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  • The Great Wall

    TUCSON, AZ: Congress is not smarter than the Border Patrol.

    Congress was right to fund the Department Homeland Security’s request to build barriers along the border, but wrong to specify specifically where and how much border fence has to be built—or judge progress in border security on just building the “wall.”

    My visit to the Tucson border included a trip to the border fence with the Border Patrol. Here is what they told me—“border fences are not a magic bullet.”

    Fences don’t stop people. At best they slow them down for a few minutes. In some places, that is important. In Nogales, Arizona, for example, the fence is the only thing separating the town and the Mexican city on the other side, without a fence there would be no way to intercept people crossing the border.
    On the other hand, in many places in the Tucson sector it takes a trek of up to sixty miles over rough country to reach a road. In these areas, border fences that might hold up someone for five minutes make no sense. What the Border Patrol really wants is a warning that people are headed to the border so that they can intercept them.

    Building fences where they are needed is an expensive expense. Fences require roads, maintenance, and security, in addition to the money to build the fence. Buildings walls where we do not need them just so Congress can pat itself on the back and claim its tough on border security makes no sense. Let the Border Patrol build border obstacles where they think they are needed.

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    2 Responses to The Great Wall

    1. Curtis, Texas says:

      Walls don't work. Checkpoint screening is rarely effective. Maybe there is an 'eye in the sky' type of solution to border incursions, but it appears to be very far off. Meanwhile, communities beset by the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens may want to follow the example of Farmers Branch, TX. That town issues certificates that tenants must possess in order to rent an abode. To get a certificate, you must provide your citizenship status. If you are illegal, you still get a certificate, but are also reported. Landlords are required to monitor each occupant for possession of the certificate.

    2. Sabra L. Tirpe says:

      The wall is still very pertainant. It becomes a sign that Americans do not want undocumented illeagles to cross it We also need LG signs stating that we will prosecute, to the fullest, Anyone who climbs the wall who is not carrying a green card or a visa to be in the USA. It should say that anyone crossing into the USA , without proper credentials, including children will be.subject to30 days in an American Jail and will be sprayed with various deliceing and other sprays ,examined for worms , TB and other various ailments,mounting to over 1,000 tests and after 30 days in Jail They will then be shipped back across the Mexican Border and shot if they come back across, This crap of shipping them to their own country is ludacris bull. Dump em back in Mexico and let Mexico deal with getting them back to their origines and let them know that we will not assist them in getting home.Let them know that if they come across seeking medical they will not get it .If they come across looking for work they will not get work without the nessissary credentials and that housing requires proper credentials and buying anything at all requires documentation, and further If they persist in crossing the Borber they will be subject to Lawsuits but cannot hire an att without proper paper so will sit with no Food or water in Jail until they are removed from the USA.which could mean anywhere from 3 days to two weeks.That ought to make some of them stop and think about what they are doing,dont you think ?????? Of course we would not actually do that or maybe we should do so to 4 people each month so word gets around That We Mean Bussiness there should be at least 10,000 signs or more and they should be placed any where there is no fence and at every border crossing. It should be made clear that children brought across the border will be removed from their parents and may be kept in the USA for 2 years or more and placed on work foce to dig ditches along the Canadian Border to deter illeagles from crossing there, and any child to young to dig ditches will be placed with a family who will adopt them.

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