an act of Congress cannot AMEND the Constitution. So McCain was, and is, NOT A NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN since he was not born in the U.S. or a U.S. territory. Yet the politicians and the press and the courts protect McCain and won't acknowledge the truth.

      Also McCain has serious mental health issues and has undergone extensive treatment and/or counseling for the damage done to him during his 5.5 years in a North Vietnamese prison at temperatures of up to 135 degrees. Experts state that prolonged temperatures of 112 degrees or more damage the brain, and obviously torture and deprivation harm the psyche, and McCain has experienced years of both.

      Now, Obama. Obama and Mccain should BOTH be required to show their passports, birth certificates, and all other pertinent paperwork. Obama's Kenyan father was named Barak, not Barack. So it is quite possible that Barack, Jr is actually Barak, Jr. And there are rumors that he has a 2nd middle name, why shouldn't the American people be allowed to see BOTH candidates's birth certificates? What are they afraid of?

      Obama has said, "I was never a Muslim." Yet his father was a Muslim, he skipped out when Barack was two. His Indonesian step-father was also a Muslim, and at both of his schools in Jakarta Indonesia OBAMA WAS REGISTERED AS A MUSLIM STUDENT! IN HIS 2ND SCHOOL, THE PUBLIC SCHOOL, OBAMA ATTENDED 2 HOURS PER WEEK OF CLASSES IN ISLAM, WHILE THE CHRISTIAN STUDENTS TOOK 2 HOURS A WEEK IN CHRISTIANITY. That was the system in Indonesia. Barack Obama's own sister has stated he went to Mosque on occasion, tho it is disputed how frequently. Barack says in his book that his White mom was an ATHEIST, so it is obvious that with a non-believer mother and an Islamic step-father living in an Islamic country the child would be brought up as a Muslim.

      We have it on his word only that he was not a believer of any kind in his teens until he was 26 and become a Christian due to Rev. Wright. But how do we know?

      If he is lying about EVER being a Muslim, what else in his biography is he lying about?

      Truth be told, both of these candidates are UNACCEPTABLE to those like myself, who want to restore America as a country run by rational patriotic Americans after the disastrous last 7 years.

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    381. Mike Smith, Texas says:

      Obama, McCain, and Hillary are all the same. If any one of them gets elected, it will guarantee continued war in Iraq, a new conflict with Iran, and further erosion of the economy and our liberties.

      If you want REAL change, vote for Ron Paul.

    382. Bryan says:

      James Abercrom, the Constitution says:

      "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States"

      McCain, like it or not, is a citizen of the United States and can run for office.

      Also, in 1790, congress declared "the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens."

    383. Bill, N. Dakota says:

      I hope you all will support me in my endeavor to form a new political community, and/or party. The new party has been named, "DRIPS". Accromyn for: Democrats Republicans Independent Politicians Suck.

      We will not change the basic principles of politics. In fact we would like to endorse the very same ideologies. Give us lots of money and we will do nothing but feather our own nests.

      But we will change the honesty level. We will lie to you and steal you blind. At least we will be honest about it.

      There is not one national elected official who has courage.

      If any does not like what we've said they can do something about it. We at DRIPS will do as our elective officials would do when confronted with controversy…blame it on the spin doctors.

    384. Bill, N. Dakota says:

      Bill, N. Dakota writes:

      One more thing then I will continue my sequested life in the only state that is still sane.

      Can any person out there, any person, please answer this question: We as a country, using our incredible might, invaded and devastated two countries (Iraq and Afghanistan). Whether it was justified or not is a moot point. My question is: If we have the power and might to do that under the name of security and our very security is based on petroleum, what is stopping the drilling for oil in Alaska, North Dakota etc? Environmentalists? We devastate two countries and yet we are stymied by tree huggers? Does this not smack of conspiracy?

      Until I find a “plausible” answer I will continue to KNOW that our entire system is corrupt and in the hands of unscrupulous and cowardly leaders. We are at the end of America’s run. It was good while it lasted. Best if we grab onto China’s shirt tail and go along for the ride. Afterall, it’s better to be at the hand of the devil than to be in his path.

    385. bg, maryland says:

      Mike Smith and the others referencing ammo purchases are the only ones with their eyes open to the severe gravity of the situation. I read a couple of posts where it was stated they OPPOSED government intrusion but support fingerprinting…. Um, WTF? What exactly is fingerprinting then, geniuses?

      The only people with balls anymore are the Ron Paul supporters and our forefathers who were kicking a$$ over tea and stamp taxes. Now people are nothing more than spineless sheep who would rather vote for the next American Idol than a legitimate command in chief.

      Get your guns, get your ammo….because your second amendment is severely at risk at the hands of the liberal fascists!


    386. jb,washington says:

      And these leftists have the nerve to get hot and bothered about eavesdropping on overseas calls to terrorist cells or tracking / deporting illegals…. ????

    387. Keith Placerville says:

      Get over it sheep, it's no worse than forcing you to be able to prove who you are with a driver's license, just more effective at catching criminals, if you aren't a criminal what's the deal. there are already a huge number of us who are fingerprinted for job reasons and it hasn't hurt anything so far. Look at all these comments by totally politically ignorant morons (Bushies) Who don't even catch or respond to Blogs about Obama co-authoring what will prove out to be one of the most important acts of legislation for the people in the history of our country. Isn't it ironic that it involves fully disclosing all financial grant, subsidy, and budget legislation to the american people so that the polititians who author them can be held accountable. It proves that the rebublican base doesn't care one bit about accountability or taking the time to even understand an issue, but by god don't mess with their god given rights to protect their fingerprints from being stolen from federal databases by terrorists. Give me a break and help protect me from the idiots that put the last president in office without oversight. Obama seems to want to hold our government accountable, I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime. No wonder he's at odd with the current Republicans who don't believe in competitive bids or oversight. God bless that Muslim, there is hope.

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    390. Jim, NY says:

      I may just remove my fingerprints via fourth degree burns, or a surgical means.

      I always thought it would be really cool to not have fingerprints.

      I better get to it, won't be long before removing your fingerprints is illegal…

      Gun shopping time before the election…

    391. Stefan, NY says:

      Just like the Men In Black, right? Obama is an interesting character, I'll say that. He's like a holy rockstar or something. Can't do any wrong. I'm kind of on the fence, votingwise, but, maybe you guys could throw in some input on this candidate expose here.


    392. WSBowles says:

      Be very aware when a congressmen says he hopes a law is passed swiftly, which is Martinez's comment in his news release.

      This is another lame attempt from the "Do Nothing" congress to make it appear they are "doing something" about a so-called mortgage crisis congress itself created.

      The reason the congress people say they are doing this is to curb abuses in the industry. What a joke! Congress mandates money lenders to give loans to low income, no credit people and then acts as if it had no part when it all falls through. Then attempts to appear as if congress is taking action to correct a problem IT CREATED.

      If it was up to me, we'd kick all the bums out.

    393. Michael, Freedom Wor says:

      Check this link out and pass it along everywhere as well as great article put out by Heritage. The Common Man must step up and cry out even louder to help stop this legislation:

    394. B-Money, Chicago says:

      Um…I'm in Chicago. We all had to be fingerprinted and submit to a background check to be licensed mortgage brokers. That's a friggin NECESSITY if you're handling someone's hundreds of thousands of dollars. Come on, people!

    395. Pingback: Obama is Watching … You! |

    396. Chris, Raleigh NC says:

      Don't forget that when we expect freedom, it is freedom for all – not just the few that are protected by the Feds. There are many, MANY, people who are in the fed protectection program and these people get a free pass with benefits for life that the rest of us do not get. Their biggest fear is their fingerprint will expose their true identity. They do not belong in industries with higher standards.

      I'll show mine if you show yours, I don't care who is in the oval office.

    397. Chris NC says:

      My concern, as I mentioned before, is that this system is used on a federal level to watch the citizens of these United States, while the protected federal community gets a free pass, their prints are unavailable.

      Probably won't publish this one either

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    399. Andrew, Manchester says:

      Freedom, my **** !!! I am a British citizen and on my trip to the USA last month I had to submit my fingerprints to some government agency or other which they cannot keep forever. This sucks. Where in teh workd do freedom loving Americans have to put up with this **** ? Apart from Japan – NOWHERE!!

      First and last time I ever visit your country, I'm afraid guys. People I met were charming but the system for letting us in the country – and the majority of the employees – are **** .

    400. Pingback: Morning Bell: What’s the Worst Part of This Bill? | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    401. mitch los angeles ca says:

      I'm not opposed to being fingerprinted, registered or even to re-take another test. However, have you read the application form? It clearly states that they will pull your personal credit report and that will be a part of your file. It also states that you authorize current and past employers as well as ANY OTHER PERSON to furnish to ANY JURISDICTION, or ANY AGENT ACTING ON ITS BEHALF, ANY INFORMATION, WITHOUT LIMITATION to creditworthiness, character, ability, business activities, educational background, general reputation and history of employment. Since when is my personal credit history a determining factor of my ability to originate and complete a loan application. Since when is my ability to be licensed determined upon my creditworthiness or general reputation or character. Is there any other profession that allows such expansive invasion of personal privacy to complete a job? I spoke to a rep at the CALIFORNIA DRE who told me that they would review the credit report and if my credit history was spotty that suggests I don't have the ability to advise clients on their mortgage. What about doctors who smoke? psychologists who get counseling? Does this mean any profession is subject to such personal invasion. And who is ANY AGENCY? Does that mean any government agency has access to your personal history? CAN THIS BE LEGAL?

    402. Thanks for the useful article. Regards…

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